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Recently had the timing belt and water pump replaced on my Avalon and have noticed a significant decrease in mileage. Took it back to the mechanic who couldn't find anything wrong. Any suggestions?

How do I replace the light bulb for the odometer on a 2000 Toyota Avalon?

What causes catalytic converters to fail.

when do i need to worry about replacing my timing belt and water pump

2006 Toyota Avalon 75000 miles

how difficult is this procedure? How much time and money is involved?

Hi Technician said my car's battery charges only 64%. Do I had better change it?

i am getting heat thru the ac vents even with the thermostat down and all controls off i cannot stop the heat no matter what the controls are set on

My 2002 avalon makes a sqeaking noise when I first crank it and/or if I turn on the ac or heater.


how to seat timming beat for toyota avalon 98 3.0 v6

My 2006 Toyota Avalon has an F on the dash where the radio, air conditioning, and such is. What does this mean and how can it be fixed? the AC still works but the radio does not. Nothing is on the display though but the F.

Where is the outside air sensor/thermometer located

I have an estimate of $500 to replace drive belt. Is this an fair estimate? Car has about 165,000 miles

I changed the air and Cabin filter on my Avlon and know it won't start any ideas?

The burned out brake light bulb was replaced but the burned out brake bulb icon displayed on the dash remains lit. How is the dash icon turned off?........

The dash display icon indicates that a brake light is burned out and should be replaced. The brake light on the back package deck behind the rear windshield was burned out and was replaced. The dash icon remains lit. How does one get the icon to disappear?

I want to buy for change for my car be crash

How much to replace rear struts in 2007 Toyota Avalon ?

What's the location of the Engine Oil Pressure Switch on my car? Red light on my dash comes on then goes off. I check oil all is good then it comes on again. I want to replace the Engine Oil Pressure Switch or Engine Oil Sending Unit.

just bought the car..engine light come on..code read egr..i think it was #401...enyway i put all new egr valve and sencer on ..everything was like $ run great before and after the light come on..turned the light off tried to get it inspected and even thought the light was not on it still showes up in the inspection and fails..they said put some miles on it so i put about 30 miles on it and the light came back on.took the positive post off and got the light back off...drove it for another 100 plus miles..light came on again and still reads egr runs great but i cant get it inspected.HELP!!

how do you drain the pak oil that came in my new compressor? how do you put the right oil in it? i read that u should divide the total system's oil into three of the new components. what are the other three and how would you go about it?

can the evaporator be flushed without taking it out? seems like it could be disconnected at the firewall and flushed from there

Both of my bulbs blew out when AAA gave my car asuper charge when my battery died in the cold. The bulbs were $70.00 each. I quetioned that high aprice for bulbs.

where is the evaporator coil on my 2003 toyota avalon?

seems like everyone has the same probem as me... check engine light been on and off for two years, it's always something different...tired of spending money, now engine is knocking like crazy....I keep up with oil changes what causes this?

The compressor need to be replaced, how much it cost to replace a new one including labor?

i have a rubbing sound coming out of the rear. it just started. dosesn't look like there is anything stuck up in there. happens when i go around curves and over dips in the road. this 96 is the limited version of the avalon. any ideas. i'm thinking possibly struts. and if so, how much should i expect to pay for this repair. unless you think it could be something else. thank you. steve

My car feels like it down shifts slightly when I'm on the highway going about 55 to 70 mph. It seems like it happens when the car warms up. When I gently step on the pedal to resume the same speed, it sputters slightly, then continues on as normal. It seems to occur more as the car warms up.

How much should it cost to replace the converter connected to the manifold?