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Have to press accelorator to start if let off the engine will die will not run on low idle.
Where is this located? Is it a simple task my husband could do, or would it be best if I paid a mechanic to do it? How much should this part cost?
turned on A/C it was working turned to Heat by mistake turned back to A/C cut off, A/C nor heat will work. Checked all fuses with the exception of the one the manueal say in the right kick pannel. Could not locate it ...
Since replacing my Radiator and Thermostat my car is RUNNING HOT when sitting with the A/C ON...Is this normal after replacing????
Is it ok to flush the cooling system & flush the automatic transmission on a car with aprox. 300,000 miles. No service records are available.
I only have 76000miles and it runs fine
What is expect cause and estimated cost when your check engine light comes on?
As indicated in the manual, I added 5qts oil and changed the filter on an 2000 xls avalon but the dipstick reads as if it's a half quart low/halfway up the stick. What's right, the stick or the manual? Also, I saw ...
When run for several hours, the air conditioner does not drain outside the car but inside. The amount of water is VERY significant. The entire carpet is now moldy.
Why the carpet on front passenger side remain wet??
My car has 98,000 miles and there is a squeaking sound while driving and the dealer suggest that my timing belt need replacing and that they recommend that I change the water pump at the same time.
i have a 2006 toyota avalon with a 6 changer cd player and a cd is stuck in it,how do i remove it?
to detail a avalon
Every two weeks, I must add a quart of antifreeze/coolant to the radiator. I do not see any leakage under the car. The vehicle has 220,000 miles and is is good shape except for this problem.
acessing the oil filter on 3.5 litre v6 toyota
In the next day or two i am going to buy a 1996 Toyota Avalon. It has close to 185,000, V6. In the say past year or so. This is what it has been replaced on it. Timeing belt, water pump, starter and a battery. Just ...
My check light stays on, although I have no other symptoms. Someone told me it might need oxygen sensors. What is that and about how much do they run? Another said I may have emissions issues. I don't see any leakage,...
hard to start when cold and will die a few times then runds fine
is thir a AC filter on this car if not what filters are on this car and weir is the air filter at
Has 170,000 miles will die a few times in morning when starting I do not live in cold area. But other wise starts find, no other problem runs good
gas cap can it cause emissions problems. My check engine came on and I was told emissions problems. Ticking sound. what does that mean?
2000 avalon with 79,000 miles check light comes on told emissions problems. Car ticks after turning it off for a few minutes. Has no "get up". Car wobbles when applying brakes-tie rod problem?
check light came home-told dirt in the emissions pipe? what does that mean, something with the gas cap problem
the right front wheel grinds and squeals and gets real hot when driving
MPG has fallen recently from 30mpg hwy to 18mpg hwy. Replaced airfilter and had induction and injectors flushed and mileage got worse. Could this be a computer problem?
Who would get to repair this problem. Air fan makes loud noise like it is hitting something.
I was told, during routine service that my alternator is going out, along with the resistance (something or rather) and the serpentine belt. I was told that my Toyota dealer does not stock the parts and that they wou...
Should I buy the car? On the test drive, the airbag light flashed on and off and the Carfax REPORT says it had "minor damage" in a rear end accident 3 years ago. Any possible relationship? Or Electrical problems? ...
car wont turn over every thing has been replace altnater.,starter, battery, battery cable, wires ,