i just today noticed car had leaked some reddish or burgandy colored fluid in my carport.did not look like an oil leak.could it be transmission or power steering fluid?thanks for reply.

recommended viscosity


How much can it cost to have a dealership replace low beam headlight bulb or how hard can it be to do it myself ?

I am due for 70,000 mile checkup is it necessary?

We have the bulb purchased and need to know how to get to the old one and replace it with the new one. This is for a 2008 Avalon Touring model.

Been having a whistling sound coming from passenger window

car has 91,000 miles on it

car slid on driveway entering garage last night, knocking passenger rearview mirror off mounting; it's still attached via wiring; 2 plastic chips fell off from inside; externally everything looks OK; estimate to reattach?

What size wipers?

radio and clock stopped working at the same time

I just purchased this Avalon (2005), with only 29000 miles, and was wondering if these recalles were for new car owners or if I, been a used car owner, could get this car fixed under recall warranty.

What is a fair charge for this? If there's a leak, can't the area where it leaks, be sealed? Is it necessary to replace the entire "tube section" for a total charge of over $500? THis is the first time ever for this problem.
Please advise. [The car has always done very well, with its check -ups before.]

dipstick location

will changing to synthetic oil cause oil to get into radiator?

problem was this week.my son took his avalon to the dealer at kentucky with a check engine light for check.he was told that front struts cause the computer to put a code for piston poor performance.they replace the struts and balance tires,and reset computer.price tag $300.00 US.

Engine light comes on, Lof, disconnect battery and it comes back on. How do you reset?

outside temperature reading not correct always


Torque specks & tightening sequence

Hi, Ihave a 2004 toyota avalon with a vvt-1 v6 engine.Ihave been told that it has a timing chain.Is it a chin or belt?Which is true?And how much would it cost to change.THANKS

heater in my car doesn't work. It blow out cold air and just a little bit warm air after that even I drive for more than an hour. Gauge for hot and cold is in middle.

Took my Avalon in for the steering recall problem to be fixed which was done and they said the water pump was leaking and it should be repaired right away at a cost of about $1200. I called two other dealers and the replacement cost was $550 at one and about $650 at the other. So the question is does the water pump need replacing at all and how does one confirm or find out if the pump does need replacing. They said the the pump was leaking on the belt.

I ran out of windshield washer fluid and immediately filled the reservoir. However, the alarm light is on and there is no fluid getting pumped. Could there be an air lock preventing the fluid from getting to the pump? How would I repair it?

my car was parked without moving it for about three days till i needed to drive, driving out of the garage is a ramp and slowlly went reverse, at the street there are rocks not pavement all sudden my tires drift some and all sudden the check engine and the drift lights are on still. What can this be????? the car functions perfec and drives nice no problems so what then?

Is this estimate for all the places listed on your site? I mean are there differences in the price at different places?

the check engine light stays on all the time

Brakes appear to be operating fine and light goes out as suddenly as it comes on. No "check engine" light comes on.

My 2000 Toyota Avalon does not like to stay started in cold weather. I recall this happening with a previous 2000 Avalon that I owned. I was told by a tow truck driver, that all I needed to do is keep my foot on the accelerator for about 5 minutes to warm it up and it will be fine. This seems to work. As I recall, I had to have the Idle Air Control Valve replaced or cleaned or something, and then everything was fine. Is this a difficult repair?

My Avalon has 310,000 miles and it is time for a timing belt replacement. I understand the water pump should be replaced at the same time. What is a reasonable price for the replacement of timing belt and water pump?