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what should be done at the 70K mile maintenance schedule?

My engine was running rough intermittently. My mechanic told me that one bank of spark plugs and coils were bad. It was a very expensive repair. When I got the car back, it was doing the exact same thing as before. Then he "discovered" that a rather inexpensive part was opening on an intermittent basis. Was I had?

my car is having an overheating problem, i've changed out the hoses now i need to know exactly where the theromast is located for i can change that out too

The fans are not coming on unless the air conditioner is running, First noticed as the car was idling but now it shows hot after driving a couple of miles even with the air on.


A gas station mechanic mentioned that the Avalon 1999 valve cover gaskets are leaking. He estimated 4 hours of time. Is this reasonable. I have known him to take short cuts. He wants me to leave the car with him and he does not want me to be around while he does repair work. Is that reasonable.

The driver's side window failed to go up. We repaced the moter unit and that did not fix the problem. We then repaced the master switch controls on the door. That did not fix it either. What else could it be. Any help very much appreciated.

While driving, the engine dies which results in steering and brake loss. There is no stalling and no warning when it happens. Two dealerships and an independent mechanic have tried to diagnose the problem for a few weeks without success, driving the car for 75 miles in the process. Weather and terrain are not issues. The car runs great otherwise and there is no computer evidence of a problem.

looking for tips on how to replace the oxygen sensors on my 2000 Avalon. The Bank 2 sensor up front near radiator on exhaust post is easy to get to but the Bank 1 sensor is too close to firewall on back of engine and air intake housing and hoses block access. Anyone found a good way to get to it from the top of engine?

Hello, My question is regarding my 2005 Avalon. I maybe the second or possibly third owner, I'm not sure. My car tends to vibrate when I reach about 65 to 75 miles per hour. It pulls a bit as well. I have taken it to a couple of shops, one of them a dealer. I was told it needed the entire rack and pinon, to replacing the entire sub-frame, to the front axle's being bad, then the latest guy told me that he though it was the front tires that needed replacing...Hell I can't seem to get a clear answer from anyone. Can you guys give me a hand with this so I know what my car actually needs...I'm confused and a bit taken with all of mis-information...

how long does the job take?

Is there a diagnostic code at dealer and what needs to be fixed. This is happening all the time now and the car will stall if I don't give it gas to keep rpm's up.

I can get the washer fluid to spray windshield but that's it. I have checked fuse and it is good what else can i check or do?

houston texas need to know where the camshaft position sensor is located under the hood

Transmission is shot!

Do Avalons require ceramic or will lower cost work?

is it possible to replace the system with a touch screen model, or other non-joystick gps?

I recently had a motor replaced on the Driver's side of my Avalon. The window works fine but wants to auto reverse at the top when closing. To shut completely you have to "nudge" the switch and not allow auto stow. Is there a calibration proceedure?

it come on occasionly when l start the car but before l move the car, it goes off.

the engine and ABS light are permenently on

My 95 Toyota Avalon keeps blowing the heater 10 amp fuse when the ac is turned on. The blower motor and blower motor resistor are good. What could be causing this?

I have 93,000 miles on my 2000 Avalon. What type and grade oil should I be using. My service providers have been using a synthetic blend oil, but I don't know the weight. I regularly change both oil AND filter every 5,000 miles.

The driver side Window master control switch has a problem, All window up/down buttons are inop/dead. Even the door lock at the master control is dead. all other door / window switch work, on the passenger side door all buttons work, the window and inside door lock both work, the back window buttons all work. But the master console seems to be dead, (note) the driver side window does work and the button to disable all window from working seems to be good. Please note the car alarm is not working correctly eather, it will go off when you open the door, even with the door unlocked. but the wireless remote seems to be working fine, to lock and unlock all doors.
There seems to be 2 power sources for this Master control, I have checked the 25 amp fuse and it is good. Can any one help ??????

The clock in my 1995 avalon toyota will keep time as long as the the motor is going. Rarely it will keep running after the engine has stopped. Can anyone tell me what the problem is?

I have replaced brakes on my domestic cars but never on a Toyota. Is there any sensors or special procedures necessary on an 08 avalon limited?

the heat works for 30 min ,then the interior temp gets cooler i then have to raise up the dial, someone told me there is a interior temp control sensor, please help

Does anyone know how to replace the Overdrive button assembly on the gearshift? I have a new one. It looks like I will have to remove the console in order to get to the wiring. Any advice for me?


i'm trying to compare quotes. my mechanic is quoting strut and stabilizer link but there is no stabilizer link listed on your site. will sway bar link serve as an equivalent?

the radio does not work but just blinks irregularly. fuse seems ok. also how would you get the radio cover off