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Car shakes when braking at high speeds.
air condition is not working.just heat is working
I am getting a musty smell inside after hard rains and the front seat belts are then wet. Could this be the drain being plugged up for the sunroof? If so, where are they and how do I clean them?
when you turn ignition on srs light comes on then turns off now mine stays on what is trouble
On my Avalon while driving the wipers and washer comes on by itself and continue's to run even after the washer tank runs out of fluid and the wipers run continuously.
small gas leak under vehiicle. Tank is full, not leaking at this time. tank was filled yesterday
This started Tu and it has taken this long for my husband to purchase the fuses which manage radio but still no result. Is there something else that could be wrong? Everything else works; car drives ok.
this 2002 avalon has a V6 engine and has a throttle cable instead of electronic throttle system. Problem just started 9/14/10 upone starting, it revs up to about 2500 rpm and then back down and up and down constantly....
Does a blown fuse cause the clock, radio and a/c not to work? My husband looked to see if the fuse was blown but he didn't see any that were. What else could it be?
toyota dealer said i need to replace rear struts on my AValon at a cost of $1300 parts and labor.Avalon has 101000 miles.
I have done a lot of research and have discovered that this particular vehicle has an electrical problem which involves the VSC, VSC off, and check engine lights all are on and come back after resetting. Many people ...
When should the timing belt be replaced?
at first i thought it was the battery but i have been thru several new ones and after a week or two it is drained. it will start with a jump, but the cycle keeps repeating. the voltage regulator tests ok. help!
Why is this O2 sensor welded to the exhaust pipe and how can I replace it?
My check engine light has been on for several months. My car will not pass emissions. Several things are wrong with the car - the engine light is on, the air bag light is on, the horn won't work, the cruise control wo...
how many hours to change the timing belt, how much for the job,on a toyota avilon 1997 6cy,
Battery, starter, alternator all tested 100%. Suspect a loose ground or starter connection. Is starter just below lower end of air filter box? Where are chassis grounds? What must be removed to access? What tools...
my car spits and sputters down the road, its hard to start and shakes really bad. I have lost almost all power to my car and when I put it in drive it trys to quit and when I stop it trys to quit.... HELP!
What side of the engine compartment is the PCV valve located and what does it look like?
Recently my car smelt like wires burning and the door lite is ajar and the right turn blinker is stuck on and I'm afraid to drive it to the dealer. Can anyone help me on this?
Both of the front power windows will not roll up. The windows work from the drivers control panel.
when a/c is on water in passenger side floor
Dealer says there is a leak between the master cylinder and booster.
Battery is 3 month old and car has not been started in a long while. whenattempted a jump, the horn beeps and car will not turn this a security issue??
After I start the car and put it in reverse the car suddenly dies- Please Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have a 2002 Toyota Avalon XLS and from the inside my drivers door will not open. Locked or Unlocked. How do I fix it? I can roll the window down and it will open by using the outside handle but not the inside.
car was in flood and now drying out and wonder where the fuel pump inertia switch is located
I was having problems with my ac not cooling properly, so I used a single can of r134a with oil and stop leak. It was a larger can than the normal 12 oz ones I see. The can emptied out completely. This seemed to fi...
I recently found water soaking interior carpeting and I believe it is coming from the air conditioner condensation. I previously owned a car where the ac condensation drain line would become plugged and would back dra...