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Dealer tech stated abnormal winding noise from engine area, recomended; replace 3rd idler bearings, tensioner bearings and belt
will the shift control solenoid stop trucking from shifting into any gear where it wont move, also where is it located
My radio/stereo on my 2000 toyota 4r won't come ON at all. Fuses are OK. ?????
Have parts need detailed instructions
Last weekend I replaced the original radio in my son's 4Runner. When completed, I noticed that the airbag light would not stop blinking and the dashboard (speedometer, etc.) lights were not working. I did not notice ...
I cant remove the main cogg to replace the oil seal is there a special puller for the cogg?
The light comes on intermittently. I was told by someone that it was a bad 02 sensor. Does that sound right?
The system will not turn on at all. I have checked the 2 fuses under the hood and I have unhooked the battery to try and reset the system. Is there anything else I can check?
nox levels are at about 600ppm at 15 and 25 mph. cleaned air flow sensor,replaced cat,o2 sensor switchig fast.replaced fuel filter.
My 4runner seems to shift too qickly, jumping to 4k rpm. Pulling a 2100 lb trailer is difficult. The 4runner constantly shifts. Mileage cut in half (8.3 mpg) could the problem be the speed sensor? If not, what mig...
Will not crank, will not even turn over, replaced the park neutral safety switch, started has been checked out also-good, So what will cause it not to do anything when I turn the switch on? And what is the purpose for...
i have replaceed the fuel filter spark plug cap and rotor and oil i check my timing after the test and it was 2" from the marks and now it lack power going up long grades
So my front blinkers will not work, but my back ones and all other outside lights do work. I changed the fuses and the bulbs and still They don't work. Also my inside lights won't turn on either when I open my door. C...
I just recently took the SUV to the Toyota dealer to have a diagnostic test done to. The spark plug and spark plug wires are all brand new. I told the service person that helped me that. What they got from the test ...
my light on the dash wont come on also it will not engage into 4 wheel drive
How do I change the high mount brake/stop light on my 4runner? Just need to change the lamp.