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the lite will go out after switching to 4wheel then back to 2wheel -seems to shift from 2wheel to 4wheel - but no matter any time the key is off and on again it is always in 4wheel mode dont notice any codes coming up
Replaced fuel pump,filter,and mass airflow sensor,scratching my head need answers soon.
Truck ran fine until I filled it with fresh fuel,good fuel.Replaced fuel pump,filter,and mass airflow sensor.Scratching my head.
Truck ran fine until I filled it with fresh fuel,good fuel.Replaced fuel pump,filter,and mass airflow sensor.Scratching my head.
Problem occurs when accelerating in any gear. It is a 4WD manual transmission.Rough loud noise from rear differential.
Vibrating from rear end. Pin in rear dif is worn causing vibration when accelerating.
Is there a relay or fuse that might be bad fir it not to turn on.
It moves all around can not see anything missing dont know whats wrong with it.
When I hook up my boat trailer I get all lights on left side of trailer, but only tail lights on right side, no turn signal or brake lights. Went under truck and stripped a litte wire and and tested, no voltage to gr...
the heater control screen in very dim, can you change bulbs?
also I'm stuck H4 and I can't get back to N without the lights on the tires turning on.
the window on the rear passenger side does not go up or down
it will shift in 4 low.the shifter moves but wont engauge out of 4low. it happen right after i bought it drove it 50 miles, then it would not engauge. after i put it in 4 low it shifted fine. shift solinode?
I changed all 4 o2 sensors, replaced MAF and used injector cleaner and still have all the same issues going on. Could it be fuel pressure problems? Faulty Power train control module? I don't see any gas leaks. Please ...
in it has a auto trans is there any tricks in getting them alinged?
vsc lights are on check engine is NOT on mechanic had no clue car drove fine...recently it started to randomly "shimmy" at various speeds any advice
efi distributer spark control system poor drive ability
1 month ago replaced the power steering pump and rac pinion. 2 days ago replaced the steering pressure valve. The steering is the same if not worse when I started replacing parts.
clock panel window no light, not illuminated. how do i replace these light bulbs.
No heat on passenger side.After 7 hr labour to diagnos problem local Toyota dealership replaced the heating coil. We now have issues with heat not shutting off. When set at 68 fan on LO it continues to heat up until...
where is located a/c pressure switch, and if it possible short info about each pins on it.
my toyota 4runner is running rough when i go 40 miles an hour or faster it feels like a bad sparke plug or wires. I replaced all those things and its still seems to be missing but it idles fine.
I got the 446 code and I am just trying to figure what to do next from what I understand the ccv and the vsv are under the tank or on top of the gas tank. please any help what I should do. At first I only got the code...
On my 2007 4wd 4runner my vsc off , skid control ,vsc trac, and engine lights have came on and will not go off wondering what the problem might be and how much to fix.
I had front brake pads and some other service on my Toyota at the dealership. When I drove the vehicle the pedal was much lower than before. I brought is back and they say nothing is wrong but the pedal is much lowe...