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I parked my car for a few minutes, went back to drive it. I put on drive, stepped on the gas, and it would'nt go. But I made it home.
Toyota 4 runner 2005. VSC Trac, VSC Off Slip indicator and CHECK lights all on. When I step on the brakes, it fails sometimes but it latter becomes normal again. Took the vehicle for a scan. Error codes reported are: ...
A little to none but when i go down a steep hill and apply the breaks the pedal and steering wheel start to shake bad that i have to take my foot off the pedal and drop the trans to 3rd and use lite steady pressure wh...
and having a steering rack replaced, does it include the lines?
What do I need to do to fix this. I order a new set of cables and buttons to replace the frozen ones. I see that there was a recall on 1992 4-runnner air conditioner expansion valve. Does this mean Toyota will fix it...
pops out of 1st gear only what is the name of the bushing on bottom of shift lever I think it needs replacing
i started it while it was unplugged the vsc trac and vsc off light are on, i cleared the coeds after plugging everything back in. The lights stay off until the truck moves then they come back on please help
inside ngt as warm as my 2007 4 runner
Rear drivers side tire wobbles when driving. Rim is fine. Also noted when I hit a pot hole or turn sharp there is loose feeling in steering .
a week ago i change my alternator with a new one and the battery lights at my dashboard came back, in the morning when i go to work after 10 minutes of driving the lights went off and it happens the last 2 days and t...
My VSC trac lights came on and then my check engine light came on.
158k - oil pan gasket blew. Took to NTB - first gasket failed. Installed 24 HR gasket and upon the 10 minute idle seal they say truck started sounding like a diesel. I drove .7 mile home and stalled 4 times and the en...
i have to move the shift lever to get it to start
problem occurs after about 10 minutes of operation. Have replaced a/c relay but problem still exists.
Car turned over at first but put foot on the gas and it quit. This happened 3 times. Since then, it will crank but not start. AC had been leaking freon. This has never happened before so I am at a loss. Any help is ap...
How often should I change my coils/springs on my 2002 Toyota 4Runner? Im at 200,000 mi now. The car looks fine to me, no sagging. But I took the car in about a noise I was hearing when I drove in & out of drive way...
the window is all the way up. nothing is responding.
i have been told I need to replace my expansion valve. How much should this cost?
I think it is a speed sensor malfunction, but I don't know which sensor it is targeting.
The car is kept in garage and is in mint condition except for the cracks on the dashboard and is growing. Also you can file a complaint on:
the lite will go out after switching to 4wheel then back to 2wheel -seems to shift from 2wheel to 4wheel - but no matter any time the key is off and on again it is always in 4wheel mode dont notice any codes coming up
Replaced fuel pump,filter,and mass airflow sensor,scratching my head need answers soon.
Truck ran fine until I filled it with fresh fuel,good fuel.Replaced fuel pump,filter,and mass airflow sensor.Scratching my head.
Truck ran fine until I filled it with fresh fuel,good fuel.Replaced fuel pump,filter,and mass airflow sensor.Scratching my head.
Problem occurs when accelerating in any gear. It is a 4WD manual transmission.Rough loud noise from rear differential.
Vibrating from rear end. Pin in rear dif is worn causing vibration when accelerating.
Is there a relay or fuse that might be bad fir it not to turn on.