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the window won't go up or down
I have a repair manual I got from the auto parts store but it doesn't tell me how to take the older ones off
I donot find Toyota RAV4 in the list to add - how to add RAV4 ?
some times I drive on night and I need to use the high lights pushing the left handle and they do not work, but if I pull it they work, what could be the problem?
can you show me where the automatic transmission refill plug is located
Scanned my Toyota and I am wondering what part needs to be replaced and where is it located?
They just tested with a ome meter the Vacuum Air inTake meter it is registering 250, does it need to be replaced. If not wwhat can be the issue? all of the hoses are new.
I parked my car for a few minutes, went back to drive it. I put on drive, stepped on the gas, and it would'nt go. But I made it home.
Toyota 4 runner 2005. VSC Trac, VSC Off Slip indicator and CHECK lights all on. When I step on the brakes, it fails sometimes but it latter becomes normal again. Took the vehicle for a scan. Error codes reported are: ...
A little to none but when i go down a steep hill and apply the breaks the pedal and steering wheel start to shake bad that i have to take my foot off the pedal and drop the trans to 3rd and use lite steady pressure wh...
and having a steering rack replaced, does it include the lines?
What do I need to do to fix this. I order a new set of cables and buttons to replace the frozen ones. I see that there was a recall on 1992 4-runnner air conditioner expansion valve. Does this mean Toyota will fix it...
pops out of 1st gear only what is the name of the bushing on bottom of shift lever I think it needs replacing
i started it while it was unplugged the vsc trac and vsc off light are on, i cleared the coeds after plugging everything back in. The lights stay off until the truck moves then they come back on please help
inside ngt as warm as my 2007 4 runner
Rear drivers side tire wobbles when driving. Rim is fine. Also noted when I hit a pot hole or turn sharp there is loose feeling in steering .
a week ago i change my alternator with a new one and the battery lights at my dashboard came back, in the morning when i go to work after 10 minutes of driving the lights went off and it happens the last 2 days and t...
My VSC trac lights came on and then my check engine light came on.
158k - oil pan gasket blew. Took to NTB - first gasket failed. Installed 24 HR gasket and upon the 10 minute idle seal they say truck started sounding like a diesel. I drove .7 mile home and stalled 4 times and the en...
i have to move the shift lever to get it to start
problem occurs after about 10 minutes of operation. Have replaced a/c relay but problem still exists.
Car turned over at first but put foot on the gas and it quit. This happened 3 times. Since then, it will crank but not start. AC had been leaking freon. This has never happened before so I am at a loss. Any help is ap...
How often should I change my coils/springs on my 2002 Toyota 4Runner? Im at 200,000 mi now. The car looks fine to me, no sagging. But I took the car in about a noise I was hearing when I drove in & out of drive way...
the window is all the way up. nothing is responding.
i have been told I need to replace my expansion valve. How much should this cost?
I think it is a speed sensor malfunction, but I don't know which sensor it is targeting.