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The noise is heard forwards and in reverse and used to be less loud.
Changed fuel filter fuel pump plugs and wires
why is my steering vibrating when ever m on top speed 140km/h and steps on my brake pedal, my alignment is ok..
then it will not start. It is acting like something is shorted and drawing too much power. I don't have a scanner to check the codes.
I just got my 4 runner, it doesn't want to work in reverse. I can hear it shift in reverse but it has little or absolutely no power. The check engine light is on. It's also 4wd, but have been hesitant to test it out. ...
I'm trying to get some good website for repairing my vehicle part name and specs not able to find anything any suggestions
I park my car in the driveway outside. I took my car out one morning after a rainy day, and turned 90 degrees onto the street, it sounded like water was flowing from one end of the interior trim to the other. It also ...
Tried to reverse back onto driveway, but it won't move at all. Drives forward but no reverse.
They just did my fuel lines and 3 days later they say I have to replace the rollover valve and fuel cap. I think it was damaged when they dropped the gas tank they say no and 488.00 please.
all the ones toyota orders have just one bolt & they will not work.
They are both 4 Runners with the same engine SR5 3.0. should just be a straight swap?
High frequency squeal; vsc trac, brakes, and abs lights go on at about 70 mph. Everything goes off after about 20 minutes. It happened once and the repair shop replaced the rear wheel bearings. About 800 miles later, ...
the fluid level good, no smell. could it be shifting selenoid ? it just started doing it no warning. works ok when cold.
I have A 1997 Toyota and cannot get it to shift out of park.Its like the shifter is locked up
I have a 2002 4Runner w/ about 170k on the odo. The following lights are on: Brake, VSC OFF, VSC TRAC and ABS. Meanwhile, the brakes work fine as do all of the other components/accessories in the vehicle. The handbr...
All the lights came on. Took to a mechanic. They said they moved the coils, lights went off but came back on 2 days later with a really rough cold start. The exact same thing happened after I took it to a dealer the 2...
terminal on the starter engaged with the keys in my pocket Changed the starter and now all it will do is click but in the run position must have a short some where any idea's
Already replaced front pads still doing the same thing
i changed the spark plugs and wires coils mass air sensor can you give me some insight on what else it could be
Only the front wheels pull in 4WD
my rear shocks went out and looking to replace them. didnt want some red bilstein or whatever or some cheap ones from autzone. any help is apppreciated.
The noise will last around 8-10 seconds and then go away. Is it a lifter, evac pump or what? It's not valves loud for that. It has done this for ages and is really annoying, although it doesn't seem to be...