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It doesn't do it all the time. It started last week.
My question says it all... The check engine light blinks, sometimes stays on continuously, and sometimes does not display at all, seems that the problem is intermediate. Thoughts?
How to remove fuel filter from 1997 toyota4runner which is located under the intake manifold
vehicle stopped running after I turned the corner. have replaced the radiator, knock sensor, starter, hoses could it be fuel injectors
Automatic. After sitting awhile it will go back into 4 high by itself. Thanks
I own 2004 4runner. My question is will the A/T oil temp light go on in the case where my transmission oil was 2 inch below cold? I assume that because of the low fluid my transmission would be overheating.
Recently I have my drive shaft boots replaced, the mechanic forgot to refill the trans oil. I realized that after driving the car for 2500 miles. Many times when it was warmer I would smell burnt plastic and strong ...
I think the rear is gone but I'm not mechanic hoping not
Changed plugs, wires, coil packs , took all the injectors out & cleaned them by running fluid through them & working the sylanoid with a 9 volt battery , changed fuel filter. Code says miss fire on #4
I have Error code p2271, I bought the correct Bosch #13355 sensor for Bank-1, Sensor-2, but not sure where this little guy is. Last week I had the dealer fix an error code P2238 Bank-1 Sensor-1, and had sensor replace...
while driving the lights are blinking and the alarm keeps going off. It did this before and I think I had to put a transmission in. I am not sure.
I am going to replace my fuel pump and filter and wanted to know if there is a panel inside the car, under the seats, that would make this process easier than dropping the fuel tank.
and the whole rear end replaced on my 99 Toyota 4 runner 4 cyl. 2wd 5 speed manual
the info code P0450 shows up in the title of the info but in the body of the explanation, it shows P0452 several times. So is the info pertaining to P0450 or P0452?
change front desk brakes
I can put it in reverse but it won't go backward. I can put it in drive and it won't go forward. It makes an odd noise when I put it back in the Park position.
replaced plugs and wires,cleaned injectors,coils 1 year old. seems more frequent in cold weather
New gas cap didn't solve the engine lite problem. Believe the problem is in the gas tank area, which is hard to inspect the tank and hoses, so i will to smoke test it. Some vehicles have a test cap to smoke test the...