I need to chance the air flow sensor for my car. I tried to clean it but is not possible to take it out beacause is seal, The check engine sign light turn on and off, but the mecanic said is time to replaced it. I will buy a remanufactured part but can you help with what brand is better A1 Cardone or Beck-Arnley.

there is light that is coming on shows the four but the front two turn to the right

What is the avearge cost for replacing a timing belt?

my truck for a few months would not go into gear somtime. if i put it in 4 low for about a half mile then put it back into 2wd it would work fine and this went on for about 2.5 months. now when i put it in gear it rolls real slow but it wont pick up gears, if I put in 4 low for a half mile stop and put it in 2wd their is no change. not sure what to do? transmission fluid looks good

function of this and estimate of price

I have a 2008 Toyota 4-Runner w/about 40,000 miles. Recently, the dummy light for low tire pressure illuminated so I promptly aired them all up to tire manufacturers specs. Is there some magic trick to extinguishing this light? I have been all through the owners manual to no avail. Tell me this isn't another nickel and dime mechanism put in place for the dealer to make a buck off of the vehicle owner.

fuel pump peplaced- ran fine before. getting fuel and spark but still will not start.

I can't get a solid brake pedal. I've replaced, master cylinder, booster, back brakes, brake box located front passeger side and bleed. When motor or switch is off the pedal is hard but as soon as i start goes straight to the floor. If I push while idling pedals goes all the way down and i have brake but couldn't stop suddenly.I've bleed over and over again, Can you help?

Thank You

my 4 runner develop some problem recently i noticed that my 4 runner when i start the engine the reading guage goes above 1 and remain stable but when am at a top speed it keeps moving without problem but immediatly i ran into traffic and apply my break my 4 runner switch off, sometimes if i applied break i push the gear into park so that it will not switch off, sometimes this work and sometimes it does not work, could this be the problem of AIR FLOW METER as claim by my mechanic? also each time i tend to apply break in traffic it do switch off so i will have to start the engine again

2 is it possible to scan my 1994 4 runner with OBDM tool

3 each time i shift my automatic gear from park to drive or from drive to reverse i do hear a click sound toward the rear side of my truck could this be a sign of weak transmission?

4 please i also want to know the maximum current the alternator can supply

I noticed my truck started making a rattle noise underneath every time I drive over speed bumps. It came and went. But now I hear it A LOT. It sounds like something is about to fall apart under my truck. I can't tell if it's coming from the rear or front. Any ideas?

My daughter recently purchased a 1998 Toyota 4Runner. This model is equiped with a stick in the console with a button on top. Does she need to be completely stopped to put her vehicle in to 4WD?

the fuse is blown and needs replaced,what would be an estimate to have repaired.

What type and grade of oil does my auto take in the differential.

vehichle came to me with no fluid in master cyl looked all over for leaks none front calipers froze hoses cracked replaced calipers hoes master cyl pressure bled and gravity bled still no brake pedal hard then soft going to the floor used 2 quarts brke fluid

Recently a back seat passenger tried to lower the electric rear passenger window on my Toyota 4 runner and we heard a loud metallic clank. I took the interior door panel off and found an 8 inch metal bar in the door cavity. The bar has a track for a roller and a slot with a rubber gasket. It also has two holes (one at each end).
I assume the roller on the arm I could see fits on the track, but I wasn't sure how to get to the window track. How do you access the window track and where do I reattach the metal track bar.

why do the Vehicle Skid Control lights remain on ("VSC TRAC" and "VSC OFF")?

Check engine light on states faulty connection on injector #4

my heat and air wont come on when i move the switch back and forth nothing is there a fuse or something theres usually a little yellow light on the ac button when its turned on but thats not even coming on its like the whole console is dead

how normal is it for a starter to go out on 1996 with 70,000 miles?

Has anyone experienced raw fuel odors inside their 4runner? Seems like gas fumes are coming in through the ducts. Happens every once in a while, usually lasts for a couple of days, then goes away. Not a mild smell, but more like...I think we might explode.

the light where the clock is and the fuel estimator is out. also the lights on the round dials for the airconditioner and temperature is out.

i changed steering wheel recentlt due to leakage Now the power steering is stiff when driving There is enough oil What could be the problem

suspect its time to repack grease in front wheel drive unit.knocking sounds on extrem turns, also during 4wheel drive engagement.

problems with alarm allways going off after closing or opening doors.

recently brought my 94 4runner out of storage, after 5 years.some of the bugs i'm working out are figuring out how to get the gas gauge working, gauge

recently brought 4runner out storeage, having fule gauge problems... unable to tell actual gas level

notice build up of oil leaking from power steering...how do i locate hoses

What does it take to replace these bulbs. Is there an LED replacent over the filiment bulb?

problem occurs going down hill and applying brake or not
applying break and going at a high rate of speed. It
seems the whole care is shaking. Need two hands
pressing down hard to hold the steering wheel steady.

My abs lights and brake light and warning buzzer came on and my brakes stopped working could it be a fuse or relay?