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The loud whining noise is continuous, cold or warm engine. Oil light remains lit even though oil is full. Engine turns off unpredictably. Car is not being driven until some idea of the problem. We have put too much $$ into car last 2-3 years. Thanks for any info.

When i come to a moderate stop and then let off the brake their is a noticeable clunk. U joints are tight, tranny tailpiece is tight. Anyone ever had or heard of the problem?

Where is the TCM located? I want to check the cable. I keep getting OBD Code P0773 but my 3 shift solenoids were already replaced.

where is located a/c pressure switch, and if it possible short info about each pins on it.

need to release fuel pressure so I can replace the fuel filter.

On the left side close to the inter tyerod

Right half of panel with clock and blower switch backlight are no longer working ( 87k miles) how do I replace bulbs or LED's ?

My vehicle jerks to the right while driving the steering wheel shakes badly. Feels as is wheels are bad out of line or as if it had really bad tires. The tires are good and pressure in them is good. What could be wrong?

We just got a big snow storm and my girlfriend was driving the 4 runner-- she tried to put it into 4 wheel drive---and basically the truck is stuck in neutral. It grinds when I try to get the secondary shifter into 2 wheel drive or 4 high. the X on the dash is lit up indicating that it is in 4 wheel drive--but it as I said--it is really in constant neutral.

I recently had my 1996 4 runner in the shop for leaking oil gaskets. When I got it back, there were several fuses blown, so I returned it to the shop. They replaced two fuses without a problem and the third continued to blow whenever the left hand turn signal was used. They ended up having to disconnect my car alarm (which was an aftermarket system), telling me that the "brain" or "module" was blown and that it had been installed by incorrectly splicing the wiring into the 4runner's system (the alarm is two years old and I have never had a single problem with it). Anyway, I have my car back, with no alarm system, and now I have no brake lights!!!! I really don't think I want to take it back to the shop that's had it. Does anyone know what needs to be done to get the brake lights back up and working and does this story about the alarm shorting out the system make sense?

my toyota 4runner is running rough when i go 40 miles an hour or faster it feels like a bad sparke plug or wires. I replaced all those things and its still seems to be missing but it idles fine.

I got the 446 code and I am just trying to figure what to do next from what I understand the ccv and the vsv are under the tank or on top of the gas tank. please any help what I should do. At first I only got the code 446 today it shows another code with the 446, 120

where is the location of the ignition coils and how to replace it

is there any connection between engine misfire and engine leak

what is the cost to replace ignition coils and wires

why the water pump start noising

1992 Toyota 4 runner rear brakes lock up while driving with out touching peddle and red brake light on dash flashes on then back off

On my 2007 4wd 4runner my vsc off , skid control ,vsc trac, and engine lights have came on and will not go off wondering what the problem might be and how much to fix.

when i start up my 4runner the battery light stays on

I started up my 1998 Toyota 4runner today for the first time in 2 weeks. I went to go brush the snow off of my back windshield and I noticed smoke coming out from the rear drivers side wheel well. I looked under the car from behind to check if the smoke was just blowing sideways from the exhaust but it wasn't. So I turned the car off and took a closer look at the wheel well and seen that the only place that smoke could be coming from was the fuel tank, and I proceeded to start the car back up. Once I started the engine I noticed that the smoke was coming from the direction of the fuel tank so I immediately turned the engine off. I looked under the car to see if there was a gas leak or a tear in one of the gas lines but there wasn't. What could cause this to happen? And is it a bad idea to drive my car until I find time and money to have it looked at?

I have a 1993 4runner with bad engine. I have access to a 2001 engine (120K miles) How difficult would the engine swap be?

Rythmic knock/thump when AC is on. Sound is not there when car first starts or when AC first turns on. Takes at least 5 minutes after startup. I leave AC on all the time, first realized it was A/C related when I started turning things off to see if sound would stop - does when A/C turned off.

The coolant tank is empty,after running, the tank no brooken.

battery and alternator check out ok. is there some sort of clutch relay that would keep it from cranking when clutch is engaged? car has the button to press enabling it to crank without clutch engaged, but still won't crank.

I think i cracked the engine and i wanted to get an estament on how much it would be to get it repaired?

Check engine light was on so I had it hooked to an engine code analyzer and it indicated the throttle position sensor was the problem. Replaced the sensor with no improvement? Any suggestions?

I have checked tires and balance, motor mounts and changed transmission mount and have a vibration driving and the vibration stops when you let off accelerator, no matter what speed you are traveling from 25mph to 65mph

Engine stalls, and then dies while driving. Was just when over 50mph, now at any speed, then wont start right away like its out of gas. whats wrong???

This problem occurred yesterday @92,000 miles.I thought it was a common fuse , but all fuses appear to be ok. Any suggestions?
Thanks !


When I turn the key to start my 4 runner, all of the dash lights come on, the radio comes on, the heater blows, but the engine doesn't ignite. After about 6 attempts, it fires. There is no clicking sound or any sound for that matter while attempting to start the engine. The battery is new. It only does this when it's cold. If the engines been running for a while, it fires on the first try. Any idea what's wrong?