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after an oil change how do you reset the check engine light?
I hear noise in ac belt when car idles, stops over 1000 rpm, ac is not working.
A toyota certified machanic has informed me I need to replace my mass air flow sensor on my 99 4runner. My question is: is this something that can be done fairly easily? Easily enough to have my father who is mecha...
My antenna mast snapped off and needs to be replacement. I have researched the part amount which ranges from $ 25 to $40, but what would be the cost to have a mechanic do the work. I need a total cost including parts...
can not find the dipstick or where to fill the transmission fluid.
I saw someone else had a similar problem with their rheostat(dimmer switch). They wrote that they used a paperclip to jump through the positive prongs. I'm not real mechanically inclined. However, I was wondering i...
The vehicle has 87000 miles. While traveling in stop and go traffic the Trac off/VSC Off lights and, the engine check lights on the dash board recently went on and remain on each time the vehicle is started, just happ...
I have had a master cylinder fail and this does not feel like that. I have to press the pedal about half way down to get the car to start breaking. Sometimes I do not have to do this. The brakes feel SOFT. Just got th...
how do i remove the ignition lock cylinder to replace it?
found broken 24" belt under vehicle. after inspection determined it is the belt located low on the front of the engine. is this the alternator or compressor belt?
My diagnostic code was P1135-P11XX Manufacturer Controlled Fuel and Air Metering
What do these error codes mean? I also am getting P0125
Not sure what the light stands for that says "check" with a symbol besides it- not sure what the picture is about...this is located at the right side of the console gas gauge...
just replaced pads and rotors. when you depress the pedal you get a real bad shimmy in the wheel? What could it be
My check engine light came on, had it checked and code P0120 TPS Sens "A" Circuit malfunction came up. What is the throttle positioning sensor and what can I do to fix the proplem. Light did not come on the next day o...
My speedometer/odometer cable broke a week ago and the next day my O/D light has started flashing and check engine light comes on once I reach freeway speeds. They stay on until I shut off the 4Runner then when I rest...
My check engine light has come back on, on my 96 toyota 4 runner, (after months of being off) and the code suggest a clogged vent valve or canister. Where is the vent valve located so I can check it? And yes, i have r...
How much should it typically cost to have the timing belt replaced?
i would like to know if i can test the mass air flow sensor with an ohm meter accurately
just want to know if i can use a ohm meter to accurately test the mass air flow sensor
What should it cost to have the Catalytic Converter replaced? Can a independent mechanic to that repair
My brake lights are not workin I replaced Bulbs and checked Fuses all of which are good to go and still no brake lght but I do have tail lights and my right blinker doesnt work but left does all went out at same time????
under the clock on the center of the dash there's a button marked ECT power or normal, what is this,and what does it do?
How can I repair the antenna?
i don't know if timing belt has been change on my truck or not and if it is how do i know and if not when should i change that and how much does it cost to replace.
i'm so sorry about this question but i coudn't find fuell filter in my toyota