when i start up my 4runner the battery light stays on

I started up my 1998 Toyota 4runner today for the first time in 2 weeks. I went to go brush the snow off of my back windshield and I noticed smoke coming out from the rear drivers side wheel well. I looked under the car from behind to check if the smoke was just blowing sideways from the exhaust but it wasn't. So I turned the car off and took a closer look at the wheel well and seen that the only place that smoke could be coming from was the fuel tank, and I proceeded to start the car back up. Once I started the engine I noticed that the smoke was coming from the direction of the fuel tank so I immediately turned the engine off. I looked under the car to see if there was a gas leak or a tear in one of the gas lines but there wasn't. What could cause this to happen? And is it a bad idea to drive my car until I find time and money to have it looked at?

I have a 1993 4runner with bad engine. I have access to a 2001 engine (120K miles) How difficult would the engine swap be?

Rythmic knock/thump when AC is on. Sound is not there when car first starts or when AC first turns on. Takes at least 5 minutes after startup. I leave AC on all the time, first realized it was A/C related when I started turning things off to see if sound would stop - does when A/C turned off.

The coolant tank is empty,after running, the tank no brooken.

battery and alternator check out ok. is there some sort of clutch relay that would keep it from cranking when clutch is engaged? car has the button to press enabling it to crank without clutch engaged, but still won't crank.

I think i cracked the engine and i wanted to get an estament on how much it would be to get it repaired?

Check engine light was on so I had it hooked to an engine code analyzer and it indicated the throttle position sensor was the problem. Replaced the sensor with no improvement? Any suggestions?

I have checked tires and balance, motor mounts and changed transmission mount and have a vibration driving and the vibration stops when you let off accelerator, no matter what speed you are traveling from 25mph to 65mph

Engine stalls, and then dies while driving. Was just when over 50mph, now at any speed, then wont start right away like its out of gas. whats wrong???

This problem occurred yesterday @92,000 miles.I thought it was a common fuse , but all fuses appear to be ok. Any suggestions?
Thanks !


When I turn the key to start my 4 runner, all of the dash lights come on, the radio comes on, the heater blows, but the engine doesn't ignite. After about 6 attempts, it fires. There is no clicking sound or any sound for that matter while attempting to start the engine. The battery is new. It only does this when it's cold. If the engines been running for a while, it fires on the first try. Any idea what's wrong?

truck runs great didn't want to spend a $1000 s if I could wait .Did anyone have a timing belt issue and if so at what mileage ?

What's the difference between a starter selonoid and a starter relay?

I have been having a problem with the TRAC warning light going on while driving around curves (ie. freeway onramps or connectors)and recently had two incidents where the car felt like it was stalling at speeds above 65. The front end of the car felt like it was stalling, losing control and struggling. Has anyone here had this problem? Was it expensive to repair?

I have recently had a bad vibration while excellerating as well as maintaining speeds over 60 MPH. The check engine light is on with a lean fuel indicator and O2 sensor. Is this the problem or something more?

Where is the starter Selonoid on my 1991 Toyota 4Runner 4WD V6 3.0?

engine turns but wont start what is the most common problem

dont know mush about it purchased vehicle at an auction . when bringing it home had only driven it a few minutes oil started coming out had to have it towed . wanted to know what any one thought before having anyone liook at it . any ideas.

I have water leaking from exterior into floor carpet to door seam and behind sun visors on interior roof. Not sure if root cause if from moon roof, door seals, or other? Do you have any advice? This only happens when raining outside.

can anyone tell me the location of the inertia switch??

i am trying to locate the SRS sensors on a 1997 Toyota 4Runner. I'm also wondering if these sensors normally need replacement after a collision and airbag deployment.

My 2003 Toyota 4 runner back brakes locked up the other night. The Mechanic changed the master cylinder, but now they are locking up quicker.He thinks it is the ABS Control Module.
That is very expensive here so I'm hoping is it not. Help

I just had my timing belt, water pump, thermostat, and all the small heater hoses in the back of the engine and under the intake manifold replaced by the dealer. So now the car runs fine but is noisier, I hear a sort of howling or lower pitched whining noise. The noise itself is annoying and so far they have not been able to tell me what it is. They say it is normal engine noise but it never sounded that way before the service. I hear it at idle and when cruising around 30mph or so.

truck charges fine while running, shut it off, and the battery drains.

about a month ago I had cylinder 4 misfire, changed my spark plugs, wires, and coil packs. Ran great for about a month, now all of the sudden I am getting cylinder 3 misfire and running super rough. Could it be faulty wires or something else?

after driving freeway for about 15-20 mi. when i come to stop lite idles low then dies out

I had front brake pads and some other service on my Toyota at the dealership. When I drove the vehicle the pedal was much lower than before. I brought is back and they say nothing is wrong but the pedal is much lower than before the service.

With the last cold front my 4Runner started having difficulty starting. Shortly after that about a week the battery and ABS lights lit up. Took it to Autozone and they said the battery was bad which I figured because it had liquid coming out the top. New battery installed but the 2 lights still keep coming on about 1 minute after I start the vehicle. Sometimes the battery light turns off but the ABS light stays on.

is this job difficult on this car?