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cant get it to stop cutting out wheather your sitting in driveway or driving doun the rd i have changed all the electronics on it i have another one 96 toyotaand it runs fine with all the parts that i have changed i havent changed the crankshaft sensor yet and there is no codes throun can you help me thank you

I'm able to see a small detent in the receptecal part of the new replacement alternator. This detent is probably holding the connector in place.

Why does the engine oil look creamy?

had cat converter replace last year. but it failed again this year what could be the problem.


My brake lights have stopped working on my 2003 4runner. Fuses are good, bulbs are good, checked with a voltage tester. The hot wires at brake switch are white and green. Where do I find 15 amp STOP fuse for brake lights?
Please Advise ASAP!!!

what should my transmission fluid dip stick read

Check engine light came on. Got a scan done codes that came up p0018,p0021 What do they mean and should I continue to drive my truck?

Failed CA smog test, NO(PPM) levels were at 512 (MAX) 88 (AVE) and 747 (MEAS) which is what caused it to fail. Is this related to the EGR system? How much can I expect repairs to cost if it is the EGR system? Car runs very well, no knocking, no pinging, no reason to think there is a problem other than the failed smog test! Many thanks for your help! J

where is the oxygen sensor located and how hard is it to replace?

clock panel window no light, not illuminated. how do i replace these light bulbs.

my 4runner runs great at times but at times it has a skip it feels like it looses power u can mash the gas thoe and it will take off it feels like a solenoid is sticking or something the check engine light is on the computer said it needed a distributor i replaced that the plugs n mires new fuel filter it helpd a little any sugestions on what 2 do caint afford 2 take 2 shop everytime do something 2 it 2 have it put on computer

96 4runner doesn,t start sometimes usally one click back& forth a few times w/ key it starts. starter is 3yrs battery is 3 months. had this problem for 1 yr. I been spraying the starter wire w/ WD 40 lasts for a couple of weeks but now it,s not working what do you think.

My 95 4r uses a lot of coolant and i have to put some in the reserve tank every other day No visible leakage Should i dump it?

No heat on passenger side.After 7 hr labour to diagnos problem local Toyota dealership replaced the heating coil. We now have issues with heat not shutting off. When set at 68 fan on LO it continues to heat up until we can't stand it and then when fan shut OFF it gets cold. Still no solution from Toyota. Can anyone help? Thanks!

Clutch pedal does not return to full up position. clutch master cylinder was low on fluid, topped off with DOT 3.still persists

i have body work it fit the engine in it trying to wire the inside but their is a problem under the dashboard below the stering their is some wires missing i dont no what is missing can you help

Toyota Head bolt torque sequence

Is there a tool to remove the front turn signal bulb from the socket? Front turn signal bulb very hard to use two hands to hold socket and to pull out bulb.

there are two other lights along with the check engine light that came on at the same time...TRAC OFF & VSC TRAC. What is the most likely problem?

why do myfront brake wear so fast i have 50000 and i have replaced them once and need to again

the 4runner shakes then stalls when i put it into drive, but will idle and run in reverse, what could be the problem?

won't move when shifted into drive but will when put in 1st

My VSC light was blinking and the check engine light were on this a.m. when I started my vehicle. 1st time this has happened. Any solutions?

From what I remember it is an code 47. ABS wheel speed sensor. I have looked and looked but can not seem to find the ABS wheel speed sensor. When driving the service engine light comes on O/D off light comes on the speedometer seems to jump around 35mph and ABS light flashes sometimes. Any thoughts?

The loud whining noise is continuous, cold or warm engine. Oil light remains lit even though oil is full. Engine turns off unpredictably. Car is not being driven until some idea of the problem. We have put too much $$ into car last 2-3 years. Thanks for any info.

When i come to a moderate stop and then let off the brake their is a noticeable clunk. U joints are tight, tranny tailpiece is tight. Anyone ever had or heard of the problem?

Where is the TCM located? I want to check the cable. I keep getting OBD Code P0773 but my 3 shift solenoids were already replaced.

where is located a/c pressure switch, and if it possible short info about each pins on it.

need to release fuel pressure so I can replace the fuel filter.