How do I remove the lock cylinder and replace with a new one?

El control de crusero si funciona al programarle una velocidad, el problema es que no enciende la luz en el tablero, la bocina si funciona y la bolsa de aire no esta estallada pero si se mantiene encendida en el tablero, que pasara.......

Adquiri este vehiculo sin el parachoques delantero y al repararlo las luces de las bolsas de aire se encienden, que puedo hacer para apagarlas, si las bolsas no estallaron, dejaron algo sin conectar o simplemente se resetea la computadora, gracias

people have told me to replace my brake fluid. My question is why should the brake fluid be replace? My email is

I cannot find the starter

how to fix timing chain tensionor, on 2003 rav4, 4 cylindar

@ 98K Should wheel bearings be checked and greased. No problems, just wondering.

My 1997 runs at high rpms from a cold start and is making a loud noise around the timing belt/water pump area. It is also losing antifreez. After it's warmed up the noise goes away and it runs fine. The water pump was replaced a year ago do you think it could have gone bad again?

I have replaced the front axels, rotors, brakes, tires and had it aligned. Still have vibration usually occuring above 50 mph. I have tried rotating the tires. nothing seems to help. Could it possibly be a bad wheel or struts? Car has 230,000.

does anyone know the name of the long bar that goes from the hood lock mechanism down towards floor, its a bar that runs the length of the radiator. holds the locking mechanism for hood thanks

is the rear inside door handle that you pull to shut door same dimensions as similar years

is the handle you pull to close door from inside the same year specifics as other years, i need to replace it but because to expensive ive been searching junk yards i found some cars similar years would that work

I need to replace a bumper for my 2005 toyota corolla. Can a bumper from a 2004 toyota corolla fit on my 2005 toyota corolla?

Front wheel bearings how to replace possibly a picture to go by

Water pump leaking (dealership told me) along with drive belt.

I left work and my car started right up. I stopped at the store 3min later and it wouldn't start back up. I tried to jump it but it still wouldn't start. Its not the battery or the starter (both tested) and I just changed out the ignition switch. When I try to crank, I hear a click but nothing more. Is it a wire problem or a fuse problem? I've tried to find answers before I take it to a shop. Money is kinda tight so any clues would help.
Jennifer w

Recently, I noticed an odd situation with my AC -- when the dial for tempearture is rotated all the way for the coldest temperature, the air comes out HOT. If I rotate the dial "one click" clockwise, it comes out cold, but NOT as cold as it did before. What is wrong with the AC unit?

After it rains there is water built up on the floor of the passenger side footwell. I suspect it is coming from a plugged windshield drain which is backing up the water to an opening in the firewall. Anyone have experience with fixing this problem?

how much to replace

I have a 2003 toyota tacoma 4x4 2.7 liter. Emgine light staying on. This is what I have done so far. I changed the emission sensors on exhaust. Had engine light cleared. Engine light came back on. Replaced air mass flow sensor. Engine light is cleared as of this morning 11/13/10. Noticed recently having trouble starting after filling with fuel. It starts ok in the morning when cold but later in the day after work have trouble starting.

Engine goes into red zone and wispy vapor starts to come out from under hood. If this is "water pump needs replacing, what is average cost of repair?

So what's the key to unplugging the wiring harness sockets? Kind of funny. All the posted instructions say to open the tailgate and back out the bolts and remove the taillight assembly and then discount the wiring harness. I guess I thought that much was fairly obvious. But for the life of me I have no clue whether I'm supposed to poke, pry, push, pull or what to separate those plugs without breaking something. It's an '02 Tundra tail light assembly and I can't figure out how to disconnect the wiring harness.

I had replace the battery a month before bring for inspection, now the car must be driven before it can go through inspection

I just recently had my van serviced after I crossed the poles when installing a new battery. They fixed it all or so I thought ..., lately my headlights will flicker off and on with the interior lights as well . I first noticed this when I was going from dim to bright..... After clicking the stick on the side of the side of the steering wheel and all lights( interior and headlights) will flicker off then on again. If it is just a fuse or relay I would like to change it on my own, what do you think?

I recently have done 60K server for '2000 Toyota Camry V6 engine' car. I actually have done this service at 70K. And the mechanic have mentioned, the car needs service on Front Struts. This is what he has mentioned on the report and estimate:
Front struts making noise and front strut mount brushings torn.
Replace front struts, mounts and align afterward.
Struts and bearings $1570.00
Alignment $85.00
Sway bar links $300.00

My question is, how long can i run the car without replacing the Struts?
If i dont replace it now, will it cause more serious problems later?
Does the estimate from this auto shop looks resonable?

I want to know the average price to repair the right cv boot and cover gasket leak.

thanks for the help.

How much does it cost to have a timing belt replaced on a Toyota 2002 highlander in the Ohio Akron/Canton area?

I bled the system, but it still does it.

Engine started intermittently being difficult to start but would crank after several attempts. Now it just turns over and will not start. You can smell gas behind the car from the exhaust. But it will not run.

Car starts right up and when I shut it off and retry it it is completely dead. Everything electrical is dead. If I wait 15 minutes it starts as good as new.Clock is off, etc. Called AAA, said battery and alternator were good. Took it to Lexington Toyota and left it for 2 days and $90. They could not find anything wrong with it. Bat. and alt. were good. This has happened 7 times. Starts right up . Shut off for 5 minutes at donut shop, come out and dead as a door nail? Car in great shape with 118,000 miles on it. Any suggestions? Thank you