we jus t got the car so i dont have any other info

What battery should I buy for my 1999 camry?

we just go the car an we need to change the bearing

2003 Sequoia. VSC "OFF" and VSC "TRAC" indicator lights are on. Also, Center Differential light blinks. Any clues? Suggestions? I have engaged vehicle into both 4H and Lo, then back again. Still on. Then, poof! The next day, VSC lights turn off. CD light still blinks though.

I've own a 95 land cruiser, When i open the driver door or any to get in the vehicle...all the lights within the dash starts to flicker and a control pace. When i stick the key in the ignition and start the vehicle, it all stop and goes to normal as if nutting happen. Is it a low-battery problem or a security system problem?

I have a 92 celica gt convertible can't figure out what size speakers are factory has one in each door rather large two smaller ones in the dash and back seat I need the exact size.


Recently a back seat passenger tried to lower the electric rear passenger window on my Toyota 4 runner and we heard a loud metallic clank. I took the interior door panel off and found an 8 inch metal bar in the door cavity. The bar has a track for a roller and a slot with a rubber gasket. It also has two holes (one at each end).
I assume the roller on the arm I could see fits on the track, but I wasn't sure how to get to the window track. How do you access the window track and where do I reattach the metal track bar.

engine light

I turn Ignition and get no response

after rotating tires i saw that there was no rubber boot(seal) atop the front strut inside the wheel well...i can see the shock arm that enters the strut with no protection ...does it need protection or could i just put some lube on it? thanks

One of rear coil springs is broken. How much labor time is required to replace both the rear coil springs?

i have used 3 tankfuls of premium gas,added marvel oil to the fourth tank of premium gas and greased thecenter support bearing of the drive train.the transmission fluid and transfer case fluids are full

Car will no longer start. Went from just a clicking noise and eventually starting...to not starting and hearing a rattling noise similar to a gun going off

why do the Vehicle Skid Control lights remain on ("VSC TRAC" and "VSC OFF")?

ok so this is my gfs car and i havent got into it to see whats up. but from what she says it had a stuck valve and she got it fixed but a few days after, it started burning 2 quarts of oil every few days. whats wrong with it?

The driver's side interior door handle broke off. How do I replace it?

my brake lights wont' come on and my gear shift will not go into gear. what is wrong

my gear shift won't go into drive and my brake lights wont' come on

gear shift won't move and I don't have any brake lights. What could be wrong. and What controls the brake lights

Check engine light on states faulty connection on injector #4

is this a toyota defect problem? The dealer wants to charge me $1150.

My 2003 Echo engine light keeps going on...took to shops...couldn't find anything wrong...told to buy new gas cap...and reset it...but on again...took to 2 shops..finally took to Toyota shop...said have to remove panel and check gas pipe..will cost $400 and poss. more depending on what they find...didn't know there was a diagnostic code..will have to ask...need to reply tomorrow if I want it worked on....are they trying to soak me?

how much will a tune up cost?

car is starting to leak oil on ground. about 3 or 4 spots

How do you replace the brake light on a 2008 Tacoma?

I have driven the car around a bunch with no problems, but when I pulled into a gas station and turned the car off, it wouldn't start back up. All the lights come on, but when I turn the key there is just a clicking sound, just one, then nothing. I was told that the battery cable does need replacing, but would there be something else? My friend tried giving it a jump but it didn't help.

I can be driving down the road and the temp guage is all the way over to hot and blinking. I can pull over and shut off the car for 5 seconds (sometimes I don't even get all the way pulled over) and the car goes back down to normal running temp. Could this be a thermostat?

While installing a timing belt component kit, I notice oil residue that I believe may be coming from the oil pump shaft seal. When I replaced the seal, I pushed it to the bottom of the recess, about 1/16" to 1/8" below flush. I have since read on-line that the seal should be installed flush with the top. Is this correct? I believe I noticed an oil hole at the bottom of the recess. Does it need a gap to be able to supply oil to the shaft/seal interface?

My temperature gauge indicator light is out and not sure if it's triggered by a fuse or bulb (where do you go to replace it). Also, my back window break light is off and not sure how to replace. Any help will be appreciated.