The starter went out in our 1996 Celica STX. I've heard it's pretty simple to replace & want to try & do it myself. Any instruction would be helpful...thanks.

One pin has continuous diameter to end and other has indented tip with rubber washer on it. Which one goes where and why?

Power steering level is good and pump is not making noise but P/S light is on and power steering is not working

My check engine light came on and got a code PO125. They say it's the ECT sensor. Is that located at the back of the engine? Is that the cause of the check engine? It seems to run great as is.

The problem started a week ago. I was stopped by the Police and told I did ot have ay brake lights. I don't know where to start.

i changed steering wheel recentlt due to leakage Now the power steering is stiff when driving There is enough oil What could be the problem

replaced thermostat and it is still running hot. I have no leaks i can detect. The top radiator hose gets hot but the bottom doesn't, thats why I replaced thermostat, but it still is not getting hot. The fans don't come on when it starts getting hot but if you cut the car off and let it cool down a little bit and just turn the switch on without cranking the car the fans will come on.

Went to Toyota Dealership they quoated me $2,930 for front, center and rear section --- part is rusted and corroded
Went to independent dealer he quoated me $620.00 to repair existing converter - said he would remove part of pipe and replace pipe -- on estimate sheet it reads as follows: r/r exhaust FRT pipe assy, drill tap extract 2 broken bolts and replace rear flange etc, pipe hardware clamps, welding supplies --- what should i do.. i have a friend who says he can buy the part from national auto and put it on.. but it sounds so complicated --thinking i need a certified person.. monroe muffler quoated me $800.00 please help

i have a 1997 toyota tacoma. i replaced the brake cylinder on the driver rear side and it is still leaking i am not sure what can be causing this. any answers will be greatly appreciated.

I drive 75% freeway, 25% city, no towing or dessert(ie no extreme conditions) - it is likely that at 70k mi. the fluids for Power Steering, and front and rear differentials needed to be replaced? the service came to ~$400. Manual seems to suggest you do these only if driving in ext. conds.

How do I access this to replace bulb. Might be led type not sure

I have ABS brakes and I notice a mild pulsating thump when I step on the brakes firmly. Is there a maintenance procedure that I should have done to eliminate this? Thanks.


abs lite on

When the car is on and the front defroster is off, a mist comes out coating part of the windsheid just like if the window was fogging up. When the defroster is on the problem is worst because the mist covers more of the windsheid. It seems like there is some type of residue. This happens in all types of weather & started about 2 weeks ago

My engine pings on light throttle loads. Not under heavy loads like full throttle. Timing is on etc. What could be wrong

there is particles in transmission fluid, what can be the cause?

I have a 2004 with 115,000 miles. Diag. code said bad sensor on the brake booster. Dealership says $1000 repair b/c sensor and booster get replaced together. Is this a safety issue or can I ride on this for awhile without replacing?

You can start the car and it will go fine maybe a few feet maybe a half of a mile then the RPM's shoot and the car will not go into any gear..u can turn the car off and back on again and then it goes on again..but same thing happens...what do i need to do?

HELP POOR MOM cant afford a new car!!

My RH CV joint need to be replace can not remove it can you help it is stuck in the diff

suspect its time to repack grease in front wheel drive unit.knocking sounds on extrem turns, also during 4wheel drive engagement.

problems with alarm allways going off after closing or opening doors.

recently brought my 94 4runner out of storage, after 5 years.some of the bugs i'm working out are figuring out how to get the gas gauge working, gauge

My solara turns over so i know it is not the battery but does not start, I have only had difficulty in the morning, if im driving all day, I can start it just fine but when morning comes it does not want to start at all- also seems to sort of have a rough idle sometimes.... help!

I can start the car but when I take my foot off the accelerator, it stalls.

Any idea of what might cause the engine to skip when sitting still or in 1st gear? I have replaced the fuel pump, filter,& spark plugs. What should I try next?

I hit a curb to aviod an accident, and I believe my alignment is off. I'm taking it to the shop tomorrow, but I'm concerned my pitman/ steering arm may need replacement. Do you know about how much that part would cost without labor? Thank you!

I cannot tighten the belt anymore and believe it to be because of wear.

I need to find a Serpentine Belt Routing Diagram.

valve cover smokes

I took my car in for a routine oil change and the mechanic informed me that my water pump is leaking and needs to be replaced.Could that be possible even- though I never noticed a leak,any kind of stain under the car,nor did the engine ever overheat.?