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check engine light came on yesterday. Took car to dealership and they said the intake manifold gasket needed to be replaced. Also said fuel mixture was lean. Car had 1/4 tank of gas at the time. Is this diagnosis correct. They want $270 to change the gasket

how many times should i service my toyota sienna 2008 model in a year

I went to the store and was trying to reverse my car into the parking space when it wouldn't move i thought i was in a dip or something but it happened again in a different parking lot and now every single time i try to reverse it wont unless i force it. What can be the problem?

my washer fluid does not come out. No noise, where can I find the fuse box for it? Or do you think it's the motor?

I have 1992 Toyota Corolla and it will not start unless I apply the gas pedal. As soon as I release the gas pedal it stalls out. I was hoping that adding some heet to the fuel tank, any water that may have built up would evaporate. But, it seemed to be no help. Where should I start to try and find out what's wrong. Thanks.

Want to know how long it would take to replace the O2 Sensor (Bank 1 Sensor 1), it wont pass emmissions without a new one.

how much fro a manual transmission

Do we have EGR valse on 2007 Corolla CE and where it located?

is this job difficult on this car?

oh k I am in FL and I was warming up my care as I am leaving my check engine lights goes on now my car is new only has 69,000 miles I got and oil change about 1 month ago the care about now 2yrs... Could it be I need a tune up because the car is driving k but shaking alot.

My Gas Gage is pretty wild, just want to know is it a major repair or is it the fuel box, plaese help

can`t get power to heater switch no fuses listed for heater inside cab or under hood or for a/c any other places to look?

My 02 higlander always shows code p 1351 when it is put in drive or reverse. Trac off and VSC light up on the dash and remain on until shut off.

The heated seat light for the passenger seat indicates the seat heater is working, but there is no heat to the seat. This is a new problem.

my check hybrid system warning light came on then the check VSC System came on briefly and the car then stopped. Check Hybrid System light came back on but I was able to start the car again. It seems ok except for the Check hybrid system light remains on. The manual says stop your vehicle and call a Toyota dealer, however, I had to drive a few more miles to get home since it was late at night and 19 degrees outside.

My 1993 Toyota Tercel does not start when key is turned. New battery, all fuses checked and fine. When the doors get opened, hazard lights start blinking for 15 blinks, then pause, then 15 blinks. This continues until doors are closed. A friend discovered a green Toyota starter relay under the dash directly underneath the glove compartment that you can feel clicking when you touch it when the 15 beats of hazard lights goes on.
Any ideas if this may be my problem? Maybe just replacing the starter relay? What does the doors being opened have to do with initiating this blinking?

just receive a notice from car that will did maintenance requires soon what to do

my car is slow about starting when it is cold weather

Car is running fine, not overheating, oil light not on. Took my car in for a regular routine oil change, was told we will not be able to change your oil, because you have oil in the cooling system. What does this mean, how did this happen and what will this cost to fix?

If the driving belt breaks what will happen or what are the symptoms? My husband thinks that may be the problem with our car, you can start it but it wont go anywhere when you press the gas. He was driving it when he felt something give out then it wouldnt drive anymore!

New batteries drain and have to jump start, after a couple of days. Same thing on two new batteries from Sears. Car is parked in the garage, in the morning doesn't start. New battery starts right up. Recent engine work has bee completed, with new timing belt, alternator, etc.

Approx cost to replace possibly the cable affiliated with the clutch? clutch has been replace 3-5 months ago. driving this morning heard a pop when shifting gears into 3rd now stuck in 3rd gear. cars runs fine but stuck.

On cold start-up, the engine revs to 2,000 rpm`s for a short time, I feel the rpm`s are too high.

I need to chance the air flow sensor for my car. I tried to clean it but is not possible to take it out beacause is seal, The check engine sign light turn on and off, but the mecanic said is time to replaced it. I will buy a remanufactured part but can you help with what brand is better A1 Cardone or Beck-Arnley.

where is gas pump located

there is light that is coming on shows the four but the front two turn to the right

need a diagram of 2000 corolla rear brakes

My temp gauge goes to max and stays at start up?

while accelerating something snapped or popped and then stopped driving. Car turns on but won't accelerate now. Please Help?

When using either air conditioner or heater, it blows the right temperature for a while then turns either hot or cold depending upon which is being used. If you adjust the temp knob around, it will come back on correctly for a while and then do the same thing.