Noticed last year heat did not get hot enough thought the thermostat was bad cause engine temp gague would'nt move but this summer the gage and A/C worked fine

After replacing the spark plugs in my 1998 4runner the alarm went off and will not turn off with alarm buttons on key. It eventually stops and then repeatedly goes off again in a minute or so. I had to disconnect a ground wire that connected to the intake manifold on drivers side to gain access to one plug, but reconnected it.
Would a bad connection to one of the plug coils on the passenger side cause this? The fitting lock cracked when I removed it to replace the front plug, but the connection seems to be secure. I suspect it is a bad ground, but where?

is it possible that the check engine can go on
because of a bad fuse or bad contacts ?

For several years, right after purchase, my 94 camry fails to start off and on. Usually jumping it will work. It is just dead no sound when it won't start. It almost always starts in the morning after sitting overnight. Check engine light is always on. Someone said it was a pollution control related problem. Could this be causing it--a clogged System? Not original transmission. New battery, new terminals, new starter. Seems worse in very hot weather and perhaps rainy weather. 190,000 miles.

can you answer this and send a pic or diagram

Toyota Sequoiah 2002 model with 102,000 mi. trac off and vsc control lights come on intermittently while driving. Took it to dealer who said it needed a +$900 replacement on traction control computer. What exactly are they going to do, replace a part or just download something to the computer? Is this part in the steering column? The 2003 models have a recall on a smiliar or same issue. Dealer said had not had many of these repairs on 02 models. The vehicle has had all the necessary and suggested maintenance on it from dealer, and I wanted to keep it for another couple of years if possible. We just had the expensive timing belt, walter pump preventative maintenace on it, and now this. Is this a necessary repair for safety or could there be some more minor things we could try. The lights do not come on every time I drive it, usually after I have been driving for a few minutes and then they go off when it is stopped and restarted. With the age and mileage, is this something that Toyota or the dealer could/should help with repairing. Our family has used Toyotas for years with great results for long lasting vehicles, but if this vehicle is going to keep costing several thousand dollars a year, then I need to sell it and never buy another Toyota again. This is our main vehicle and we do use it for around town, trips, and carrying the grandchildren.

checked bulb fuses relays all good have no idea what it could be

I have just replaced the Rear (Driver's Side) Spindle Bearing assembly but I need to know the Torque Value for the four bolts to the Strut.

Am having trouble starting the car when i put the key in the ignition? It will not turn over at times.

how long are they covered by warranty?Also,on 3rd set of rotors,leave vehicle parked for a week or 2 and trrible pulsation.thank you

I have a 97 Camry, 4-cylinder LE model. The car runs well, no hesitation; if I just get in and start the car it starts fast. Like most cars, you can turn the ignition key to the acc position or the start position without starting the car. If I leave turn the car keys to the start position, and leave it in that position for a few minutes, then the car is hard to start when I fully turn the key to start the car; the ignition will cut out if I don’t give it gas for 10 seconds. The engine light is not on, and there is no engine light code because of a bad bulb; I’ve had the engine code read at Autozone. I've replaced the ignition wires and tested the ignition coil with an ohmmeter; all is well. If I turn the key to acc, one click before start setting, just to power things while the car is not started, then there is no problem starting the car when I want to. Please let me know if anybody out there has had this problem, and what you did to fix it.

my gas tank door want open


After driving I parked my car It idled for a few minutes with the air on before I shut it off When I was ready to leave 20 min it wouldn t start I had someone bring cables to jump it It started fine A passerby thought it smelled hot I wasn t steaming or obvious I pulled out and the guage was almost on red I checked fluids and they were all full I drove home 5 miles and the guage never moved The battery posts were corroded bad I don t know which came first the battery or the overheating. I've heard the fan can stick also. Should I get a battery or take it in?

Most of the time this happens first start of the day, when it's cold but it has happened a second time later in the day once or twice.
When I turn the key I get nothing. Two or three turns later it will turn over. Once the starter gets power it starts just fine. It seams as though here is an electrical short. I replaced the battery thinking it wasn't getting enough juice but that didn't solve the problem. What should I check next?

My car died while I was driving it. I thought it was an alternator or battery issue because the electical system was losing power. However the mechanic said my timing belt snapped in half, which caused the engine to lock and the vaalves are bent. Is that possible?

This is a 1.6 hatchback Toyota corolla 1.6 liter engine Has a normally aspirated engine, with electronic ignition.Car was in perfect running order a month ago when the battery was stolen after which the car was not driven .Last Monday a a new battery was fitted but the car will not start .
The battery cranks the engine
All the fuses are in fine
The fuel pumps pumps fuel .
The plug wire shows a spark when earthed to the body of the car and the engine is cranked .
When the battery was stolen the nuts on the terminal were loosened no wires were cut
The distributer is turning
Could the spark be weak and if so what is the cause.

how to know if water in oil is from bad head gasket or cracked block

we we tried to jump start our car the cables were crossed and now we have no gas pedal

The door on the drivers side will not open. It will open
from the outside, but not inside.

sometime the car will start, run, and idle well sometimes not. sometime when car is shut off it will not start back, like it is flooded. replaced air filter and helped for a while but problem returned. replaced plugs, wires, rotor button, and cap didnt help.

not sure whats goin on.The battery slid & grounded out on fender and wont start.Tried to put it on a scanner & it doesnt get power to the scanner.but it will start & run as long as scanner is pluged in.Disconnect the scanner & it wont start.Someone said ecu.Any thoughts on whats goin on/Wheres the ecu located?

I have just changed the struts in the back of my car and when I was finished I noticed the ABS light was on and the TRAC OFF light was flashing. I didn't remove any sensors. How do I shut them off?

Tire pressure light came on & put recommeded air in the tires, now the tire pressure light reamins on, & won't go off. How do I get it to turn off?

I went into the dealer two months ago and they had a recall that covered the front floor mats. The dealer would not give any details at all and just said that they fixed the problem.

Passenger door handle is broken. Door must be opened from inside car.


I need to replace the timing belt as maintaince. What is the cheap version of this maintaince?

Driving steady, I hear a knocking, accelerating or complete deccelerating, knock is gone. Is this a piston pin going bad, pistons where replaced around 10k miles ago.

no heat-
air comes out cold