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car wont start but has spark,fuel and compression


On hot days my air con doesnt work. On cool days it blows cold air but when its about 25C and sunny it just doesnt seem to be able to blow cold air out at all.

How to clean the MAF sensor or how to replace.

my calefaction don't work

what is the price on replacing a steering intermeadiate shaft?

I have a terrible shimmy/vibration in the front when I accelerate.

What would be a reasonable cost for parts and labor to replace timing belt and water pump?

My 2000 Camry V-6 with 230,000 miles has developed a slight stumble/misfire when accelerating when the engine is cold. The car has been well maintained. It starts & idles great. Gas mileage has dropped by 2-3 mpg. What is causing the stumble/misfire?

very annoying, if I press to lower the passenger side window it may or may not go down or up. currently in a down position awaiting repair action. all action to raise or lower the window is done by the driver.

the CEL comes on only after I gas up. I installed a new Toyota gas cap. Still happens. Getting tired of resetting the computer. Ed

Heater blower fan only works on high replaced the switch and same thing happens any thoughts

The brake light on the dash will come on then go off while driving. When parked I put on the emergency brake and released several times to see if it was sticking, didn't make any difference.

The radio has stopped working and there is an image of a key highlighted on the right side of the radio. The display reads "sec" and nothing works. Is there somewhere I can look on the car for the security key? Is it a series of digits or a set button sequence I need to push? Can I reset the code somehow?

My Celica GTS is slipping in 2nd gear sometimes--especially after driving on the highway for awhile--do you think it needs a new clutch?

My 97 toyata blackhawk is saying that there is a miss fire in cylinder 1 and random miss fire. it only happens when the car is warmed and driving. I have change the spark plugs, wires and coil. Any ideas to what may be happening?

my truck for a few months would not go into gear somtime. if i put it in 4 low for about a half mile then put it back into 2wd it would work fine and this went on for about 2.5 months. now when i put it in gear it rolls real slow but it wont pick up gears, if I put in 4 low for a half mile stop and put it in 2wd their is no change. not sure what to do? transmission fluid looks good

Hood Release jammed cable broke,did everything the web had to offer.So far drilled/filed and srewdrived to break release open. Help

My 98 Sienna has a serious surging problem. I have had the Oxygen senson replaced, the idle air sensor, the fuel pump and a new computer (what it needed per the dealership $$$). Ran 2 months and now it has started again and is worse than ever. What could it be?

how to replace clutch and pressure plate

The problem occurs whenever the car is stopped and I apply the brake. I get a squeaking noise coming from the left back tire area. I'm not sure whether it's the brake or the springs, but it happens in either forward or reverse whenever I apply my foot to the brake pedal and at no other time.

What should the cost of Changing the Timing Belt and the Water Pump?

Low idle problem with a/c on. From my understanding the 2004 camry 4 cyl. IAC is attached to the throttle body and cannot be separated, how do you take it apart and clean the IAC?

Must I replace rotors with rear brake pad replacement if the rotors don't yet have damage?
thank you.

About a year ago I had the valve cover gasket replaced, a new air filter, and the throttle body cleaned. As I pulled out of the shop's parking lot, I noticed a vibration by the accelerator and unusually loud engine noise when I accelerated. I immediately took the vehicle back to the mechanic, but he could find no reason for the change. I saw an article about cars that had a tube in the engine compartment that plugged into the exhaust pipe, before the catalytic converter, which sometimes broke or rusted off. Could this possibly be the cause of the excess noise? How would I have this diagnosed (if that is the source of the noise)?

My check engine light came on in my 2003 Toyota Matrix,

Toyota camry needs crankseal, leaks a qt of oil every 2weeks. Timing belt, waterpump, valve gasket just replaced. Engine just started idling rough, but isn't missing yet. How long would it take to replace the crankseal? approximately

while i was driving down the highway the car cut off with no warning and when i went to try to start it after i had pulled over to the side of the i have no power,no horn or lights.

There are no panel lights ( spedometer and gauges ) when the headlights are turned on and the dimmer switch does not vary the intensity on the radio or clock when lights are on ( brighter when lights are off ) . Where is the fuse for this located or is this possibly a bad dimmer rheostat ?

After turning the car off and locking, the lights wil turn on all by themselves in the middle of the night. After taking the relay out the went off. swapped the relays and still have the same problem.I can shut them off by pushing the light control forward(Turning on high beam) after car is off. Any help would be appreciated

Do toyota echoes have casters in the front end? The shop I went to for alignment stated casters needed to be worked on and it would cost about $200.00. I think I'm getting snowed here.