If flasher blinks faster not the normal, what does it indicates? thanks...

I am able to hear the sound of the DVD I am playing but am not able to see the picture on the rear monitor. The monitor is working and I see AM/FM/CD/DVD/VIDEO but I have pressed all the buttons on the remote and it won't change. I know the remote is working because it is turning the monitor on and off. Any ides?


Car has 125K on it and this problem just started. Battery connections look good and clean - battery has not been replaced for about 2 years. Any ideas?

I have had two cell phone charges 'die' and most recently a rechargeable flashlight's batteries exploded while plugged in. I'm guessing power surge? Also have trouble with lights going out intermittently but working a day or two later?

SUV has 110,000 miles. I'm told I need back brakes and rotors, front axles, struts (4 I assume) , stabilizer links, and a wheel alignment, all for $2,650. Does this sound like a reasonable need ? Does cost sound about right ? Is there any maintenance I could have done to prevent any of this ?

told by toyota service dept that cost to repair this leak problem till se $650.00!!

What type and grade of oil does my auto take in the differential.

How do I reemove and replace my heater/ac blower motor

Car clicks like battery dead, but horn still honking. Cleaned posts and charged battery. How do I reset and please tell me exactly where the reset button is. No manual.

I've noticed a burning like smell coming from the engine area of my car. When I got out and look at the car, I notice white to light smoke rising from behind the engine near fire wall.

was told induction service needed at 45000 mile check up

light is on all the time change catalytic converter. tuneup now they say it is my egr I fix one thing then there another

The heater only blows cold air. A/C works fine...2004 Avalon has 109,000 miles...any thoughts on what is wrong and is this generally an expensive job?

I brought the car a year ago and it started the problem as soon as the gas went low enough to the last quarter line.

i have a tacoma 98 2.4 with p0420 obdll code how can i fix it

Can't figure out our to release tension so I can peplace the serpentine belt

after changing battery the car wont stay in idle unless foot is on gas pedel

how to change the fuel pump

car pulls to left alinment is ok service says gearbox needs to be replaced ????

I get engine noise and poor reception over radio. not all the time. Is there anything i can do or any adjustment of any kind. Jack.

there is a glare from the dashboard in my front window.When the sun is shinning it is even worse. It is distracting.There is a middle section on the dash that reflects at all times in the window. What can I do? I brought it to dealer.They acknowledge glare, but can do nothing to prevent it.

I hired a private mechanic to replace my struts (front and rear. When I got my car I noticed that when I turn the steering wheel, there is a noise coming from the struts or front wheels. I ignored it but when I was driving downhill on an uneven surface, I heard a loud "thug!" sound from the left front wheel. What could have caused the noises? These didnt happen before I replaced the struts. Thanks and anticipating som advice.

PO 441 & PO 446 I received when my check engine light came on.

My car starts to die or engine dies everytime i slow down or come to stop at redlight. The RPM needle goes down to zero,engine shakes,lights @ the dashboard displays all (oil,battery,chck engine, etc) What seems to be the problem? Please help! Thank you

vehichle came to me with no fluid in master cyl looked all over for leaks none front calipers froze hoses cracked replaced calipers hoes master cyl pressure bled and gravity bled still no brake pedal hard then soft going to the floor used 2 quarts brke fluid

my cooling fan only works with ac and not the heat why

how do i get the driver side window back on its track to be able to role it up?

hard to start after running for a while.smell gas when trying to restart.

we jus t got the car so i dont have any other info