outside driver door broke first, rolled window down and opened door from inside handle. The inside handle spring broke off and door wont open. Locked the door and door is froze and can't open at all. Bought inside door handle and but now can't open door, have to climb over seat to get in door, please help.

Can an after market converter work or a manufactured part is REQUIRED? M vehicle looses power, O2 sensors go bad, cnverter rattles and the engine light remains on. Also, I'm frighten to know the dealers cost. Can you help?

There is a wet musty smell coming from the vents when turned on. I have sprayed the outside vents, changed air filter, put the "vent cleaning spray in there, even tried lysol. Is there a trap door or something that i can open or something, or maybe dump som drain-o in there? help ps, I have 311,500 miles

I have replaced both bulbs and still can't get it to work. All other lights work, and no fuses out.

I own a 1993 toyota corolla LE with approximately 217,000 miles on it. I have recently just changed the oil and filter and replaced the exhaust manifold on the car. A mechanic and family friend of ours replaced the manifold. The loud vibration noise coming from outside and inside the car was suppose to go away after replacing the manifold. Once starting up the car from the outside the noise cannot be heard that much. However when sitting in the driver side I hear a loud noise at times. Mostly when I'm on the highway and when first started up. When the car is started it seems to idle high, which is normal to idle high when it is cold. Once the engine warms up it seems to idle ok but sometimes still idles over the 1000 rpms. Now I don't know if the noise is just something that is with this older car seeing how it has high miles or if something else is wrong. Please help.

Just want to change rear brake drums on 2 wd 94 p/u- brake drums will not budge

Recently the techometer on my 5-speed standard shift 1997 Toyota Tacoma (2.7 four-banger) has been fluctuating by many more RPMs than usual between shifts. I suspect a slipping clutch. Is this the most likely diagnosis?

when headlights are on low beam

I recently had my lube and oil changed (3 wks.)along with a pot hole special, cost me $165.00. I am due for the 15,000 mile maintenance so I wont need my tires rotated, or lube and oil changed. What is an estimate excluding these services. I know filters and brakes have to be charged.

runs ok but very little throttle responce

should i replace the belt or is there a mileage i should hit before doing it or have i reached the mileage now

how long until ecm is reset for drive cycle

The sliding switch in the dome light has got to where it is hard to operate and touchy to get the light to work. I need to remove the light assy and check for any loose or dirty contacts and i have tried to just pull down the assy but it did not budge. Any tricks or hidden plastic fingers or ? that i need to depress to get it out?

how do i replace a oil pump on a 1991 toyota tercel motor

My abs lights and brake light and warning buzzer came on and my brakes stopped working could it be a fuse or relay?

need to replace the radiator

my oil light flashed on & off again, when I checked it was bone dry, I added 4 qrts 30 weight, now when I excellerate over 40 there is a knocking sound???

The electric powered driver's seat is stuck in the farthest front position on a 2003 camry. Will a manual controlled seat fit & are the bolt placements the same for other years?

I installed new battery after engine light {BATTERY} light came on, stayed on.
Car will not start.

Battery light, {on dash came on stayed on.
I installed new battery, vehicle will not start.
Could be starter or alternator.What is estimated cost
to replace one or the other?

I have not driven or started the engine for my rav 4 for 4 months what oil/oil additive or gas additive should I put into the engine before I start it up.

also flush transmission fluid $
and brake fluid flush? $

Washer fluid light came on. Filled with fluid, light won't go out.

i have a 2002 toyota tundra 2wd extended cab 4.7 v8 when the engine is cold i hear ticking sound when i am driving and the trasmission shifts it sounds like a bad spark knock, worse when cold. called toyota mfg. they can't help

Clutch squeaks when depressed and sometimes loses pressure.What is the solution?

The van is running fine. The dealership first wanted to replace the exhaust manifold and the O2 sensor and now they want to replace the coverter. Im not doing anything until I am sure what the problem really is. COuld the bad converter be throwing the O2 code or is it a bad O2 probe throwing the converter code?

A sudden rattling sound appeared in the engine of my 2002 Corolla and I pulled over. The oil light was on. I probably did not notice it earlier. The engine starts except that it makes this rattling noise. The oil was extremely low, maybe just upto the tip of the dip stick. The engine has ~100,000 miles and I had just done an oil change a month ago. No oil leakage or radiator leakage. No over heating. Any idea what I am looking at?

Noticed last year heat did not get hot enough thought the thermostat was bad cause engine temp gague would'nt move but this summer the gage and A/C worked fine

After replacing the spark plugs in my 1998 4runner the alarm went off and will not turn off with alarm buttons on key. It eventually stops and then repeatedly goes off again in a minute or so. I had to disconnect a ground wire that connected to the intake manifold on drivers side to gain access to one plug, but reconnected it.
Would a bad connection to one of the plug coils on the passenger side cause this? The fitting lock cracked when I removed it to replace the front plug, but the connection seems to be secure. I suspect it is a bad ground, but where?

is it possible that the check engine can go on
because of a bad fuse or bad contacts ?