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the four wheel drive doesn't come on all the time or sometimes not at all and I don't know if it could be the actuator or not.

I have to have four wheel drive to get out of my driveway and when I put it in high or low four the light doesn't come on and it doesn't go into four wheel. After a while the low will come on and be in four but sometimes it seems to take forever. The four high comes on when it wants to and sometimes not at all.

Does my 2002 Toyota Avalon require Toyota antifreeze. If it does require this dealer only antifreeze why? Is the chemical make-up different?

where would the switch be located . the engine is running hot fan does not come on

want to change the water-pump myself can I ?

how much should it cost to change a stanard to automatic

how much would it cost to change a standard to a automatic

my car starts up but when i put it in drive it makes a grinding noise and doent move?

I accidently short circuited (I believe),the power outlet fuze while picking up a loose metal piece from a cell phone charger that fell into the outlet hole. The ignition key was in Accessory mode and I used a pair of metal pliers to pick up the loose piece and I saw a spark. Now neither of the two power outlets work. I can't identify which one is the correct fuse to replace in the fuse box. Thanks for your help.

car wont start , key wont turn, not thestarter cant get steering column off

I need to know where the filler tube is for the auto transmission on V6 4L Toyota Tacoma

want to understand how severe the problem is and can I live with it or should I get it corrected much should I spend for this..
what are the common problems which occur in 99 Model Camry wrt tierods, struts, sway bushings etc.

whereis map sensor located

where is map sensor located

the fan motor does stop working .where is it located?also how do you test relay cooling fan ?

the past 3 tanks of gas my gas milege has gone from 424 a tank of gas to about 300 what would cause it to drop that much?

My 4 wheel drive indicator light does not come on when vehicle is in 4 wheel drive

Yesterday I parked my truck, but when I went out to start it today it is dead. No power to radio or anything. I put a trickle charger on it and it showed that it was charged. I cleaned the terminals and tightened them. Still no juice to anything.

Where is the brake sensor located and how do I change it?

$1400 to replace a catalytic converter, does this seam reasonable?


I need four wheel drive to get in and out of my driveway in snow and although I can put the high and low into gear the 4x4 light does not come on or engage most of the time. It will sometimes after a long time.

The problem occurs when I try to use the four wheel drive in the snow when I'm trying to get out of my driveway. It goes into four wheel gear high and low but the light doesn't come on or engage.

how do you properly reset the ecu on a 2004 toyota camry 2.4l. some say to pull efi fuse and others to disconnect the battery. please explain correct way?

i dont know but the gaS TANK it was telling me the i need to put gas

I have several scrapes and dents from rubbing against a cement column. Location of the damage is the driver's side sliding door. The area is about 20 by 12 inches.

I can't find the fuel pump relay

How long should tie rods last?

heater motor blower stopped running on all speeds so I replaced it with a will fit replacement. the blower ran but the air flow was too little. I cut wires to reverse;blower would not run again.

I had front brake pads and some other service on my Toyota at the dealership. When I drove the vehicle the pedal was much lower than before. I brought is back and they say nothing is wrong but the pedal is much lower than before the service.