Tonite I just put a deposit down on a used 2002 Prius with 125,000 miles. Seller claims that all service was done by Toyota Dealer who never mentioned replacement of timing belt? My question is...why? Is it a chain instead of belt? Should I be concerned that I'd be driving on borrowed time? Please reply

I have a 1985 Toyota pickupwith a 22r engine. Coming home the other evening it just shut off and wouldn't start back. I thought I had a fuel pump problem so I changed the fuel pump. Truck started right up idled for 15 minutes got in it to move it and it died and won't start back. Any help?

The oil pump is conected to some type of crank that makes the oil pump work, how much would it cost to repair this crank or bearing?

I noticed my truck started making a rattle noise underneath every time I drive over speed bumps. It came and went. But now I hear it A LOT. It sounds like something is about to fall apart under my truck. I can't tell if it's coming from the rear or front. Any ideas?

i just completed 120,000 service which included changing oil, coolant, spark plugs, and airfilter. i took a 400 mile trip before service and got 33mpg. after the service same trip and got 33mpg. i do not understand with all the changes why the mpg did not increase. any suggestions?

I have a random issue that effects the door locks, windows and heat control panel lighting.
Occassionally, when the window is rolled down it will not roll back up.(big problem in Minnesota winter!). Also the doors will not lock from the drivers side control panel. I need to individually lock each door.
And the control panel light for the heater is out.
Any repair suggestions?

What can cause a check engine light to blink when picking up speed but it stays on when driving regular

Had a small accident, but both airbags deployed. How much should replacements run me?

my windshield wipers, work, I can hear the motor working, but the wipers stick when I try to operate the automatic intermitten speeds.

My daughter recently purchased a 1998 Toyota 4Runner. This model is equiped with a stick in the console with a button on top. Does she need to be completely stopped to put her vehicle in to 4WD?

Whenever I drive off paved roads and hit light bumps, my rpm and mph gauge needles go to zero. My radio will also sporadically turn off. My negative battery cord burned halfway through a week ago. Wondering if that has something to it. any advice would be great.

at low rpm the engine has a rattle in the top,valves?? when it rattles it puts out a whiteish blue smoke

I am assuming the loud squealing upon start up is the PS pump. It is also very dirty and leaking and makes more noise as the wheel is turned. I am doing this job myself, I have done other PS pumps, but this one looks to be in a tough spot and looking for pointers before I dive in.. any tips on the removal and installation of a power steering pump?

The door ajar light on the dash stays on when all the doors are closed.

Yesterday when i was driving into work i hit something on road which cause me to have a flat tire. I changed the tirs and when the temporary one was on I first heard the grinding noise when I turned right. I got the tire replace yesterday and it is still there. It is only when I turn right and it sound to be comeing from the front where i got the flat tire.

I am doing a brake job and the rear brake drums are stuck fast to the hub. How ccan they be taken off I have tried jarring them with a hammer but nothing lossens up.

the fuse is blown and needs replaced,what would be an estimate to have repaired.

hey i gt a new battery and new alternator and the car died agine whiled driving what is wrong with that ty

I am getting confused because different people keep referring to these two parts as interchangeable and keep giving me different recommendations. I just had the drive belt replaced due to a loud squeaking noise and lots of dry rot, this is the belt that is attached to the engine and drives the alternator, pumps, etc. Then I hear mention of a "timing belt" that is connected to the camshaft and drives the pistons. What's the correct terminology? How do I inspect the timing belt for myself? What are indications that it needs to be replaced? The car has 123,000 miles and is running great besides the need for a new catalytic converter.

The remotes will lock and unlock all doors but the drivers door. Key will unlock the door. Batteries were changed.

ok i have 1998 camry - has rattle - when hit bump - on front end - changed complete struts - as mechanic said it was the strut bearing - good for about 200 miles - brakes look fine - tie rod ends look good - and sway bar pins look good what else can i look for - noise only occurs when hitting a bump

This problem just started. The front seat will not move forward more than a quarter of an inch. There is nothing blocking it. I have removed the front screws in order to remove the seat for inspection. I cannot find the back screws to remove them. Any suggestions?

Only when the car gets warm that it will not idle at stop sign. This does not generate an error code.

I was told they stop making tires that fit this car but I don't believe that. Can someone help me? Need to know the tire #. Thanks!

how to replace a/c switch

turn switch to heater but only cool air coming out thanks you

is there any difference in size between suspension stabilizer link arms for cars imported privately from Japan and those imported by websites list item for import car but will not answer questions

my battery died on a 1996 toyota camry brand new battery what could be wron

This is the second episode wher i turn the car on to start and it seems to not kick on as quickly as it use to. Now having to push accilerator to start.

What is a fair price to replace a transmission on this car?