how much to replace the dash board bulbs

The parking lights and the instrument panel lights dont work please help

in the owners manual, for quantity of oil it has (qt.imp.qt.) what does imp. stand for.

how often should the throttle body be cleaned?

the handle on the trunk door of my sienna minivan is broken. can i get a new handle at a junk yard? do i need to pay for parts and loabor at a toyota dealership?

how to replace ,

how do i know which plug wire is i & 2& 3& & 5 &6 i am trying to get the wiring that is crossed right

We've been told we need the following: Transmission Flush, 3 Part Fuel Service, Brake Flush, Replace Water Pump, Replace Timing Belt and a new Left CV Complete Assembly. All of this will cost about $1,500 total per the estimate. What do we need to do right away and what can wait a few months until we come up with the cash?

The lights on my ac knob (the temp control) does not work. How do I fix it?

I have Toyota Celica 2002 Manual. The car used to stall when the car was in motion and in neutral may be once in a month and normally during the morning time. I didnt take too much notice thinking may be its cold hence it stalls. I recently have got the spark plugs changed. Since the last 3 days the car stalls specifically when in neutral and my speeds are around 40 - 50KMH. I do notice my RPM meter go extremly down to nearly zero and then the car stalls. It only stalls when in motion, never in a stand still state. I was wondering what the problem could be?

Remote control alarm does not work.Batteries are good,the key turns the alarm on and off.How do you program the remote?

I recently had my 200 toyota camry starter replaced and when i go anywhere that requires more than 20 minutes of running time the car won't restart until it cools for about an hour. I checked all the wire insulation and connections can't seem to find what"s missing. What am I missing?

I recently had my 200 toyota camry starter replaced and when i go anywhere that requires more than 20 minutes of running time the car won't restart until it cools for about an hour. I checked all the wire insulation and connections can't seem to find what"s missing. What am I missing?

car has new starter but after 20 minutes of running if you shut it off it won't restart for about an hour after it cools down. What is missing here?

Would like to know what the cost would be to replace my transmission.

When driving car over 70 it shakes the steering wheel.The care pulls to the left. I was told it possibly was the roters need turning. Is this correct?

Where Is the selenoid located on 1991 Toyota Celica? Is on starter or firewall?? Need to do favor for friend and dont know much about Celicas. Thanks

Last night in the middle of the night my headlights came on and will not go off. Have had them on auto. Pulled the fuse for lights still stay on, can only turn off by removing neg from battery.???


This happens during short runs, like when I'm pumping gas or going to the ATM. Most of the time it doesn't make any noise when I'm trying to start it. Only a handful of times has it sounded like it was actually trying to start. Once, it started when I floored the gas pedal while turning the key but usually I just have to wait a little while and the car will start right up again. I took it to a shop a few weeks ago and they said my starter and alternator were okay but I needed a new battery. Well I got a new battery and it's still happening. So... any other ideas? I would really appreciate the help. I don't want to take it in to the shop again because they can't diagnose it unless it's happening when they're checking it. Thanks.

I drive to work and the car seems to operate fine. It dosen't seems to have this brake issue in the cool of the morning. But after work, the car has been sitting in the sun, and driving just 5 miles it begins to apply the front brakes by itself. I have to stop, pull over on the side of the road and wait a bit (10-30 minutes) before trying to continue my drive. I often can drive the 5 extra miles to home. As I am pulling into the drive and parking my front brakes are smoking. I have replaced the master cylinder, front brake calibers, brake shoes, brake hoses, and the rear passenger side wheel cylinder and rear brakes. I don't understand why it continues to do this. HELP!! This car has 232,000 miles on it. I love it. It gets 28 miles per gallon. It is the best thing since sliced bread. HELP Please! Please! Please!

how normal is it for a starter to go out on 1996 with 70,000 miles?

we where parked and pulled out drove about half a block, car stopped and we could not move at all,wrecker came to tow us we did not know about the shift lock override button so we got it jumped just enough to take it out of park to load it on the wrecker. replaced the battery and new battery terminal. Now car has a hesitation almost like it could shut off amytime

The interior dome light and the dash board light (that enables you to see the speedometer, etc)are out. I finally located the two fuse boxes under the vehicle's hood but I just cannot find the particular fuses for the blown out lights. In fact it's ridiculously impossible for a layman to figure out most of the fuse info from the fuse box covers. Please help!

i can't get it lose

How much to replace ignition, battery, key?


Clutch slips under power.

Has anyone experienced raw fuel odors inside their 4runner? Seems like gas fumes are coming in through the ducts. Happens every once in a while, usually lasts for a couple of days, then goes away. Not a mild smell, but more like...I think we might explode.

the light where the clock is and the fuel estimator is out. also the lights on the round dials for the airconditioner and temperature is out.