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my car won't stay started but when it get started it runs good
Twice while driving up the same steep grade (1/4 to 1/2 mile) I have gotten out of the car to find the passenger side (right) rear brake hot, smelly and smoking. It seems like this steep grade causes the right rear b...
what r the sequence & torque spec for the head?
I have an intermitant problem with 98 camry. Car looses power, rough idle & stalls (can keep it from stalling if I notice it's about to stall and keep foot on the accelerator). Happened twice in 10 days. The proble...
engine light on code p0420
My radio fuse keeps blowing the second it is replaced. How do I fix this?
my steering is realy stiff and hard to turn ive already changed the power steering pump and rackinpinion and still having same problem can somone help me
my toyota avalon sometimes starts to run rough after I get gas ...or sometimes after I have used the Cruise control someone said could be a vacume issue ??? any ideas
Is a 'Fuel Injection Cleaning', which includes cleaning Throttle Plate & 3 part chemical kit worth doing? $130 - $71 for labor and $59 for parts. We were told it was important because it was dirty.
Is Fuel Injection Cleaning (including cleaning throttle plate and 3 part chemical kit) a good idea to do if we're told it was 'dirty'. And is $130 a good price to pay for all this- $71 for labor and $59 for parts? P...
the same noise as low or no pwr steering fluid developed suddenly. at idle there is no noise and I turn steering left and right there is no noise but if i give a gas the idle rises and the sound stars. it may be my im...
When I turn the car, I hear a grinding sound in the front Passenger side wheel.
My remote key to unlock the door and turn on/off the alarm does not work after dropping it. I checked and it's not the battery. What should I do?
I install a new air bag computer in my car and it make the car cut off?and i put the old computer back in the car and it is fine but the air bag light is on?
where wuld oil be leaking on the front of motor that i cant see
What is the going price for wheel bearing replacement on this vehicle?
The plastic has gotten so yellow that the lights are not bright. Is this a simple replacement and if yes, how much?
What dioes this process entail? I was provided a quote to clean the system by a chemical process.
How much should it cost to replace a power steering hose and will there be any other related charges?
why does my fuel guage not work
Why is the coolant leaking from the exhaust manifold on the last cylinders when the car is started?
Not sure what the light stands for that says "check" with a symbol besides it- not sure what the picture is about...this is located at the right side of the console gas gauge...
Door assemby diagram
I bought a new hood for my Camry, it is aftermarket, my problem is that I am having trouble with alignment, it hits the fenders when I try to close it and can't seem to get it forward enough, is there more adjustment ...
just replaced pads and rotors. when you depress the pedal you get a real bad shimmy in the wheel? What could it be
how to remove old bulb?
I've been quoted $670 plus tax for water pump and timing belt replacement. Is this good offer?
95 toyota has had plugs fuelfilter wires and fuel injector cleaner done took a ride right after, the vehicle stalled also the transmission selinod was replaced in Oct. Why does this happen? 93000 miles on it and Tim...
Owscar. Driving 2 hrs on Florida state rd 70 then accelerating onto I75 and van holding back. Able to able to 50-60 mph but felt could stall. Got off few exits later in punta gorda and rested van a half hr. Back on t...