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My corolla will turn over but start. I havent been able to notice a pattern of what would make it happen. It has 240th miles on it but when it starts it runs and sounds great. It happens maybe 3-5 times a week and sometimes I can wait a few hours and it may or may not start up. Does anyone know what could be causing this? is it something someone who knows little about cars could fix with good instructions?

The car starts ok, but then loses battery power and shuts off. then the car will nogt restart, have to wait hours to be able to start again, then it shuts off again.

I was wondering how much it costs to repair a timing belt for a 2003 Toyota Avalon? The Toyota dealership near me quoted me $800. Is this accurate?

hi i just had the steering rack fixed 2 weeks later while driving i hit a bump and i heard a knock on the right side only this only happens when i hit bumps in the road what is this?

Last week the alternator went in our celica, which in turn drained our battery. we had to jump the car 6 times friday (the 3rd) then it died. after we replaced the alternator, and the battery, and tried to start it all it does it click. we had the starter checked out and it is good. we replaced the starter relay and it still dont work. there is power going to the starter but nothing will work. any advice PLEASE!

Just put a used trans. in my truck. There is a cable on the drivers side of trans. that goes to the throttle body. Is this a kick down cable or line pressure cable? and how do you adjust this cable?

I have already taken it to the dealer and they are recommending replacment of the right strut mounts, can YOU give me a fair extimate?

brake fluid has been leaking - put it in and its okay for a couple of months this time brakes went to the floor no warning with brake light

I was just informed that my cataltic converter is bad and needs to be replaced. My mechanic told me there are two catalytic converters on my truck. Is this true?

My turn signals suddenly stopped working. What should I do now? Not sure where the fuse box is.

What part of the engine that cause P0171 System too Lean (bank 1) error?

Where in the engine i can find this sensor?

Purchased this car to resale but this car is given of codes that #1 and #4 cylinders are misfireing. This car is misefireing and does not have any power. I replaced the pluges and wires and cap and button but it has not helped.This car has 140,000 on it. I ran a compretion test and all four cylinders have 200psi I have run 1 bottle of sea foam thru the tank. The car is runing reach and has this small mise. Could I have a problem with my ignighter are fuel filter.

I had several codes on the car, mechanic cleared all of them and started over. Now have code 1346 VVT Sensor/Camshaft Position Sensor Circuit Range Performance Problem Bank 1. The car was acting like it was jumping out of overdrive when we took it in for diagnostics. Is it possible that the mechanic didnt get the timing belt on properly? He changed the timing belt and tensioners, the VVT sensor, valve cover gaskets, plugs, air filter, fuel filter, oil and filter, transmission fluid and filter.

to last 100,000 miles

timing belt broke how do i determine tdc compression stroke

The key fob when press opens and locks the doors and the lights flash on the car but no beep. Checked the horn and it works. Any information would help. Thank you for help.

My Email is
I have a 1996 Toyota T100 and my auto matic Transmission went out. Do you know where I can find a good used trans that would fit?

When I put the heat on then turn settings back to ac the heat stays on.The knob is working but the heater won't change back cooling.

What is the easiest way to replace the temperature sensor? My temp gauge fluxuates when i am driving down the road; most of the time the needle just stays on the "C" while i am driving. What would be the easiest way to replace the sensor?

The last week I have experienced a decline in acceleration especially going uphill. It has gotten gradually worse to the point I can only get up to about 45mph on relatively small inclines, gearing down helps but not much. 5 days after the acceleration on incline issue began the check engine light came on while on the freeway, there was an immediate loss of acceleration as the light came on but this time it occurred on a level grade. There was also an immediate spike on the heat indicator. It jumped from about from the 50% (normal level) mark to 75% in less than the 2 minutes it took to exit the freeway but never went into the red. Once off the freeway the acceleration returned the heat went to normal but the Check Engine light remains on. The acceleration has remained normal through the day but when the car idles at lights the heat gauge jumps back to 75% in seconds, and goes back down when in motion. The fan belt is in place and the fan turning, there is no noticeable ping, thump or jerking motion associated with most overheating issues. A full oil and coolant change was conducted less than a month ago by professionals. Any thoughts on the probable causes?

I replaced the factory stereo with a new pioneer. Then the tail lights and dash lights didn't work, so I replaced the fuse and the tail lights started working, but no dash lights. I read on here to disconnect the orange wire, I did this and still have tail lights but no dash lights. Please help I to drive cross country on tuesday for christmas and would really love to be able to see gas, speedometer, ect.

Normally, the lighting goes on on instrument panel when engine starts. Usually, ~ 30 seconds later other lighting is switched on on CD player and on gear box.

Although now lighting initially goes on on instrument panel, after ~ 30 second it switches of completely at instrument panel and do not show up at CD player and gear box. What can be a reason for such behavior? Some relay?
If yes, where it is located?

When I step on the brakes, the peddle sinks almost all the way down to the floor. It started squeaking. What do I need to replace? Just the brake pads or brake pads and rotors? I haven't heard any grinding. Just squeaking. But there is no tightness to the peddle.

I brought my 2003 Toyota Corolla to the dealer for its schedule 105000 miles service. I always bring my car for all its regular services to the same place. All was "fine" with my car, as they described. The next morning I start driving my car, and it fails, brought it back to Toyota, and they told me: "It was the transmission, something got loose inside and damage it beyond repair, it was not their fault, it just "happened", my options are either install a new transmission, or get a new car". My questions:
1. Is it normal for a manual car with regular service to get the transmission suddenly failed, right after regular service?
2. Is it worth it to repair it? or get a new car?

Thank you!

i need to know what kind of belt i can use to bypass the ac in the car. i cant afford to replace the ac compressor nor do i know how. also is there any place that will have instructions on how to by pass the ac compressor all together

Both my dash board and storage box charges died and before I go to the Toyota service station, I wanted to see what can be done.

Thank you,


1990 corolla recently started stalling when shifting. If you shift down one gear and dump the clutch it will usually restart but then will stall again. Also it's virtually impossible to use reverse, as soon as the clutch is let out and gas is applied it will stall or start bucking. Car seems to run fine at an idle. any thoughts would be helpful as i need the car asap.

Car has 239K miles. Took it to mechanic. They said it needed new timing chain. Repaired it for $1200. Drove away and next day it was making noise even louder than before. What should I do? They said I need a new engine and that they repaired the problem they said they would.

Is it safe to follow the guide below for overall maintenance or should I stick to the Toyota maintenance guide in my manual?

5k - Oil Change
5k - Rotate tires
30k - Air Filter
30k - Cabin Filter
When the brake pads need replacing - Brake Fluid
45k - Engine Coolant