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I recently had a diagnostic test because CEL, VSC, and 4WD/TRAC (Check Engine Light, Vehicle Stability Control, and 4-Wheel Drive/Traction Control lights went on. The code was P0138-I had the Bank 1 Sensor 2 replaced ...
you can hold the blinker switch forward and bright lights stay on but as soon as you release it they go back to dim. I just bought this vehicle three days ago
Then they say I have a water pump leak and front differential leak too .
The noise is especially loud when I turn it on high.
At 110 mph the engine fluters as tho governed?
my car sometimes stalls out, stops running when I come to a stop
Mine have mod really bad so I bought new ones and they do not look difficult to change but cannot find any information on them.
These noises are easily heard and occur when the engine is turned on (whether the vehicle is moving or not) and sometimes occur for a time after the vehicle is turned off.
Cruise control quit, then would not start next morning, jumped thought it was battery, lights shinning but not on, changed fuse, it started, would not engage out of park, no radio, wipers or break lights. Never had pr...
My rear passenger door suddenly stopped latching and would not stay shut. I overrode the sliding door mechanism, which stopped the beeping noise that results from an open door. I have struggled with this draining my b...
I took my car to Toyota today to find out what problem is with the abs light. First I'm not having any problems with the car. They indicated the computer is not working and they told me it will cost 4000.00 to fix. Th...
They said they'd know more next time I come in. I had the oil checked today (before an four-hour round trip), and the oil level was fine. I'm wondering what questions I should ask when I go in again.
The tires are still new and the brakes are fine and no accidents or any other problem when driving. What does something like that cost. I took it to Toyota and still waiting for a quote.
I need an exact list of parts to buy so I can get my truck back in shape. the radiator is ok. but everything in front of that needs replaced. I want to do it myself and just need to know what to buy.
Changed all four coil packs and spark plugs
There is no more detail to add. The question says it all. Does Camry have an issue with rack and pinion steering wheel/leakage of oil ? This is horrendous to 'Japanese' zero tolerance policy which I think went out the...
also, all sparkplug wires replaced. 192,000 miles on truck. engine was replaced by toyota on recall at 78,000 miles. when in gear engine runs rough. how can this problem be solved?
State and had 89,000.00 now has 100981 miles has rust
third and fourth gear strips if I drive hard
no codes showing the longer I drive the tighter they grab
it's has beefy austrailian suspension and aggresive tires that look worn...i rode it around the city for a few hours and when i turned it off, there was a boiling sound coming from the motor...just purchased it w/140k...