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took my car to les schwab three times. my brakes, roters are good. not sure if the noise I am hearing is coming from left tire somewhere in the middle of the break. but only when I push on the breaks you hear this hum...
After the stop leak, it stoped leaking now only cold air comes out and still need to find out what the main problem is so i can fix it?! Thank you for your time
Cause Engine light on and Dashboard Fuel level show 0 Gas
I took my Suzuki XL-7 out for a short drive this afternoon then parked it for lunch. I came out 45 minutes later and started it up, but it ran *very* rough for about 10 seconds then quit. I started it again but had ...
I did originally have the Satilite radio function on the radio. Now that I want to subscribe, I can't seem to locate it. There are no Suzuki dealers nearby, and any service department fix this?
how much would a rebuilt engine cost?
When I accelerate a low humming and vibration begins, it gets loudest around 45 to 55 MPH and decreases when almost stopped. It is shifting fine but seems to have some loss of compression?
car pulls hard right in 4wd & has blinking 4wd lite...takes 2wd ~1min to shift out and back to 2wd...also can smell like burning oil but all levels seem good and smell goes away in 2wd
ac compressor turns not locked up; but still air does not come on.
ac compressor turns not locked up; but still air does not come on.
It was moving slowly until the gearbox was serviced, now it wont start again.
For several weeks I've had a leak on driver side floor board whenever it is raining. (I have not tried just washing my car but I'm sure it will still leak.) it seems to be coming down the left pillar by the hood relea...