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When you start it takes a while to accelerate and won't pass 30 mph unless you press on the gas pedal hard.
my car makes a vvvvvmmm sound when I push brakes I know sorry this is the closest I can think of. Sounds on the left wheel side or front middle under my break pedal. Was told not breaks or Rogers. Help please
The odometer is about 160,000 Kilometer and I have changed the its ATF last week.
this started when the belts were loose and making noise. The noise has resolved, but even after the car is warmed up there is cold air blowing until you start to drive. If you come to a stop sign it blows cold again...
Changed all bulbs and replaced fuses. lower lights off upper light on. Not sure if this is the switch or if a wiring run has gone bad. Suzuki is not been a lot of help with this vehicle.
jump start the car off it doesn't stay on long
the noise seems to be coming from the strut mount á a knocking sound
When it stops squealing the heat does fine. Except when idling in which case it blows cold air and will change to heat if u idle it up. Is thus water pump?
What are the steps to removing a radiator on 2004 Suzuki xl7 I cannot get to bottom hoses. Can get pass fan.
While driving on an interstate yesterday, the digital lights on the dashboard started going dim, the fan motor on the AC slowed to just moving, then the car shut off. I could not restart and had to be towed to a deale...
I seen pictures of what it looks like and sounds like its at the rear of drivers side of engine but I don't see anything like the pics, can you send a picture of its location?
There is a humming noise or a swooshing noise coming from the front of the car it sounds like. It happens when I push the gas pedal. Then it stops after I let off of the gas pedal. What could it be?
I know about the four bolts the is holding the fun to the pump but they are very tied and I need to remove the fun clutch first.
Mechanic stated that could be a clogged Catalytic converter.I have replaced both O2 sensors. How do I check for bad exhaust converter
Goes into 4x4 easily on the fly or stopped, light says it is in 4x4 and it is. After pulling the 4x4 handle back int 2wd, the 4x4 light goes out but the vehicle is still in 4x4 and won't come out unless I stop and dri...
I have an 07 suzuki xl7 and it has about 76k miles on it. Well about a month ago we took it in to fix a broken sensor on it and asked why the vehicle would stall or not turn over. Well after the bad ice storm we just ...
where is the control module located for the 4x4
what mileage should I replace the timing chain on my 2007 suzuki XL7 want to be proactive