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Have timing chain but no instructions how to put it back on.
I saw the EGR value at the back of the intake under side, it looks like it mite be electricly opperated
I need to replace a parking and turn signal bulb in my Suzuki XL and want to know how to do this
from the front fender to the rear fender (I'm sure it has a name)I need the moulding and clips. Does anyone know where I can get another one.
That same day our engine seized up we had our oil changed, 10 miles and 9 hours earlier. The shop said they followed the computer recommendations for the oil, filter etc. There is oil in the pan, on the dipstick. What...
The screen is touch and it will work if I turn off engine open door and start car again . It will sometimes work and then freeze?
44499 miles. would this be a failure or result of normal driving wear.
I drove the car last night, everything was fine. This morning the fan wouldn't come on, the seat heater wouldn't come on, and the outside temp guage read ---- . I dont' know if maybe it's a fuse, or the blower motor...
Two months ago the a/c & power steering belt broke due to a malfunction with the tensionor pulley. That was a $2400 repair. Last Saturday I was driving & the engine got really loud then shut down. I took it back to th...
I have the drum pulled and need to know how to take the axle out to replace the outer grease seal
Going forward is not a problem. only reverse. i checked A/T level, it was empty. I put some in, tried to go in reverse but it still wouldn't go. Looked under car and noticed a small puddle. Checked fluid level again a...
Seems like everything is working but the tail lights...I dont see a fuse in the fuse box marked taillights
I changed belts 2 times and the squealing comes back.
I have replaced the hi press hose. Vacuumed and leak down test good on the Robinaire. Now need to put a bit of oil in.
Se verifico y se puso el compresor directo y este funciono bien al parecer hay una pieza que es la que hace que el compresor active y no se cual pieza es ni como se llama.
my a/c power steering belt broke which bolts do i remove to give slack on pump so i can intall belt
I hear a rattling noise under my front wheels when i go over bumbs but stops when i step on the brakes. I was told that it was my sway bars and that they would have to be replaced. why would the noise stop if it is th...
engine light is on due to bad knock sensor.motor shut down
Where is the oil plug to change the oil?
The volume controls on my steering wheel stopped working, no other symptoms exist. Any ideas?
My panic alarm keeps going off for no reason. How can I disable it besides removing the fuse since the power windows are on the same fuse?
what is the procedure in changing the air conditioner belt?
When the 4 wheel drive is engaged the light will not come up on the dash. So i put it on a hoist and put it in 4 wheel drive and notice that it engages and the drive shaft will spin but the tires wont. I was thinking ...
The bolts came off but the tire will not move. Any suggestions
with my 07 only having 80400 miles on it would this be covered?
Not sure if this site covers painting but someone keyed both sides of my XL-7 and I was told that they would charge me $250 per side to paint it. Does this sound fair? Thanks in advance for you help.
why r we the people who bought these trucks are being made liable for the timing chain cost
I have a Suzuki XL-7 and have been hearing a noise coming from the left side rare wheel (knocking, drum sound). This only happens when the car warms up and is heard constantly until the car cools down. I took it to th...