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Turn the lights on and blow a fuse i know its a short or ground some where but where.
it runs fine but the engine came on and the abs light then a belt started squeaking what can it be and the dash lights are out
when I put my x90 in neutral it rolls fine but when I put it on my tow dolly it acts like its in gear what am I doing wrong
Maybe I'm just not too bright, or there is something wrong with the stereo in my x90...but I CAN NOT for the life of me figure out how in the world to set the clock, or the presets for the radio. I've tried EVERYTHIN...
The noise can be heard and felt when the vehicle travels over 25 MPH. I thought it was the axle but I guessed wrong. What can it be? I am guessing it would be a bearing problem.
there are two timing marks on the top sprocket at the cam. which one is for the timing?
when resetting the timing on the cam there are more than one mark on the top sprocket. Which one is for the timing?
Good Alternator Battery not charging need positive cable from alternator to battery terminal ( post) Where can I get one.