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Power steering not working. Then when everything is turned off returns to normal.
If u push the gas pedal really hard it smokes like crazy then stops in a little while unless u do the same thing
took my car to les schwab three times. my brakes, roters are good. not sure if the noise I am hearing is coming from left tire somewhere in the middle of the break. but only when I push on the breaks you hear this hum...
I have recently replaced the motor mounts, fuel sensor, thermostat, stabilizer, bought new radiator and got a new battery. i had a full service tune up, alignment and diagnostic read. Got a oil change and transmission...
Whether puddles or large qty of water is swooshed, the check engine light appears. I took the car for the code check and am told that the P0420 Bank 1 catalyst system - low efficiency. Does that actually mean that I...
I replaced both oxygen sensors and spark plugs already
hi I have a Suzuki Grand Vitara 2005 Manual Gear, today my car would not start , after I got it to a Garage, they changed the Fuel Pump but still the same problem, the Engine will turn but it does not start , can any...
1.6 engine 4wd 4 door
I have checked if wheel was turned to far to either side, I have unlocked shifter pin and tried in neutral, I have jacked up car to see if loose tires would help, and have checked fuses. No luck yet !!!
After the stop leak, it stoped leaking now only cold air comes out and still need to find out what the main problem is so i can fix it?! Thank you for your time
What is the spss light? Is it safe to drive with it on?
went down the road and my car lost power and engine light started blinking,tried to give it gas but would not take it,I need to know what the heck is wrong with it.Before this the engine light burned all the time.
Turn the lights on and blow a fuse i know its a short or ground some where but where.
If I give it to her and exceed over 50 mph, it goes away.
when i drive in snow road? When i made turn?
When i stock in snow if i give more gas at that time. first it started when i had made sharpe turn ( 90 degree turn) ABS light came, and after that it come quite frequently.
Just had my oil changes, filter etc two days later went for a drive and it started smoking big time out of my exhaust and I mean a lot of smoke.
Jerking between transmission shifts; excessive jerking when on gas pedal. Car has new head gasket. In an attempt to fix the issue we have put in new upper O2 sensor, TRS switch & spark plugs. Nothing is working! A...