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i can close the door with remote or manually, but it will automatically re-open in seconds
Hey dose any one know how to adjust valves step by step in suzuki swift 1986 G13A motor, there is so much info on net about it but cant find for my car. please help.thanks
Hey guys I need to adjust valves on my Suzuki Swift 1.3 1986 any one know whats the gap on intake and exhaust. ? thanks
I was driving through a curvy road at night. Then engine stopped half way through a curve no sputter no bucking just stopped. It was making a kind of burr-hum noise, kind of like a pulse jet engine makes. The ...
i just put on the head myself
I am about to replace the front wheel bearing on my Swift. Do I need a slide hammer? Besides the caliper and the rotor; what else do I have to remove to get the job done?