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Hi all I'm trying to adjust valves whats the gap on intake and exhaust. please help thanks
If we reduce the arm length where tie rod is conneccted, is it reduce the turning radius?
When I turn on the lights the light is bright like the high beams are on but when I turn on the high beams it dims almost out?
fuel pump becomes inop when turn signal activated
Brake lights not working properly, I've checked the bulbs, not the issue, also lights do come on occasionally. Need to Change the switch, however finding it difficult to reach. What is the best and easiest way to r...
Check engine light came on when driving to work. Stayed on when driving home. I could not detect any other problems.
It came on in the morning when going to work. Not driving on highways. Was still on after work, but was able to drive home.
I have recently. Bought this bike. I am have a hell of a time trying to find parts and accessories ... I have a wirering problem I'm in desperate. Need of a wiring schismatic.
replaced timing chain cant get time set
I'm having a little bit of trouble with my Swift/Firefly/Metro. It's the 1.6 5speed sedan, and I get a bit of rough idling, throttle stumble and when I downshift, I get the "BOM-bomomomommm" noise (I have a sports exh...
How much oil does this car hold?
I was told that I needed to have the outer tie rods replaced on both sides. The inside of the tires looked like it was wearing. This was about six months ago and I have not done it yet, finances. Is a wheel alignme...
is there a way to reprogram the radio?
should the full kit be replaced or can I just replace the belt when replacing the timming belt
where can i find the themostat on my car and how easy is it to replace?