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I have checked the starter the alternator and the terminals my ignition switch is messed up so I ran a starter button on it I have checked that to and I still can't find the problem can anyone help ?
It dies when the throttle is pushed down.
When I first got to it I jumped it to get it started I tested voltage meter on the battery and the alternator was charging is reading about 14.77 and then took the jumper cables off turn the car off and the battery he...
without disconnecting the drive line, etc.
have spark, gas goes to the cylinds, compression is good what next
where is the harness connection for the fuel pump wiring?
I own a 1997 Suzuki Sidekick Sport JLX 1.8L. I replaced the battery and terminal clamps to fix the power loss. It turns over now but wont run. My uncle says it may be the fuel pump not working or possibly the fuel shu...
I saw a post here before and wanted to know where did you find the replacement parts to fix this.
I thought maybe miss fire but I did a complete tune up. but engine is still shaking.
I have changed the fuel filter already
pedal is depressed. Should it start if the pedal is on the floor and the cable is not connected? Switches on pedal are all working. Anything else in line? Fuel pump runs but starter won't spin. Happened when weld...
Seems tyo misfire in higher gears when approaching 50 mph with erratic idling.
when I turn the key lights come on but wont turn over
It starts up and the engine is fine. If it sits for about a hour it will run fine for about 20 minutes and then it will begin to shake and lock up again.
Cam sensor code but i put new distrubtor in it.
i need to replace the expansion valve and the evaporator core
This occurs while I am driving. The brake pedal becomes stiff and I am unable to depress it all. Brakes are A.B.S.
We observed an oil leak on observation it dosent appear to be oil pan bout back of pan near oil seal
need to do timing chain to do a head gasket? thanks
where is the throttle body located?
just need to know where th crankshaft position sensoris located?
Where is the fuel pump located?
Labor cost replacing oilpump
clutch seemed hard to push, then 10-20miles stopped went in store when I came out I couldn't get in gear with car running ,shut car off, started car up in 2nd, with clucth depressed car would still move. so I speeded ...