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I thought maybe miss fire but I did a complete tune up. but engine is still shaking.
I have changed the fuel filter already
power up blue/black tracer wire at fuel pump relay will start and die 10seconds-no fire at plugs unless doing same at relay
pedal is depressed. Should it start if the pedal is on the floor and the cable is not connected? Switches on pedal are all working. Anything else in line? Fuel pump runs but starter won't spin. Happened when weld...
where can I find the upgraded clutch pedal? My weld broke as well
Seems tyo misfire in higher gears when approaching 50 mph with erratic idling.
when I turn the key lights come on but wont turn over
It starts up and the engine is fine. If it sits for about a hour it will run fine for about 20 minutes and then it will begin to shake and lock up again.
Cam sensor code but i put new distrubtor in it.
You vitara Sport 4 x 4 automatic. Engine stays in low as if you not raise force and I would like to off. Previously I turn off and will change all the spark plugs and the sensor cooling and sent.
i need to replace the expansion valve and the evaporator core
it will run good for about 30 sec and then the light pops on and it runs like its not getting gas you can hit the gas pedal or nothing thanks
its got an standard transmission ,engine is a four cylider 1.6lt
This occurs while I am driving. The brake pedal becomes stiff and I am unable to depress it all. Brakes are A.B.S.
How to tighten a loose outside rearview mirror?
We observed an oil leak on observation it dosent appear to be oil pan bout back of pan near oil seal
My brake light has been replaced, I've checked the wires and the connections all look fine. When I turn on my lights all the lights come on, when I press on the brakes the brake light on the rightside goes out. I do...
need to do timing chain to do a head gasket? thanks
where is the throttle body located?
just need to know where th crankshaft position sensoris located?
Where is the fuel pump located?
Labor cost replacing oilpump
clutch seemed hard to push, then 10-20miles stopped went in store when I came out I couldn't get in gear with car running ,shut car off, started car up in 2nd, with clucth depressed car would still move. so I speeded ...
When Iam going up hills my engine starts to ping, I then shif into a lower gear and the pinging is less. The engine has about 97,000 miles on it, the engine does not smoke or knock. The engine runs very well outside o...
it will turn over but wont start seems like it is not getting fuel. changed fuel pump still dont work
I had my head gaskets replaced and when I spoke to the mechanic he said the fuel pump would work if he wired it to the battery, but not on it's own. He thought I needed a new computer. I installed on and the problem...
Do u know where is located the power window relay?
gaskets need replacing on the harmonic balancer. It is leaking oil. Problem is can not get the bolt out, we know if we break the bolt we have to pull the engine. Of couse don't want to do that. How do you get the ...