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my car runs fine and then out of nowhere while im sitting at a stop light it will shut down the check engine light comes on and so does the brake light. when it does this I put my car in park turn off the ignition and...
I replaced both oxygen sensors and spark plugs already
went down the road and my car lost power and engine light started blinking,tried to give it gas but would not take it,I need to know what the heck is wrong with it.Before this the engine light burned all the time.
cant see big leak cleaned under radeater can see fliuld little bit trans is shifting strange to much little slipage
runs good sometimes, but light comes on, when first cranked in morning, and gears change hard.
P01245 , p0420, p0430 codes. It runs fine temp is fine tranny is fine. The only noticeable issue is the check engine light. The radiator went out last year and I replaced that and the thermostat. What would you sugges...
Reno had motor changed was told it ran great now won't start garage seem clueless. Old motor had 23.000 miles on it "new" motor 80.000 it ran (so they say) now I am told they can't fix it. Anyone with any advise. I am...
Suzuki Reno 2006: it happens every so often, Pull up to a stop sign or red light and the engine with shut off. Need to turn the car back on a few times but it starts. When im driving, at a low mph pace, sometim...
it goes off for a day and then back on for a day. what the heck is it?
bought car and was told gas was spilled in rear of car but it smells really bad even after i cleaned it up...coming from front vents in car..overwhelms the air...??? should i retrun this car to dealer/
The idle has been too high for about a week. Yesterday the car ran hot.
Muffling noise , lack of power, seems to be getting worse.
The heater does not blow hot air just warm during the winter,
I'm trying to changed a bulb on my tail light and can't figure out how to get to it...we removed the screws on the trunk side of the light fixture but it still seems to be held in place by something on the outer side ...
maintenance says it's time to change timing belt just looking for best prices can you help?