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i have purchased a new one along with a new dryer asnd expansen valve my problem is acess how is the best easyest acess to remove the compesser would it be from under or through the drivers fender well flushing,vacum...
and comes back on when I release the brake. The left turn signal on the dashboard stays on when night headlights are on and when day lights are just on the left turn signal comes on when I brake??? My cruise control...
Air bag warning stays on all the time,dealer said air bags may not deploy in an accident
took my suzuki grand vitara to an emissions testing station. They failed it because they could not get a reading. Said it was probably a bad fuse or a loose wire. Fuses are good. I have electrical power on both acces...
It will work normal and cool when I press the accelerator.
when started it runs really rough, very strong gas odor and white smoke emitting from the tail pipe.
it is 2001 xl7 grand vitara it runs fine when its full of fluid but every time i start it pours out of the dust cover where it shouldnt even be at i have no ideal what it can be please help.
I have changed the belts and no change still whining every now and again when I accelerate in 5th gear
my car has started making a tapping sound and when i went to get it inspected i was told it was the timing chain
plus the speedometer is going up and down. this happens most when it rains. when the engine light comes on I don't have cruise.
when I turn key lights on dash board come,but no current to starter
today after driving 25kms i stopped the car and heard a sound like air blowing out under pressure it was coming from the rear of the motor, there was also an oil burning smell, when i was driving back there was a grin...
I think the fuse for my radio/cigar lighter is blown. I've read the manual to change the 20A fuse on the interior fuse box, but I can't locate the fuse box. The manual says it's on the left side of the driver's dash...
it starts ticks over for a10 20 seconds then stops but it will not rev
How can I attach the pic. of light signal showing on the display since am failing to explain it
no codes just I need to know what head pressure it should be at when charging the system
Just had tune up, oil change, exhaust work done. Checked all fluds - good.
could not access light bulb harness from under the hood, where do i go next?
Looking inside the engine compartment I can't see the rear of the parking light at all. Does the entire light assembly have to be removed?
getting no fuel to rail and no spark, I was told it was the relay, but cannot find it. I think it is probrably a sensor not giving a sig to the comp.
I was hearing a loud squealing noise when started. Then it would go away when it was warm. The steering was fine. The mech. said the differential was bad and it housed the rack and pinion which had failed too, and ha...