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The airbag and seatbelt lights are staying on all the time when the car is running now the signal alert has started to occasionally go off as well please help any ideas??
They only go off when the car is turned off bad enough but now the seat belt signal has started to come on occasionally please any ideas would help ???
any Ideas please let me know am ripping my hair out and have little to spare
My vehicle is chugging. I think it's the fuel filter and hoping it's not the fuel pump. I can often smell fuel in the vehicle.
Light's are a big issue with my car. Back up light never worked. Bulbs all are good. Now my head lights are a big problem. I found a burned/melted fuse. Changed it. Now the fuss seems loose. I have to get out and wigg...
i have a vitara 1.9 dbiss seems to be loss of power
I recently had the rotars and brakes changed on my 2002 Suzuki Grand Vitara JLX. Now, everytime I brake the ABS activates, the brakes on the front driver side grind, and the pedal is stiff and pulsates. It's only on t...
The idle goes to zero and it stalls
How do I get the filter out or how do I get to it...?
my interior lights ,and clock , are not working , i have checked fuses under the bonnet and in drivers side footwell to no avail, any ideas ? tim
when am driving and my gas is low my fuel warning light dont come on at all.
when starting the engine with ignition key" motor sound is increased .when engine is warmed this sound is gradually decreased.
The oil filter is located under the exhaust manifold in a very difficult place. I've tried from above and below but can't get a hold of it. Also where is the sump plug located ? Thanks.
Cold temperatures, Toronto Canada, highway speeds. There was no impact, no significant road disturbance. windshield split almost across the entire windshield. about three and a half inches from the dash. Is this a def...
Back light hanging by wires. How do I reattach it? Do I need to take interior panel off door?
Also flashes 4 wheel drive when in 4 wheel low
There was some loose pieces of steel, maybe shim, in cambelt cover.Could they have jammed and caused the cam drive pulley to have moved? Does anyone have any tips on fitting a cam belt to these 1.9ds? It is a Renaul...
hi I cant see the gear stick standing on d or n or r the bulb is not working how to change this bulb
Took it to a repairman he said its code P1061 or P0161..what is wrong?
The car dies if no acceleration is applied
What is the life of Timing Chain in Grand Vitara 2.7L 2007 model?
many times car stop on red lights
Took battery out and put back in, now nothing. Checked cables. Please help!
Ive changed spark plugs and wires o2 sensors map sensor ecm t.p.s sensor and still rough idle and missing timing is good and no intake leaks what will fix this car!!
when the shift lever is put in drive it jump and the same in reverse can it be the transmission mounts?
This is the third time this came on. The first time I took it to the dealer as the car was still under warranty, they said it was a fuel leak but then never found anything wrong. So they reset it. The second time, it ...
started the engine and let it run for about 5 minutes