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stopped at stop light this morning, twice, the car shut off as if i had turned it off the key. Started right back up but concerned. Only happened when came to a complete stop.
V-6 2.7...not sure what happened, just cruising along at about 75 mph and no power, the rpms slowly decreasing to complete shut down...tried to restart and it seemed to spit and sputter a little but never to idle rpm....
my horn is not working and the air bag light is on. How can replace it?
Whenever I start the car after it has sat for greater than 15 minutes and either the AC is already on or I turn it on there is an extremely loud screeching noise that stops when I turn the blower off. It will eventua...
How do I know if the valve cover gasket is leaking? Where is it exactly?
I does not come down need more clearance
Cranks and runs until put into gear then shuts off but if you hold the brakes and slightly mash the gas it stays running. at night when you mash the gas, the lights get brighter.
I'm trying to get the car out of park with no power and in the manual pg31 it shows a release cam. When I take off the cover on the bottom left side of the gear shift console, all that's there is a cavity with wires, ...
My MPG is running around 10/12 MPG around town,and at times less..I change my Engine oil faithfully every 3000 plus miles,ck tire pressure often,new air filter,no hotrodding....My question also could the Gas Cap be f...
where to find a repair manual for a 2000 grand vitar
when driving in overdrive the car lunges switch to overdrive off car does not lunge. what is happening?
need to know how to replace the water pump in my suzuki grand vitat 2.7
timing belt replacement cost
Our Moon Roof, when you shut the car off, pops open in back, "Vent position" how can we keep it closed? Can't find a specific fuse for the Moon Roof? Is there a hidden one somewhere?
I have worked on vehicles most of my life. Changed brake "pads & shoes" on several vehicles. But,i cannot get the drums off my 02 suzuki grand vatari for some reason? Can you Please advise? Thanks & GOD BLESS!!!!!!!
not diagnostic code I, am just trying to fix a transmission shifting problems
The engine fuse is blowing intermittently what could be causing the problem? Recent items worked on the timing belt was change and now sweeks sometimes. A relay was replaced resently.
I can put on rear or drive i need unlock manually
How does the instument panel come off?
My door locks keep locking by them selves even when the car is not running. I get locked out.
Are the rear shocks easy to install by a "do it yourselfer" or do I have to take it to a professional ?
Blower motor makes noise when fan is on for Air conditioner, blower motor works normal when heat is on. Tell me how to repair this.
My link has broke and I ordered a new one, how do I install the new one? Do i have to take out the whole sunroof?
Back door will not unlock
The driver side air bag and pass side air bag light stays on. Never had and accident. Maybe, seat or seat belt buckle?
This ia a 4 wheel drive. Having excessive wear on the inside of rear tires. Can the rear be realigned?
I need to know the location of the starter relay, I have no power getting to the solenoid key switch wire, I tryed jumping power across the solenoid and it starts right up..