And I hear the strain on my engine

this problem just started

were and what senor wouid cause this problem?

Not working all the time

why is this happening? Can someone help me. people are saying it is because the oil pump is damaged

I was driving down the road when I lost power from engine. when I pulled over I had smoke under hood, upon inspecting, I noticed I had oil all over the cross member under the engine. the engine would run rough, but when you pushed the gas pedal it would lose power and start trying to stall out. now engine won't start, any ideas where or what I should check first. I really need it running and a full fledged mechanic is well outside of my budget. can do the work myself, just need pointed in the right direction. thanks in advance p.s. this is the 2.7 XL7 not the 2.5 model Vitaras.

Recently my xl7 rolled to a stop, and won't move, the driveshaft is turning but the rear end differencial isnt rurning the wheels

A little while ago my suzuki started making a rhythmic grinding from my driver's side rear tire. Rhythmic in the sense that when Im speeding up the rhythm picks up. So, we figured it was the wheel bearing needing to be replaced. Well- we're still in the process of fixing it, however now my rear tire is leaking break fluid- as in, I do not have any tension on the breaks because its empty. Im a single mother. I know how to change break pads, rotors, oil filters, etc etc. but Im unfamiliar with rear wheel drums and wouldn't mind learning about them- not only because its interesting, but also because Im pinching pennies at this point. Do I need new calipers? is this a hard process? Please point me in the right direction.

Where are the eletrical sensors for the transmission located?

engine now noisy like a diesel engine

It does it going from lock to lock soundliketyre squeaking ontilrdfloor

I bought my grand vitara from a used dealership and it only came with the keyless remote. This can be bothersome to keep up with. I would like to have a physical key as a back up at least. anyone know where and how much it would cost>

driving along motorway when engine just cut out,no noises or sounds came from car,just lost all power,battery light came on in dash there was a loss of power steering,lights work,now it wont start,any suggestions.

i have purchased a new one along with a new dryer asnd expansen valve my problem is acess how is the best easyest acess to remove the compesser would it be from under or through the drivers fender well flushing,vacuming or charging will be a problem due to my having the equipment from working on my a/c in my 86 chevy that has been changed over to 134a but this little joker was built around the engine i belive there is no working room for acess any ideas or someone with knowledge that can help would be greatly apreciated

PLEASE PLEASE tell me where to start.......TIA

I have replaced headlight bulbs and the fusses are good, still no low beam headlights! Is their a head light relay and where is it?

when i start my g vitara the check engine light and esp light shown on the dashboard,DTC for check engine is the coolant temperature sensor.DTC for esp in the solenoid number 3 hight voltage.plz help.10x a lot ...

We are thinking of buying a 2nd hand vitara. When test drive, the auto gear is hard to pull/push from park to drive. Not sure if its due to low gear oil or going to spoil gear. There is also sound from the rear while driving. Sounds like some item rolling around but found nothing in boot. The hazard light keeps blinking even though doors are closed, hazard lights off (all the time). Please advise.

No other issues were noted the rest of the way to work or on the drive home this evening. I checked the gas cap when I got to work, no help

My fan motor is not running for heat and air. The motor is fine and some say resistor some say switch and this place say control panel? It was running then would hesitate and slow down then speed up and when I started my truck today nothing? Could it be the resistor? I hope so that's only 100.00. How can I tell? Some say the fan would run on hi only if it is the resistor and some say that isn't true....please help

When the airconditioner is switched on there is a 'whir' noise from the engine, when the aircon is switched off it stops - (like one of those kids toys)
Is this something serious that can cause damage and is it easily fixed?