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Can smell gas also

The driver's side door is stuck locked. It can't be unlocked with the key or by pulling on it manually.

Have a 2000 Suzuki grand vitara that had code for p0300. Changed out 3 bad coils and 4 bad injectors. Now vehicle starts ok but won't stay running at an idle. No more check engine lights. My scanner quit working so can't give any more sensor specific info.

Shops cannot find problem. Differential fluid was one guess but it's fine. weather is hot

It was working fine this morning on my way into work then at lunch when I got in it would not blow anything. I cant hear anything either

Working on said truck which has a small 1/4inch ID hose which goes under intake manifold on left side. It is leaking coolant on top of engine block

I have no rear lights when I have my lights set so that I can see the dashboard. If I switch to a different setting where I can use the bright lights I have rear lights but can't see the dashboard lights I always have brake lights.

Sometimes the car will start and run then other times it will just continue to turn over and not start it stopped in the middle of driving then wouldn't start for 2 days then when I went back it started right up the starter turns over just fine

At first it started with having to give the car some gas while in park after starting it to keep it running as well as immediately shutting off when going from drive to park. Then it went from that to starting fine in park, and dying(rpms drop to zero and car shuts off) when putting it into drive. Currently, it starts fine and runs fine in park, but when I shift into any other gear it dies, forcing me to give it some gas then put it into gear which I know isn't good for an automatic, but when I if I let off the gas like coming to a stop or turning rpms drop to 400 and then dies. A computer diagnostic was ran at a local repair shop and the guy told me nothing was coming up. He tried to, what he explained to me as, a system reset and the problem was still not resolved.

Maf code pops up p0102. Car runs with it unplugged. As soon as i connect it it dies. Replaced maf and still same symtom. code reader reads 0 volts on maf and tps. I heard if you disconect the battery terminals and hold them together for 20 minutes it resets.

Mass Or Volume Air Flow A Circuit Low Input. Is there something I could do to correct the problem on my own?

I have a Suzuki Grand Vitara 2005 Manual Gear, today my car would not start , after I got it to a Garage, they changed the Fuel Pump but still the same problem, the Engine will turn but it does not start , can any one Help ? Advice ?
Many Thanks

4X4 manual Gear

It wont shift into any gear and I am trying to figure out if I can fix this myself. I no it is possible its a clip that holds the gear shift cable in place. Just don't know if it's a problem on the outside of the transmission or on the inside of the transmission.

Just had my oil changes, filter etc two days later went for a drive and it started smoking big time out of my exhaust and I mean a lot of smoke.

My headlights come on when I start the engine and stay on until i turn off the car. The switch will turn the dash lights on and off like normal but no matter what the headlights stay on. Is the switch bad?

heater fan failed totally, fuse is good. Thanks, it's going to zero degrees fahrenheit!

replaced front blower motor relay (relay tested good) and fan still will not run, 40 amp fuse looks ok, display indicates fan motor is running and changing speed but fan motor does not start. heater hose pipes get hot when heat is called for. front blower motor does not start. How do I access and remove the front blower motor to test.

cant see any holes in floor, heat shield appears to be good. Thought maybe muffler getting too hot creating problem?

SOMEONE ON HERE SAID TO BUY A $3.00 plug to fix the problem. my ? IS IT IS A STRAIGHT PLUG DO I just replace the new straight plug with the old one because there is an round adapter that the light goes into and also holds the bulb in the rubber holder.if I do away with the round adapter how does the bulb mount to hold it in place.

everything works but wont turn over fan barly turns but does not seem to have any compression