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What is the spss light? Is it safe to drive with it on?
Jerking between transmission shifts; excessive jerking when on gas pedal. Car has new head gasket. In an attempt to fix the issue we have put in new upper O2 sensor, TRS switch & spark plugs. Nothing is working! A...
trying to swap motors and need to know if a automatic 2.0 will work in place of the 2.0 with the 5 speed trans
i took it to the dealer and they said the engine is shot...
it does it while idling in park and worse when you have drove it down the road and sitting at the stop sign it does it also.
the window operates fine, SOMETIMES lol
Sometimes when I drive my car it begins to jerk and slow down and on a few occasion it has stalled on me.. im not sure what it is but it needs fix..
OBD II wont come up with ok changed battery mow not ready
My car has been misfiring and I have replaced the spark plugs and the o2 sensor. It seems to be getting worse and loses power easily, especially going up inclines.My mechanic says my catalytic converter is bad and nee...
im looking for a cylinder head for my 2006 suzuki forenza. what year will interchange with it?
I was changing the rear brake pads, when I noticed a spring fell off behind the emergency brake disk. How should I compress the spring to get the nail in and locked by hand? I'm having a hard time holding the emergenc...
I had the water pump, gaskets and thermostat replaced about 10 months ago the had the water pump replaced about 2 months after that again. Havnt had any problems really since then except I have to put water in about e...
2005 Suzuki Forenza Station Wagon 4 cylinder automatic. Air bag lights stays on. Is this a recall?
My hose has a big slice in it and it needs to be replaced.
Just bought used 2008 Forenza no check engine light on when we bought it on Monday, had $417 worth of work done incl. replacing timing belt, no check engine light then back on next day, back in shop and another $250 f...
location of map sensor and O0 sensors on a 2006 suzuki forenza
After driving car short distance, parked in driveway and noticed two small puddles of oil..mechanic says it is leaking under engine...not valve cover, not oil filter..what are possible causes...oil was not low when ch...
had injuectors cleaned as well as entire fuel they say it could be spark plugs...any ideas on what should i do/ask
Ok when in drive something came up esides P R N D 3 2 1 What could that be?
went to change the pads and they were still good. now i have no breaks and cant figure out why