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i bought a new fuel tube it hooks up to the canister purge valve. how do i install it the same way as the old tube ,and does it matter how the tube is ran
Went to leave my house this morning and my car won't start. I put in the key, push the clutch, go to start the car, it tries to turn 1 time and everything stops. Its been shaking a bit when I start it these past two...
When shifting the car into d the car want move. What do you thingk is wrong? The heater is blowing cold air?
How to reset/calibrate the steering angle sensor after a front brake reline? Now has no power assist at low speed and dash warning stg light is on, probably from turning wheel lock to lock during the reline using the ...
My blow motor is broke.How much will it cast to relace it
when timing belt breaks how much damage can be done to engine or other parts
where can i find a diagram of front suspension and steering
After my "need gas" icon turns on, how many miles can I drive?
How can I check/Add Transmission Fluid to my 2005 Suzuki Forenza? I can't find a dipstick or any obvious way to add/check it. Please help.
The car won't start. It was parked outside for 2 weeks without being driven while I was in Germany. I came back and drove it around for a week with no problem. Now, it's been outside for maybe 3 days without being dri...
where could i possibly find a print out or info on how to remove the airbags (2) ?
going to change the oil and can't find the filter to replace it
why is my engine check light stay on and flicker with speed all the time can i solve the issue ?
recently my car started messing up when it shifts it pops and a flashing box with a line across it and a slash appears, cant find symbol anyone knows whats it means?
Where is the fuel filter for my car with the greeting
i need to replace hood, front bumper, driver side headlamp and side mirror, also straighten lower support bar for raditor what,s estimayed cost
my tps went out and I bought a new one at a local parts store and got a parts schematic from the dealership but when I opened it up I saw that what I bought and saw on the schematic doesn't match what's on the car. Wh...
we are replacing my timing belt, tension pulley and berrings and we need to know what are all the lined marks aree so the car is timed right.We thought we had it three different times it seemed right everything lined ...
I have a 04 forenza with the CEL on. While the diagnostic shows a vacuum leak, I searched for about 2 hrs and found a vacuum hose coming off the top of the auto trans, that leads toward the firewall. I cannot find whe...
after fueling up to a full tank of gas when breaking to a stop the eng, will stop runing
check engine light comes on no acceleration of gas while going down road at 60 miles per hr. pull over turn car off wait about 2 min. crank car then go down the road
Check engine light comes on and car will lose some power climbing a steep grade. The light does not blink. It will eventually go off by itself, it may be a few hours or the next day. The light may not come back on for...
I have no pressure from master cylinder to slave cylinder and I want to bleed it using a vacuum pump. In this car the bleeder is between master and slave cylinders. Will this method of bleeding work properly?
I need to replace my cam shaft position sensor and was told it was under the timing belt cover. Where exactly is the timing belt cover?
My intermitten wiper blade stoped working, i have normal speed and fast speed but not the paused speed.
I replace battery and I found radio does not work it needs the code How to get the code please?
How do I locate a diagram showing where the throttle position sensor is located on my 2006 Forenza Wagon? I have the part (after getting the service code).
went to autozone and had the diagnostic test done and they said my vaccum hose has a leak somewhere.
One of the tensioners broke and put my forenza out of time. What position do the tic marks on the pullies need to be in to get it back into time?