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while driving my car loses all motion like it jumped out of gear what could it be
I get a p0420 trouble code anyone with any answers very welcomed
We have a bad noise in the engine around the belt and pulleys,and its causing the car to run rough.
My car keeps cutting off, while I'm driving.
my airbag light came on and now when someone sits in the passenger seat it always says airbag off when i know it should be on
were is the fuel filter at on my car
were is the fuel filter at
will a motor from an 01 Nubira mount up in an 04 Forenza?
What signs that say the serpentine belt should be replaced? When do u replace the belt?
Stuck in ignition and tumbler set in lock position. Does anyone know how to remove theve tumblers without seting it to the accessories position? Steering wheel is locked and car will run but cannot steer. Thanks U
i have replaced the black box on top of the intake and all clamps are tight
i need front struts and front bearing plates beacuse tire problem
hi my car in a automatic and its hardto put in first greer the car is going 5 t 10 miles by itsself and the breaks is a litte hard to stop it thanks judy
I have a 2006 Suzuki Forenza sedan and while it was up on the lift recently for a routine check the mechanic told me that both of the front shocks were "leaking" oil and that this in turn had started to cause play in ...
overhead interior light, map light, trunk light and interior trunk release don't work, bulbs changed, can't find fuse, not listed in manual
Battery good, spark good, fuel pump good, will start and stays running with starting fluid will not start on its own recent oil change, last spring top half of motor rebuilt, no other major problems can anyone ...
While driving, the D next to my odometer showing that my car is in gear becomes some weird symbol. it is a box with a diagonal line and a small horrizontal line in the middle. At the same time the engine revs and my s...
timing idle bearing broke and replaced with the cam sensor now car wouldn't start valve are OK
trans comes out of gear going down the road sometimes when not acting up shifts perfect and shifter hung in park have to use manual lock
I thought my transmission was going out. While driving, my car would decellarate. It scared me because I thought it was going to stop on me. I put my car in third gear and the car drove fine. I put it back in drive...
I have a Suzuki Forenza 2006. After how many miles do I have to change my timing belt? Do I also have to change other parts that go with the timing belt also? Thanks.
Power Steering Warning Light occasionally lights and then does not reappear for days. I have checked oil level and it is full.
some times when i start my car and shift it into drive the check engine comes on. and the car is real slugish. what causes this and how can i stop this from happening
transmission output speed sensor codes auto trans. where is sensor? car bucks,jerks when you try to accelerate.speedo doe not work properly
airbag light stays on-where are the sensors located?
I cannot reach the bolt to take off the transmission do I need a certain tool?
my car is at 124,000 miles and my check engine light keeps comming on, and then my car starts jerking after its been in drive and i have no idea ive chagned the radiator, the thing that holds the water please help me ...
can not get out of park have to use manual over ride
drl is constanly on i just bought the car and i didnt know it didnt come with the manual help please
repair costs for 2007 suzuki forenza throttle actuator