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How much would or should it cost to replace the engine in a 2005 V4 Suzuki Forenza.
could it be a sensor or fuel filter? Thank you.
have look everywhere I can think of for the specs but cant find
wouldn't the driver's side regulator control all windows? they all stopped working when i was letting them down with the driver's side controller
The car runs fine. Then, when I shut it off, It won't restart for about 10-15 minutes. This just started happening.
I bought the car in Dec, Dealer said it was just fixed and was running great. Bought As-is. Turned around and found a leak the next day. Water pump needed to be changed. Paid Jeff Fields, Suzuki Almost $600 for that, ...
I first had a hose burst i replace it. A week later runs hot. I changed thermostat ($47.00). thought thats all i needed ,but now tonight while waitin for wife to get off work run hot while idling. Earlier i drove of ...
When I am driving it accelerates and the rpms go up and then goes down.
my transmission cooler is leafing at the fitting and I need to check fliud level
Little less than 75,000 miles on the car. Recent head gasket, timing belt, and oil change. Check engine light on. Rough idling when stopped. Burning smell seems to be coming from rear drivers side, but also under t...
All of the remanufactured pumps are sold without a pulley and i have been told that you cannot remove the pulley on your current pump & put it on the one you are putting in. is there a solution to this??
When i disconnect the battery i am able to remove my key. Still can't shift out of park without using the shift lock release. Otherwise the car is running fine.
I have a 2004 Suzuki Forenza with 116,000 miles on it. AFTER the car warms up (I drive around 5-10 miles) the car/engine will begin to hesitate as if the engine isn't receiving any power. When rolling to a stop, the R...
Recently replaced transmission sensor. With the key in the on position (not started)the battery light is on so I don't think its the alternator. The car started slowly then after work tried not to start at all. One ba...
First fix was to replace spark plugs and new plug wires.two weeks went buy and the miss came back. also replaced valve cover gasket.Ran code tester and came back with no code. I am thinking coils going bad or pick-up ...
The automatic transmission selector level will not move then the key is in, engine on and brake pedal depressed. Checked for fuse, but, difficult to determine which one it is. If you have a fuse position, that would...
any specal tricks to replace valve gasket sets. it looks pretty straght cylinder is leaking oil and is fowling the plug.
I have bought a new code reader
I need to change the termostat but I can't find it
I took my car to autozone to get a read out of the problem and they gave me this error message: p2a01 The car only has 20,000 miles on it and this problem occured two weeks after purchase from dealership.
Do i pull the dash out to work on the wiper linkage? When i raise the hood from the front, it appears the motor & linkage are in the dash/firewall under the windshield.
The threads on the oil pan are stripped.
while driving my car loses all motion like it jumped out of gear what could it be
I get a p0420 trouble code anyone with any answers very welcomed
We have a bad noise in the engine around the belt and pulleys,and its causing the car to run rough.
My car keeps cutting off, while I'm driving.
my airbag light came on and now when someone sits in the passenger seat it always says airbag off when i know it should be on
were is the fuel filter at on my car
were is the fuel filter at