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Overfill for antifreeze gets bone dry then overheats. Don't see any leaks anywhere.when I start car it sputters and then smooths out when warm.
it does it while idling in park and worse when you have drove it down the road and sitting at the stop sign it does it also.
the window operates fine, SOMETIMES lol
When I start my car in the mornings (or after spending 8hrs at work), there is a very loud rattle and then it subsides after about 10 seconds. I have been told this is because of the timing chain needs to be replaced...
just am trying to figure out where the fuse is. hoping its not the motor in the window. found the box under the hood but dont know which fuse it is.
Sometimes when I drive my car it begins to jerk and slow down and on a few occasion it has stalled on me.. im not sure what it is but it needs fix..
OBD II wont come up with ok changed battery mow not ready
Also changed the valve cover gasket at the same time.
My car has been misfiring and I have replaced the spark plugs and the o2 sensor. It seems to be getting worse and loses power easily, especially going up inclines.My mechanic says my catalytic converter is bad and nee...
Need to know how much coolant to put in after flushing the radiator.
ive already checked the timing belt and the spark plugs .... the fan belts wont turn .... my father seems o think its the fuel pump but i dont know
Just need to know how long it takes to fix as well
The car overheated. I had replaced the head gasket already about a year ago. Now it's happening again. My options are to replace the head gasket again, replace the engine, or get a new car. I don' want to replace the...
My car turns over but it won't start at all.
My wife had a minor accident and now the steering is off. When left wheel is straight, the right wheel is turned out. What would cause that? A bent tie rod? A bent control arm? How would I determine which one?
i have been looking but only find transmission seals ?
In the odometer rectangle the "D" will disappear and I get a flashing square with a horizontal line and a diagonal line from upper left to lower right. Happening with increasing frequency. Took it to a transmission s...
What do the power wires look like and located and eye terminals
Are there any other wires that has to be connected.
Need to test the solenoid switch and starter need wiring diagram but cant find one. Help
new battery all lights light up when start but no click or crank