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My fan motor is not running for heat and air. The motor is fine and some say resistor some say switch and this place say control panel? It was running then would hesitate and slow down then speed up and when I started...
just am trying to figure out where the fuse is. hoping its not the motor in the window. found the box under the hood but dont know which fuse it is.
When the airconditioner is switched on there is a 'whir' noise from the engine, when the aircon is switched off it stops - (like one of those kids toys) Is this something serious that can cause damage and is it easil...
Happens every 2 to 3 days. Engine coughs and sputters. Stops. In 5 min.starts and runs fine again.
Clicking noise. What could be my problem, I put another battery in it already and I just had the motor rebuilt
Died while driving. Jumped and ran for a minute. Starter clicked like a dead battery. Put a new battery in and now nothing. Zero electrical. Any Ideas?
only getting outside temp air when on high cool.
If we reduce the arm length where tie rod is conneccted, is it reduce the turning radius?
I have already checked the fuses (even the ones under the steering column) and still not working
I seen pictures of what it looks like and sounds like its at the rear of drivers side of engine but I don't see anything like the pics, can you send a picture of its location?
Does any one know if there are any hidden relays besides the engine and cabin locations?
Also changed the valve cover gasket at the same time.
THE garage I took it to wanted to fix it and not to replace the entire door, I would like to know how much would cost to replace the entire door? he is asking 1100.00 just to put some touch to it is this reasonable pr...
I have replaced it twice this week do u have a solution?
This is for a Swift - not a SX4 (didn't give me this option). Whirring noise getting worse in low gear which stops when clutch is depressed. Any ideas what's causing this please? Thanks
Recently installed new front brake pads. Now after driving a few miles, when applying brakes, there is a "slapping" type of sound. Noise seems to come from driver side front wheel area. What is the cause?
the engine cranks well the battery is fine but i need to try 4-5 times to succeed. sometimes it shuts down while i m driving the car? Some advices i get is that i need to change the key!!!
Need to know how much coolant to put in after flushing the radiator.
where is the harness connection for the fuel pump wiring?
Check engine light came on, know that it's the EGR valve (diagnostic code). Suspect the valve gasket cover may need replacing (that's okay)--but on an older car, is it better just to clean the EGR valve or replace? Fi...
There is a humming noise or a swooshing noise coming from the front of the car it sounds like. It happens when I push the gas pedal. Then it stops after I let off of the gas pedal. What could it be?