Shift gear a clank noise, even slow speed since I bought it

Trouble shifting from park to d, check engine light on, thud when shifting gears, hard to take off when at a stop sign, scramble on panel where it shows p,r,n,d. When in d car just reeves and won't accelerate sometimes. Autozone showing code p0700. Transmission control module. Is this the same part as a transmission range sensor?

I read where one of you upgraded the clutch pedal assembly bracket,, Where did you find one?

I have a XL-7 4X4 with automatic transmission 230000 miles on it, in the mournings I have trouble with the rear gear it din't engage until I accelerate several times strongly, after it engaged and the car moves rear, then I use the car normally and the rear possition engage just fine for the rest of the day unless it is park for more tan three or four hours in the same place then it do the same again.

My vehicle used to come to a stop when I had the a/c on and when I came to a stop. Mechanics fixed that this morning but now the aforementioned is happening.

At night when I turn my front light on my dashboard panel, speed monitor, radio & etc. light would not come on. What could be the problem?
Is this a fuse problem?

Code keeps returning. Have not replaced either filters yet. Just diagnosing code.

the car decelerates and a stabilize traction control message comes up on the message center

is there any help on this? changed radiator and now vehicle is kicking in and out of gear while driving.

Airbag light is on and what will be the estimate if I am going to fix this issue.

We tried to tie a string around the latch in the door to move a dresser that's longer than the car. Now the latch won't move back to the originalposituon to allow door to close. Any suggestions?

My car seems to hesitate starting, the battery was down the other day so I replaced it but I don't think that's the problem.

Can smell gas also

What do I have to Remove