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everything is back in place the car starts but it idles hard and acts like it is not getting power and then it will die when i stop. I have hooked it up to scanner and it says that i have p0300,p0301,p0302, p0303,p030...
All doors, incl. the back swing gate door, fail to operate in damn cold temps....(I live in Alaska). If I manage to get one open, it wont latch closed---the latch mechanism is frozen. If I am lucky enough to get in,...
Now that daylight saving time has ended, it's still registering an hour earlier. I've tried all kinds of things, but can't seem to figure it out.
if let the car seat for about 5 minutes sometimes three days then it will crank
P01245 , p0420, p0430 codes. It runs fine temp is fine tranny is fine. The only noticeable issue is the check engine light. The radiator went out last year and I replaced that and the thermostat. What would you sugges...
I did originally have the Satilite radio function on the radio. Now that I want to subscribe, I can't seem to locate it. There are no Suzuki dealers nearby, and any service department fix this?
The lights stay on during the day, they won't turn off at day time at all
My 2002 Aerio Suzuki starts up runs or idles rough but continues to cut off.
What are the steps to removing a radiator on 2004 Suzuki xl7 I cannot get to bottom hoses. Can get pass fan.
drive and he shuts down and i have started again he doest
After 100 kilometers the heater hoses broke, the colant was gone to the flor without water, the alarm doesnot work, it ruined the cilinder Head, its a 2.0 4 cil motor. the aluminium its craked inside ( looks a like)...
It seems my defrost isnt working and the front floor is wet
how much would a rebuilt engine cost?
I have to use the unlock button to unlock it I just put a transmission sensor on it but I did realize the nut was loose that connect the sensor and the gear. Do that have any thing to do with it.
I know the issue with my radiator cooling fan is the relay, but I dont know which relay slot #number I am supposed to replace.
The bolt is to long and hits the body and leaves no room to remove it does the motor need to be lifted to remove it? And how and best way to do so? can the motor be jacked up and were would the jack be placed to preve...