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everything works but wont turn over fan barly turns but does not seem to have any compression
The car only has 60000 miles has has the head gasket replaced as well as new engine a year ago. They are telling me the no. 3 cylinder on the head is misfiring.I' .trying to find out average repair cost?
The dims work both of them but no full head lights tried fuses and bulbs but no joy
i am driving Suzuki swift 2010, and just recently found the accelerator is sticking while taking the car in the morning to the office and back to home. it seems when the engine is cool, this is happening. while moving...
trying to swap motors and need to know if a automatic 2.0 will work in place of the 2.0 with the 5 speed trans
having power problems
My radiator fans only work when the ac is turned on. Its causing my car to over heat. what could be the problem?
the noise seems to be coming from the strut mount á a knocking sound
My Suzuki sx4 sedan has problems accelerating as well as it has a slow start when I come to a stop in traffic. Additionally it jumps while idling or upon take off.
Hey dose any one know how to adjust valves step by step in suzuki swift 1986 G13A motor, there is so much info on net about it but cant find for my car. please help.thanks
Hey guys I need to adjust valves on my Suzuki Swift 1.3 1986 any one know whats the gap on intake and exhaust. ? thanks
after driving in heavy wet snow my AWD and heater blower stopped working. Fuses look fine. What else should I look at?
what are the timing marks
Hi all I'm trying to adjust valves whats the gap on intake and exhaust. please help thanks
have spark, gas goes to the cylinds, compression is good what next
runs good sometimes, but light comes on, when first cranked in morning, and gears change hard.
took it to auto zone and the machine said low coolant, so I put coolant in the reservoir. Light is still on, it is not running hot?
I have a 1998 Suzuki Esteem, 4 door sedan. The passenger/rear outside door handle is broken, which I know how to repair, but haven't gotten the part for yet. My dilemma, is that apparently the manual child safety lock...
When it stops squealing the heat does fine. Except when idling in which case it blows cold air and will change to heat if u idle it up. Is thus water pump?
I need to have my tpms reset.
How do I Leon if it's the fuel pump
the battery only holds about 50% charge replaced battery replaced negative cable end no change
everything is back in place the car starts but it idles hard and acts like it is not getting power and then it will die when i stop. I have hooked it up to scanner and it says that i have p0300,p0301,p0302, p0303,p030...