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I hit wanna know whether or not the 2005 engine will work on the 2002

Air condition fan was only working on high speed. Now it won't turn on at all.

What is the problem? We tried pushing the car, towing the car that only round my tires, when the tow truck put out on the flat bed the tired moved but as soon as we put it back on the ground nothing again

Was going 60 mph down Rd and all of sudden car just shut off list all power ! Found out timing belt had broke took it apart and half of the belt was shredded rubber everywhere ! Well got the belt replaced triple checked the timing it's right finally but car turns over but will not crank! Checked the spark plugs , battery, everything but still nothing ! Could the camshaft sensor cause this not to start ? Check engine light came off n off again got it checked but was showing o2 sensor and throttle position sensor ! Days prior to my belt breaking car never cranked n started on 1st try so idk Wat problem could be plz help

When driving i notice the temp gage goes almost to the symbol. After turning off car it has to sit a while before it will crank again

The cage will sometimes read temps in the 30's and the a/c stops working.

Its stripped down and is slapping on every rotation its on the verge of snapping

i am replacing the crankshaft on a sx4 and i cant figure out which angle it should be set at. it is located on the crank inside the motor, no marks on anything, searched everywhere online, called dealers...etc. any help would be great. thanks

Also looked at propeller shaft and seems fine, Cross joints as well but not too sure about transfer case
Also have ESP light on and triangle blinker that wont go...?
Please advise

I't happened yesterday all of a sudden and i got home luckily ' cause i was near but i had to drive it in 2nd. gear the whole time.

i get my Suzuki engine fail. the motor can not start and make a noise, what can I do?

I have a very faint spark when I connect the positive battery cable. When I connect it to a freshly charged battery all seems to be good but after the car sitting for several days the battery will drain and no longer start. I have read that a small about of spark may occur due to memory storage which I understand but should it completely drain the battery if vehicle is not used very often

Air control temperature and fan speed dials do not light up/work.

Got a sidekick. No battery in it to use as reference. Need to know which cable set is positive and negative. Ground cable only goes to one side, but some cars that is on the negative terminal.

need to find the bcm and no its not behind the radio.

I know my tensioner pulley needs to be replaced but could it be causing my crankshaft pulley to have to pull harder causing my engine to loose oil? My car is loosing oil very badly a quart every several hundred miles. The crankshaft pulley is squealing some as well. I just don't have the money to go to a mechanic and get charged thousands of dollars and possibly still not have my car fixed.

It's the upper mounting bolt for the starter and it's just hanging by one bolt and I don't know the size of the bolt