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I have a high output alternator that needs custom brackets and spacers. How much should I pay?
switch at brake pedal
It was towed away from a road after minor front collision. The switch worked at the beginning to move the car to the side of the road, however after arriving to the garage was not operational.
some times when i start my car and shift it into drive the check engine comes on. and the car is real slugish. what causes this and how can i stop this from happening
when do I have to change or check my timing chain in my car
oil is leaking from the oxygen sensors located on the catelytic convertor.and creating smoke under the hood.kindly let me know what to do ,either change the sensors.What is the function of the two sensors which are lo...
transmission output speed sensor codes auto trans. where is sensor? car bucks,jerks when you try to accelerate.speedo doe not work properly
airbag light stays on-where are the sensors located?
My ck only has 116,000. Miles and is needing new valve liters for the price of $3000. Is this common and is this a reasonable price. Should I have it done or get new car?
I'm having a little bit of trouble with my Swift/Firefly/Metro. It's the 1.6 5speed sedan, and I get a bit of rough idling, throttle stumble and when I downshift, I get the "BOM-bomomomommm" noise (I have a sports exh...
The rpm and fuel gauge lights on the left side of the dash are very dim, All the other dash lights seem to work fine. The fuse is fine.Does anyone have any suggestions of how to solve this poblem Please? Thank You
I have an sx4 awd crossover, I would like to install a 2.125 inch "spacer" lift manufactured by rocky roads Will this lift cause greater wear in drive train parts or invalidate the warrenty? Thank you
What does a warning light saying esp mean ?
Should I remove fan or fan shroud to change the power steering belt on my 2001 G. Vitara XL-7. Is it a 1/4" ratchet I need to use on the tensioner or Allen wrench or what? It's an allen wrench bolt on the bottom of th...
I cannot reach the bolt to take off the transmission do I need a certain tool?
Where do I find the computer box in thr Grand Vitara
my car is at 124,000 miles and my check engine light keeps comming on, and then my car starts jerking after its been in drive and i have no idea ive chagned the radiator, the thing that holds the water please help me ...
can not get out of park have to use manual over ride
Is it located before the catalytic converter or after?
drl is constanly on i just bought the car and i didnt know it didnt come with the manual help please
Hi,my aerio awd system does not work.I find it could be probably wiscous coupling it were on cardan.Sold it separately or with cardan?What price this item?
it will turn over but wont start seems like it is not getting fuel. changed fuel pump still dont work
my suzuki G vitara 2004 makes a loud grinding noise from the back tires when I'm driving. My car is and automatic. It only makes noise when in drive gear.Anyone no what the problem is?
This has just happened over the past weekend. Don't know for sure exactly when blower quit, but we noticed it sort of faltering a couple of times yesterday. Then, when I started up the car this evening, no blower ...
Sir, My car is facing a problem. Even my Heater Button turned OFF but heater/fan blows the air in passenger compartment. This happen only when my car is moving. Some times this creates lot of problem & I can lot of...
repair costs for 2007 suzuki forenza throttle actuator
Car has slow take off and sometimes knocks not very often also burns a lot of gas
transmission ,the place to fill it