power up blue/black tracer wire at fuel pump relay will start and die 10seconds-no fire at plugs unless doing same at relay

Need to change burned out bulb

hi I cant see the gear stick standing on d or n or r the bulb is not working how to change this bulb

Took it to a repairman he said its code P1061 or P0161..what is wrong?

where is the control module located for the 4x4

im looking for a cylinder head for my 2006 suzuki forenza. what year will interchange with it?

The car dies if no acceleration is applied

i was driving my suzuki reno 2006 on the fwy and for no reason the engine just stop runing and i can fixed since then can some bady helpe me

What is the life of Timing Chain in Grand Vitara 2.7L 2007 model?

many times car stop on red lights

I have no problem at this time.

what mileage should I replace the timing chain on my 2007 suzuki XL7 want to be proactive

no problem yet want to be proactive

Took battery out and put back in, now nothing. Checked cables. Please help!

Would like to add external vacuum gage to monitor fuel economy.

and if possible the torque for cam bearings

Once the car is shifted from park, the brake lights do not work.

How to remove cd player

I fitting a door light when the door is open
The room light wire is short after the

remove and replace timing belt, how long does it take?

are the 04-05 years only interchangeable

What should I be looking for

when the cabin thermometer for outside air reaches 88 the air conditioning cuts in and out...a/c light goes on and off

Ive changed spark plugs and wires o2 sensors map sensor ecm t.p.s sensor and still rough idle and missing timing is good and no intake leaks what will fix this car!!

Checked battery the day before to see voltage for alternator. Everything checked out OK. Next morning went to start car and inserted key, heard audible dinging and normal lights inside but when I turned the key I heard a pop noise and everything went dead. No manual head lights, no interior lights, no dash lights, nothing. Complete power failure. Which fuse would this be and / or what should I check. Can I reset the computer by removing the ground to the battery?? Please help if you know what this might be.

unless I apply the gas I will not get heat. is this from the clutch fan being replaced?

Automatic door locks trying to lock and unlcok at random times with thecar running or parked with the keys out. Just clicks like someones clicking the button but no one is......

when it did start it had no power to it like when my timing belt broke. its running like a lawn mower.

when the shift lever is put in drive it jump and the same in reverse can it be the transmission mounts?

the light has been on since we bought the car