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I took my car to autozone to get a read out of the problem and they gave me this error message: p2a01 The car only has 20,000 miles on it and this problem occured two weeks after purchase from dealership.
not diagnostic code I, am just trying to fix a transmission shifting problems
If I'm missing a catalytic converter on a 2004 suzuki verona'What are the Symptoms?
Do i pull the dash out to work on the wiper linkage? When i raise the hood from the front, it appears the motor & linkage are in the dash/firewall under the windshield.
The engine fuse is blowing intermittently what could be causing the problem? Recent items worked on the timing belt was change and now sweeks sometimes. A relay was replaced resently.
The threads on the oil pan are stripped.
while driving my car loses all motion like it jumped out of gear what could it be
the warning brake lights are off all the time
I can put on rear or drive i need unlock manually
I get a p0420 trouble code anyone with any answers very welcomed
How does the instument panel come off?
I hear a rattling noise under my front wheels when i go over bumbs but stops when i step on the brakes. I was told that it was my sway bars and that they would have to be replaced. why would the noise stop if it is th...
My door locks keep locking by them selves even when the car is not running. I get locked out.
We have a bad noise in the engine around the belt and pulleys,and its causing the car to run rough.
Are the rear shocks easy to install by a "do it yourselfer" or do I have to take it to a professional ?
My car keeps cutting off, while I'm driving.
Check engine light also just came on. Brake fluid started leaking last week but not like it is now its running straight through and i have no braAKES AT ALL. wHAT TYPE OF REPAIR DO I NEED DONE?
Labor cost replacing oilpump
Blower motor makes noise when fan is on for Air conditioner, blower motor works normal when heat is on. Tell me how to repair this.
My link has broke and I ordered a new one, how do I install the new one? Do i have to take out the whole sunroof?
were is the fuel filter is located i can't found it
my airbag light came on and now when someone sits in the passenger seat it always says airbag off when i know it should be on
car is sluggish in power and drifts back in drive on hills , check engine light go off and on, has been diagnosed to need a oxygen sensor, but that does not explain the lack of power did change the oil gasket, and s...
were is the fuel filter at on my car
were is the fuel filter at
I recently crashed my Esteem and blew both the passenger and driver's airbags. I have replaced the airbag modules themselves, and am now left with the airbag sensor, or crash sensor. What type of sensor is this, is th...
engine light is on due to bad knock sensor.motor shut down
What could make my head lights not go on but my running lights work and all interior lights work and the turn signals work and so do the brake lights?
clutch seemed hard to push, then 10-20miles stopped went in store when I came out I couldn't get in gear with car running ,shut car off, started car up in 2nd, with clucth depressed car would still move. so I speeded ...