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When vehicle is put into gear does not respond. Turning off the vehicle several times will get it to respond into gear.Feels like it staying in first at times. Check engine,passenger air bag light are on.
where is the throttle body located?
I'm trying to changed a bulb on my tail light and can't figure out how to get to it...we removed the screws on the trunk side of the light fixture but it still seems to be held in place by something on the outer side ...
What weight engine oil should I use in Phoenix
The air condition cools for about 10-15 minutes when first turn it on then starts blowing hot air.
need to know how to replace the water pump in my suzuki grand vitat 2.7
just need to know where th crankshaft position sensoris located?
timing belt replacement cost
any specal tricks to replace valve gasket sets. it looks pretty straght cylinder is leaking oil and is fowling the plug.
dealer just claims that stuts are shot at 36,000 miles of easy driving.
Our Moon Roof, when you shut the car off, pops open in back, "Vent position" how can we keep it closed? Can't find a specific fuse for the Moon Roof? Is there a hidden one somewhere?
I have bought a new code reader
I have a 2000 suzuki esteem and car had died in the middle of the road and nothing would work, not even the lights, at first i thought it was the battery but it wasnt. I took it to a garage and they said it was the al...
I have worked on vehicles most of my life. Changed brake "pads & shoes" on several vehicles. But,i cannot get the drums off my 02 suzuki grand vatari for some reason? Can you Please advise? Thanks & GOD BLESS!!!!!!!
I need to change the termostat but I can't find it
Where is the fuel pump located?
my a/c power steering belt broke which bolts do i remove to give slack on pump so i can intall belt
My check engine light came on. Stopped at Advance Auto. They hooked up to a hand held computer. The reading was: torque converter. What is that? The light went out on its own before my mechanic could see it.
my check engine light goes off and on all the time, and its been dying while im driving it. it starts back up but it does it over and over again once it starts.
Car accelerated ,reved up and sped forward at a fast rate without my foot on the accelerator. Has anyone had similiar issues? Ours is a 2008 SX4.Would appreciate any input and how you were able to resolve the problem.
I took my car to autozone to get a read out of the problem and they gave me this error message: p2a01 The car only has 20,000 miles on it and this problem occured two weeks after purchase from dealership.
not diagnostic code I, am just trying to fix a transmission shifting problems
If I'm missing a catalytic converter on a 2004 suzuki verona'What are the Symptoms?
Do i pull the dash out to work on the wiper linkage? When i raise the hood from the front, it appears the motor & linkage are in the dash/firewall under the windshield.
The engine fuse is blowing intermittently what could be causing the problem? Recent items worked on the timing belt was change and now sweeks sometimes. A relay was replaced resently.
The threads on the oil pan are stripped.
while driving my car loses all motion like it jumped out of gear what could it be