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Turns over and only starts sometimes
Our 2012 forester is using about one quart per 1000 miles.
By getting the temp stat a little up happens whenever the engines cooled
are the wiring harnesses interchangeable from a 2.5 to a 2.2 1999 Subaru legacy l.
Rebuilt engine? 3 yr warranty? What should I expect the cost to be? For its age 10 yrs pretty low miles@ 130,000
The check engine keep coming ON each time the windshield wiper deicer button is push ON? What can I do with this kind of problem?
2.5L SOHC, got P1112 & P1112 p/d, now I cleaned out pressure sensor now no mil on, only P1112 p/d, but still Boggs and I'm told 1112 is a low circuit value, what should I test with meter?
has a new fuel filter and has bin running fine
Light turned off by stays on all the time, noise level out of control. Can I drive without damaging the car more and is it safe to drive?
2014 can be jumped. This has happened on several occasions. Any ideas on remedies ?
Just had clutch replaced (everything incl flywheel, all OEM) after 123k miles. Clutch now engages with pedal barely an inch off the floor - awkward at best, leads to jerky starts/stalls. I was told it's hydraulic & no...
Today I experienced a problem when I start my car, put it in reverse, and back out of a parking place. It would stall, then cut off. This happened a few times today. Also at stop lights, it seems to stutter a bit as ...
When the windshield wipers are on intermitten they run as if they are just on the ON position. What do I do?
I've checked all the electrical including fuses.Pulled the interior panal to view the auto lock assembly and had someone lock and unlock the door using the outside key lock. All the parts that are supposed to move, mo...
no fuses are blown, the air system is still connected, when you put the car under load it bogs like it's getting to little fuel, or to much air, the RPMS drop as soon as you throttle whether in neutral or in gear, it ...
gas smell is pretty strong. not exhaust fumes. im asuming when in motion the smell is being left behind cause of air and speed
It sounds like a sticking valve in a short block chevy motor almost like its stuck but I don't know . It had a thermostat issue and the motor was swapped 3 months ago. I bought this car 3 weeks ago for my son it ran g...