I have a 2000 Subaru outback with a little over 170,000 miles on it. Three days ago it turned off while driving down the road and now wont start up again. It turns over and acts like it really wants to, but nothing more happens. We had a mechanic out and he said there was no pressure from the fuel pump. We also found a ruptured fuel line. We replaced the fuel line, fuel filter, and fuel pump and are still getting the same response. Thoughts or ideas as to what could be causing this?

I can't find much information about this issue. They are asking for $242 to replace. My Subaru has 245,000 miles so replacing some part makes sense. Can anyone out there shed any light on this?



2003 Subaru Outback 2.5 engine.

rpms drop to 500 maybe lower at stop eng. stumbles when trying to leave a stop then jump up hard and fast in cruise control can will startto slow then rpmswill jump up 1500 or more for car to speed up to set speed

oil is leaking from underneath the engine. I was told it needs main seals.

i belive base 2.5l

is this my timing belt if so how much time do i have

Bright headlights work; both of the regular beams/lights went out at the same time.

I have regular tune ups, oil changes, etc. It had made some new sounds recently when parallel parking, but then with it's mileage of 240,000 it makes quite a few sounds. The car has been babied since new and the bar between the two front wheels was replaced a few years back. What could this be? Thanks, Barb

We passed DEQ but the engine light is on and the code reads something about the catalyst bank 1

The car was running fine. I put the car into reverse to back out of a parking spot and when I put it into drive, it would not go. It will not go in first or second gear either.

Checked and replaced bulbs, fuse good, brakelight on hachback still works.

new coil pack , new wires , new spark plugs. engine misfires only when is worm. under load.

Also, after the fuel pump was replaced, I started the car and it ran for a fraction of a second and died. Could that have damaged the injectors?

the car will have been sitting for hours then when i start to drive it smokes lightly and leaks a little then it stops and is fine. it does not do it all the time it just started that the smoke smells like fire and the fluid that leaks seems to be a combo of coolant and water i think and its not hot because iy has been sittn for atlease 8hrs or more

cooling fans not comming on when engine temp is over 250 degree. should i replace fan relay switch or temp sensor?

how to test the relay and temp sensor?

Turbo oil cooler filter screen replacement.

I read somewhere else that I could remove the accelerator assembly, loosen the 2 adjustment screws and rotate the sensor to get a better idle.

rear speakers don't work sometimes intermitently

My car 2001 Subaru outback LL bean is about to be due for 150'000 mile maintenance, and I am curios about the cost. and I know its depending on the shop and what they do, but could someone gives me some idea??
Thanks in advance

Trying to change the Headlamp.

I have a whinning noise underneath when I acellerate or climb a hill. I just changed the front diffential gear oil after 1600 miles and found about a thumb nails worth of filings in the magnetic plug. How long till I am needing a tow truck?

I may buy a used system 03 with 68K mls on it to put the parts Cat. converters into my 04 outback

This happened in the morning and the evening and now the light is on steady.

Hi, my girlfriend was recently rear ended and when she took her car into a body shop they told her she needed a whole new bumper. She never had the work done and 6 months passed. I was in a scrap yard the other day trying to get a new interior door panel and i asked about the rear bumper, a few of the guys looked at it and claimed that it would not need replacing and that the body shop only wanted to replace it as the insurance was supposed to cover it. Anyways the guys told me that I should be able to take it slightly off and push it back on properly and then can take care of the scratches easily myself. So I went out today to try and look into taking off the bumper but I could not figure it out (and was also scared to experiment). My question is: How the hell do you get that bumper off and back on again?



Have a chance to purchase a used, replacement radio/cd player for our Outback, but unsure how to safely remove hardware around existing radio + the radio/cd-player, & then install the replacement. Appreciate any gudiance, so I can tackle this myself - will cost ~$170 in labor alone @ my service dept, tho they are willing to install a unit I bring to them!

Car has 127,000 miles, runs great and I plan on keeping it

When should the timing belt be replaced, how much does this usually cost. What are other repairs that would often be needed around the 200km mark.


I feel my car shake through the gas pedal when accelerating. When I let go it stops. It has new tires & brake pads. The check engine light is not on. I changed the spark plugs about 20K miles ago and used iridium plugs car has 108K now (idled rougher with the iridium plug but never shook). No obvious lack of power and is smooth when you start it. A friend said it was the rotors but, I really don't know. Thanks in advance.