It blows it out of the cylinder repeatedly. The plug was not cross-threaded so I really don't know wat to do.

After I release breaks - car practically don't move until I press gas pedal. I think it's car Computer. How to reset it. Or, just wait a couple of more days, and it will reset itself ? Thanks.

Is the fuse dedicated for just the dashboard?

My brake light and battery light go on intermittently...why? Car starts up, battery's a little crusty, but had both checked out (alternator & battery) and they are okay. Why the lights?

my Mechanic is telling me $800.00 to 1,000.00 but i've been searching websites and i'm seeing estimate no more than 500.00 to 600.00

I am looking at a 2005 XT with a turbo. 27000 miles and in good shape, but the turbo is a question of reliability.

can I just change the valve cover gasket which is leaking oil, and then later change the spark plugs which I understand get oil on them when the valve cover gasket leaks. Can't afford both which one should I do first? The valve cover gasket?

Told that back struts cause of car swaying and bouncing at speed. Front are leaking oil.

then it kicks in. The shifter pysically moves but not the

after it started. Then ABT light came on and AB? light started flickering, turn signal lights made a swooshing sound and are dim, car made several hard jerks in the mile it took me to leave it at a shop. Any ideas what is wrong?

Never had issues before. Care has 74500 miles. No warning lights or alarms on dash.

When pressing on gas pedal, there is a kind of rattling sound.

Not the entire axle just the inner rubber boot. I understand the part can avg. about $60

After driving for a mile or two idle is about 900 to 1000 RPM

At times car has no power like its not getting enough gas

Only when I start my car, and not everytime.

The problem occurs all the time between 32 and 40 mph. Particularly noticeable on freshly paved roads. Just replaced right front axle, fixed heat shield on exhaust and replaced disc pads on front brakes and resurfaced rotors. Tires realigned and balanced. Mechanic thought new axle was defective and put in another one. Same noise/vibration exists. It only occurs when accelerating--doesn't happen in neutral or coasting downhill.


Have the boot in place, just can't seem to get it on the rim on the inner (engine) end. Can I push with a screwdriver?(Don't want to cut it). I need help. Thanks

I have a manifold gasket that keeps blowing I think because the block is aluminum. Since this lets out emissions before getting to the catalytic converter. Could this be the reason I am getting a low threshold reading? When I turn the engine light off it takes about two weeks before it comes back on and usually when highway driving.

Can I just replace the boot or does steering linkage have to be replaced too?

fluid for my transmission will not go in the tranny thur the dipstick opening

The warranty has expired. Does anyone recommend buying an extended warranty for this car with this low mileage? Thanks!

we were cleaning the car inside

Went out to start the car this morning and could smell gas inside car all the way to work.

I also have a problem where my battery light comes on when I start the car. It usually stays on for a few minutes. We recently had tp replace the alternator and battery. It started right after they were replaced.

Just had my car emssion inspct done . Now under load in gear the car shudders engine rpm drops to ~500 Repair Tech said State Emmsin machine wiped out engine codes and to drv 57-100 miles they will reset ?? any one heard of this ?? Thanks!


reason i"m burning through oil is because i need to replace cat. conv. dealorship told me? do i need cat conv emisions n all i live in fla.? car has 120,000miles

recently had timing belt n water pump replaced wher is oil going no leaks have 111,400 miles can it b burning this fast ot is a seal leaking inside where they replaced timing belt

Engine has 130K miles. Timing belt replaced in January, head gasket replaced in June. Yesterday apparently blew a rod and the engine is toast. Was told "sometimes this happens after having the head gasket replaced because of the compression difference". Doesn't make sense to me! These engines should last 250K+. Should I invest the $4K they are quoting me for a new engine or just scrap the car and start over?

My alternator died , i had my mechanic put a new one and also a new fuel pump.It is not a subaru dealer and he checked it with his computer and can not find anything showing being a problem. Also the car has a problem starting i have to press the accelerator pedal quickly then wait 3 sec. and then turn the key and it will start right off. My cruise control does not work anymore and the light stays on as well as the check engine light.