with cold start up(very cold weather 12-9-10), when I turn on the igniton there a winding sound for 1-2 seconds, then the normal cranking sound to start-up. only happens with cold engine. other start-ups are normal during the day. last summer(2009), dealer installed new battery.

The rear brakes need to be replaced 12/2010 at 130K and was just recently replaced at 4/09 at 120K. Why so frequently?

my daughter's 93 legacy wont start Ihve checked the batt. and terminals but cant find the starter help


At first just my break light and abs lights were on. Then i began to have problems with breaking, they just weren't very strong any more and sometimes when i would hit the breaks the anti locks would kick in. I replaced the pads and rotars and the break light went off and they had plenty of breaking power ask expected. But the problem with the abs kicking in when i brake is getting worse. Now every time i hit my brakes the abs kicks in. Why is this happening and how do i fix it?

It seems like the Subaru cars don't really need the big repairs until after 100K which is the maximum service contract I could get. Is it worth getting that contract? They want $1,800 for mine.

My vehicle is a Legacy Outback. Some times I smell a burning smell. Some times it smells like oil and other times like hot water. The dealer showed me that I have oil leaking from Head gasket. There is oil accumulated on parts under the car, but I have never seen any oil on the ground where I park. The dealer said I need to replace the Head gasket for $1,500. I have the following two questions, please:
1) A friend was told she had to replace her Head gasket and then a second mechanic said it just needed to be tightened. How do I know if it needs to be replaced or tightened?
2) If I replace the Head gasket, is there any chance, there would be a recurring problem with this car?

Are these the same thing? I had both front axles replaced about a year ago, and now have been told by another shop that the bearings are bad. Please advise

My subie started yesterday morning not staying in 4th gear. It would go in fine, then 'pop' out randomly. After 100 or so miles of driving it starting doing that in 5th also. Then as I went to put it into 1st at a stop light it would not go and would grind if I pushed it at all. Upon getting out and checking everything it smells like it is leaking brake fluid but the resevoir is full. Someone was telling met to check the master cylinder reservoir but I don't see one. Never had a trannie go out that quick before.. so a little confused. Any light you can shine or ideas would be great. This is a great little car but I can't throw crazy amounts of money into it.

subaru legacy L 1993 awd. there is no power to my automatic seatbelts and i was wondering if it could be a fuse if so what fuse box, interior or under the hood?

just replaced the cooked alternator it heated up and smoked

I can't shift into reverse. I replaced the ATF and checked the filter, once I'm in drive I don't have problems. How much would this cost to fix?

my timing belt broke and i need timing marks so i can get it running

lever won't move all the way back ( stuck about middle)

I have a subaru that is having problems with the compurer and I want to change it by miself but I don't know Were is the compurer located?

check engine light stays on

Hi.. I own a 1998 Subaru Legacy GT Limited (2.5L). I'm 18 and in college so I don't have a lot of money. The car is at 124,000 miles and I NEED to get the timing belt replaced before something bad happens. If I'm going to spend the money on doing this I want to do it right so I was wondering if I could get a rough idea of how much it would cost to get the timing belt, water pump, cam shaft seals, tensioner, idler bearing, and idler sprocket replaced.
Thanks a bunch!

I would like to know what is the recommended mileage for timing belt on my vehicle to be replaced. I can not seem to find the info in owner's manual.
Thank you.

Somehow spark plug fell out, does the car need a to be taken into a shop to be check out or can I just replace the spark plug?

My manual trans Legacy has 150,000 miles and revs high but does not accelerate. When going up a hill or accelerating hard, car revs high but doesn't gain speed for several seconds before taking off as it should. The gear spaces have shifted to the right and when I rev too much I can smell slight burning.

Air conditioning works 1st time, good and cold,till you arrive at your destination, but fails to work when you restart the car to come home. rweddell@hotmail.com

How in the world do I replace the gas tank filler tube? Short of cutting it into pieces there is no way I can pull it out. I have the over flow tube loose,the rubber hose to the tank loose and all of the bolts that hold it tight to the vehicle, I just can't get it out. Any suggestions?

I have been driving manual transmissions for 25 years. The transmission is hard to shift on my 2008 Subaru Legacy. I believe the problem is focused on the shifter mechanism. The dealer states the bushings may need to be replaced.

I thought the shaking was the wheel balance but I had the wheels balanced and the shaking is still there

Just bought a 1997 Legacy wagon that overheats. The radiator hose, the lower return does not get hot. Is this a bad water pump(where is it located anyways?) or just a plugged radiator? Best way to determine which it is?

Has any none had a problem with lug nits on the right rear wheel falling off or getting loose?

HElp!! How much oil goes in a 2002 subaru legacy 2.5L engine. They put 6 qts in when I had the oil changed. is this too much? My engine light keeps coming on - had spark plugs and wires replaced twice in 1 month and ignition coil pack. Engine light is on again and car fells like its going to conk out.

It is difficult to get to the next gear from a stop. It's like I need to pump the gas to get enough pickup together to the higher gear. It's a manual trans and has the engine light on sometimes but I put fuel additive in it and it goes off for awhile. Thanks for any help!

how to replace a bulb behind the tachometer on a legacy 2000 wagon

i cleaned the egr valve and its still running rough codes say misfire on all four cylinders what should i do now

batt. & alt. are new .
alt. will keep everything running but battery will not start eng. wiring has been checked. is there another component in system that could be malfunctioning?