while driving down the road my car just dies rarly will it sputter and die it usually just dies and usually starts right back up but sometimes it just turns over and over and over. i have a new fuel pummp and fuel filter on the car. but when it doesnt start and just turns over if i take the line off the fuel filters out side and squirt out some fule into a gas can the car will start right back up and run for a while but will ultimatly die again

The turn signals and the hazard light quit working on our 93 subaru legacy, we have check the fuses and are stumped as to what may be the cause of this issue.

I have a 1993 subaru legacy non turbo and it dies while driving on the road. Normaly it just straight up dies but from time to time it sputters but rarly. I have a new fuel pump and fuel filter. And it still dies. Here's the kicker, when it dies and doesn't want to start (sits there and turns over) I take the gas line off the out side of the fuel filter and spray out the fuel and put the hose back on and the car starts back up I am verry angry at this problem so if anyone can help I will love you forever haha thanks

The fuel pump is not working on my 1997 Subaru Wagon with a 2.5L engine. It just up and quit on me. I put in a new fuel pump and assembly, put in new relays and checked the fuses and wireing. The fuel pump is good. I can run a wire from the positive connection on the fuel pump and hook it up to the fuse box with a toggle switch to turn it on and off and the care will run just fine. Any suggestions?

How do you replace a burnt bulb (Low Beam) on this car?

When it rains in my hometown the sunroof drips water slowly, into the car. I need to know what I need to do to fix it. It happens often. Do I replace the seal? OR? What?

I recently purchased a 1990 subaru legacy. After i bought it I did a check to see if all the turn signals and lights worked. At the time they all worked. Since then both of my front turn signals went out. I checked the fuses and they are all good. The bulbs are also good. No idea what else it could be besides wiring.

my water pump is leaking and i have to always put water in it so it dont over heat the reserve always stays full too.

It is overheating but it has water antifreeze, the pump is working etc

I get a strong smell of gasoline when I start the engine especially in cold weather. During the summer months it seldom happens. Upon inspection I do not see any raw fuel seeping anywhere. Any clues?

1) Once you get the front engine pully bolt off, do you need a special puller to remove it.
2) The left cam seal has blown out, assuming I can replace it is there a high incidence of this happening again? The care as 180k on the engine but still runs well.
3) To replace a clutch does the entire engine need to be removed?

checked fuse and flasher, four ways work fine

I am overheating. I have put in water and it still overheats. I see no water pour out when I add water. Is this the themostat or possibly a sensor?

when i turn my car on it start but then it turns off fast and it smells like gas

soft brake pedal pump twice they work fine had rotors and pads replaced rebuilt master cylinder and calipers had no visible leaks now what do I do Barry Scott

what dose it mean when the check engine light is on and the cruise control light is flashing?

I have a 1994 Subaru Legacy wagon and the ignition cylinder lock is wearing out. I have to play with the key to get it to turn when I start the car. Does anyone know how to remove and replace the cylinder lock?

I need to replace the front rotors on my 2001 subaru legacy limited.What type do i need? 4cyl.

Hello all, when I'm driving forward and stop, put the car in reverse and back up. I hear just one clunk everytime I backup. Sounds like it's coming from the drivers side front wheel. All wheel drive, automatic transmission.

I was driving earlier today and I noticed that my battery charge light and my "brake" light came on... not even 5 minutes later my speedometer and my tachometer stopped working. My initial thought was that my alternator was going out, or that my brake fluid was leaking, but after the dash stopped working, I feel that it may be a bad or broken connection. Any suggestions?

I needed to repair blown head gaskets on my 2001 Subaru Legacy Wagon 2.5L, new brakes, and also had a 90,000 Miles Service performed. Would there be any duplicate charges on my final bill from the Subaru dealer when comparing the work done on these 3 repair jobs? Also, I was quoted that it would cost $2,400 to repair the head gasket problem. After I spoke to the Service Manager, he got Subaru to come up with $1,200, leaving me with the remaining $1,200, plus the cost of new brakes, and the 90,000 mile service. Sorry for the long question. Hope to hear from you and THANK YOU! Ron......

When my car is in park or I'm trying to get out of a tight spot my steering jerks and is hard to turn my wheels. Also it makes a scretching noise. I checked the power steering fluid and it's fine. What is causing this problem?

1. Where is the location of the pvc valve.
2. Below 32 car has a hard time starting. acts like no gas or spark. Once started smells of gas from exhaust. above 32 no problems. Any idears. thanks

what is the fluid capacity for the coolant system???

were do i licate the fuel pump relay

I had the master cylinder replaced, the pedal was mushy and that was the diagnosis and the dealership did repairs for about $500. 6 months later(7,000 miles) it was making noise and I guessed it was brakes. I took it to a goodyear independent and they said it was a $1000 job and it needed pads, new rotors and pads and drums redone. When I questioned that $7000 miles earlier I was told it was ok, they called back and said they would give me a brake and do the job for $800. When I said I would come get the car, they kept it for hours and then everything was grinding and screeching when I left. I took it to the dealer and they said the drums were scared and everything. I had to pay them the $1000. Does any of this sound right?

So out of the blue without any warning my 2001 subaru legacy gt's transmission goes out.Is there anything other than what seems to be obvious that could be the problem?When I Shift the car into gear the idle doesnt decrease and let the car slip into gear as it normally would.Instead it idles down and basicly the car rolls backwards as if in nuetral.......Any help or suggestions as what the problem might be would be greatly appreciated.

Hi, I was just told that the noise coming from my 1994 subaru legacy is my compressor going bad, but the a/c or heat is not on when it makes this noise. Is this possible? Can the compressor make noise even when neither the heat or a/c is on?

2001 Subaru Legacy GT auto transmission 118,000 miles 4 door sedan AWD 2.5 flat 4 cylinder (boxer engine) rear spoiler 87 gasoline grade regular engine oil

I just got back from the Subaru dealership in Scottsdale Arizona after a free multi-point inspection. Below are the issues with it.

Front driver side CV boots are leaking grease. Replace front driver side half shaft instead of replacing only CV boots.

Transmission mounts are broken. Replace.

Timing belt should be replaced since it has passed 105,000 miles according to Subaru scheduled maintenance guide.

Rear differential mounts are damaged. Replace.

Rack and pinion are leaking. Replace.

Money is tight for me and as for most of us. What is/are the essential repairs or replacement I should be doing for it?

I don't drive recklessly or drive in severe conditions. Maximum mileage per month would be about 200 miles, mostly highway. Sometimes in stop and go traffic.

I was thinking the timing belt and CV axle half shaft as top priority to replace.

Below are more details.

CV boots - it's torn through and leaking grease. Because the car has been driven while it's leaking, grease could be seen on the surfaces of other components surrounding the half shaft axle. There's also dirt built-up wherever there's grease, since the grease in the CV boots are thick and sticky. The clamps are still securely in place.

Shall I replace the CV boots ONLY instead of replace the entire driver side half shaft axle?
The axle is Subaru stock. I am thinking it's of better quality since the axle from autozone (retail parts/accessories store) is re-manufactured.

Transmission mounts - it appears the screws on the mount that are supposed to be attached to the transmission are broken. When a crowbar is used, the whole transmission could lifted off the transmission mounts. One indication I notice is whenever I put the car into reverse from neutral, the car jerks/clunks with a loud thud that could be heard from the inside. If I waited longer to feel the reverse gear in place for about 2 seconds, it will reverse smoothly. No noticeable lunges or knocks while accelerating or decelerating.

Rear differential mounts - it hard to view this component as this is my first time looking at it. It appears the rear differential mounts (2 bolts) are not securely attached to the rear differential. No differential fluid leakage whatsoever though.

Steering gear (rack and pinion) - Wet verses. The steering is still generally smooth but it may shudder when negotiating 90 degree sharp turns. There's no power steering leakage. The power steering belt is in excellent condition.

I actually have photos of all the above but I am not sure whether I can post pictures on repairpal.

Please let me know your thoughts.

When my doors are closed and I have the dome light switch to the position where it needs to be to turn the lights off when the doors are closed it will not turn off.