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I have been driving manual transmissions for 25 years. The transmission is hard to shift on my 2008 Subaru Legacy. I believe the problem is focused on the shifter mechanism. The dealer states the bushings may need ...
I thought the shaking was the wheel balance but I had the wheels balanced and the shaking is still there
Just bought a 1997 Legacy wagon that overheats. The radiator hose, the lower return does not get hot. Is this a bad water pump(where is it located anyways?) or just a plugged radiator? Best way to determine which it is?
Has any none had a problem with lug nits on the right rear wheel falling off or getting loose?
HElp!! How much oil goes in a 2002 subaru legacy 2.5L engine. They put 6 qts in when I had the oil changed. is this too much? My engine light keeps coming on - had spark plugs and wires replaced twice in 1 month and ...
It is difficult to get to the next gear from a stop. It's like I need to pump the gas to get enough pickup together to the higher gear. It's a manual trans and has the engine light on sometimes but I put fuel additive...
how to replace a bulb behind the tachometer on a legacy 2000 wagon
i cleaned the egr valve and its still running rough codes say misfire on all four cylinders what should i do now
batt. & alt. are new . alt. will keep everything running but battery will not start eng. wiring has been checked. is there another component in system that could be malfunctioning? EdKen62@aol
The car hesitates before the starter turns. This happens especially in cold weather, but occurs throughout the year.
This is a 4wd wagon. Pulled a code 35 yesterday on this vehicle after realizing the bulb for the check engine light had been removed. The main issue seems to be after driving for a little while the engine seems to los...
how serious a problem is this?
When fueling the car the pump has to run very slowly. The nozzle clicks off and you can hear the fuel inthe fill neck. Any suggestions?
inrebuilding the engine we can't get the rear engine seal to stay in place. we put in a thicker seal and it ran for 45 minutes before blowing out last night.
I replaced the spark plugs and was wondering if I should replace the wires also. Sounds like it is missing
the speedometer and odometer have stopped working.
My battery is fine and have a New alternator on it and the guy at the parts store says my alternator is not charging, what can cause this??????
cranks but won't start,new alternator,cam sensor,crank sensor,battery,comp test no probs,cleaned plugs,new plug wires..getting fuel and spark,starter is fine..what else can it be??
check engine light came on did self diagnosis, whould not show a code till I started it. 3 quick blinks repeated with pauses, stut off engine, disconnected green self diagnosis connecter. Drove it no light, drive it ...
How often do you need to replace the struts? The dealer said that they were leaking and needed replacement. The car has 60000 miles on it.
cost for replacing spark plu seals and rings, oil in 3 of them
my 1990 subaru legacy wagon wouldnt start when leaving to go to work the other morning,checked fuel line its pumping gas,checked all belts they are fine its even getting spark,when trying to start it it occasionally b...
car died checked spark fuel have spark no fuel changed fuel pump+ strain +filter ran for a week then died again ran same test same issue got spark no fuel checked fuel pump has 11. ?for a second or so then nothing ca...
where is it and how hard is it to replace
does the cost for changing rack and pinion the same as replacing steering rack
what would cause the car to knock in the suspension when you turn sharp right or left...
I just had the steering rack replaced in my car and it feels really stiff as if there is no power steering. Is this normal or did something not get done completely
Hi, My radiator fans will not turn off once they come on. The engine then stalls and stops. The dashboard indicator for "Check Engine" lights up besides other led's on the panel. The fans still go. The engine then tu...
air conditioner or heater fan triggers abs light. Instant power loss then abs light is triggered. Abs light does not come on if (heater /air conditioner fan) is not running.
Both tail lights and right front headlight (not the whole thing - just the right side) stay on after I shut the car off. Just bought this no warranty. Had to unhook battery to turn them off. Help?