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My Sti's been sitting for about 3 and a half to 4 years without being turned over don't hate me I got in an accident smashed the radiator, bumper mount, and fans the serpentine belt riped and didn't have the time or m...
It's a 6 speed manual transmission. Shifting between 5th and 6th is very difficult.
I was informed by my dealer that there was a internal campaign from Subaru for the authorize change of the oil pickup tube if a car came in with that specific problem. But now they mysteriously can't find that memo. I...
Was told the spark plugs and wires are fine. The cylinder blocks out of alignment; need to be "shaved" or something.
I like to take off really fast. Is there a down side to high performance clutch? I am a street vehicle, mostly city driving with lots of hills, and I love to accelerate. How do I choose which sort of clutch?
About how much would it be to get my engine rebuilt due to a spun bearing? Parts vs. Labor? Best case scenario vs. worst case scenario?
I just recently bought a 2004 suburu impreza wtx sti with around 80k miles on it. Carfax was good, had a mechanic inspect the car upon sale. Just yesterday it started making a really loud fast clicking noise under th...
all fuses check good under dash and under hood