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some days i can go 50 mile and it get hot and then the next day i can go 3 miles and it gets hot. and sometime i can go weeks and it don't get hot
I have a water leak on the drivers side floor.After rain or a car wash,water shows up.Someone told me to check the FIREWALL!! THANKS.
The carpet is wet in the front and back seat of the driver's side.
missing on calender 1 and tack off is vary slow it misses all the time and it has a ruff idl.
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During the shifting from 2nd to 3rd gear a quick noise (sounds like fanning a deck of cards). Only happens between those two gears, when car is automatic D mode, fairly consistently. Does not happen during manual shif...
with 33000 miles should the condenser have gone bad?
a/c was not cooling efficiently. dye was shot in to find the leak. it was the condenser. car has 33000 miles.