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I am in college and need to save money on a new hood, front end grill and bumper, maybe imact bar. I don't have full coverage and want a fair price for the auto repair. Any suggestions?
VSC OFF; Slip Indicator; Check Engine Light and possibly the Electric Power Steering Light and all came on at once and were flashing while I was cruising up a hill at about 32 mph. I have 116,000 miles on the car. I h...
my xa,very hard to start when i park it under the sun.why?but when its cold,thers no problem at all.
my xa,very hard to start when i park it under the sun.why??
But when its cold,it has no starting problem at all..
Can't get it out of park without the reset button and the park light and ABS lights stay on. When I put it into drive and depress the gas petal it only goes at a very low speed. This all just started after replacing t...
A low speed front end crash with driver airbag deployment took out most plastic, sheet metal, right side light, radiator and fan. However, engine, frame, steering all look ok and repairs were all bolt on with no prob...
5spd manual. like a rusty sound at acceleration, step on clutch to shift it goes away. when accelerate into 2nd or 3rd its there. not so much in 4th or 5th gear. what could it be?
standard transmission, 125k really trouble free miles. Very low clutch point. Turn key off, sometimes open hood, next crank, up and running fine. Starter wire? ignition? Usually only first thing in morning
The knob is inside the dash column. Can this be fixed by taking dash apart or is this something that would need to be taken to dealership to fix?
The car doesnt start normally. It has to be pushed (its a manual transmission model). I first supected a dead Battery and replaced it with a new one, but it's not starting normally.
In Sept my back break pads were replaced and resurfaced. should I have to have them replaced again so soon?
I have changed the ignition coil, fuel injector and even cleaned the Mass Air Flow sensor. But my engine still sputtering when in drive/reverse. But when it's in park/neutral the engine runs just fine. Only when it...
My friend works for Toyota and he was able to read the srs code using the computer. Said it was B1350. What does that entail? I tried looking up on the net and got generic codes. Any help would be appreciated.
when I changed my spark plugs yesterday I noticed there was some small amount of oil on each tube and spark plug chamber. I have no check engine light nothing noticeably sluggish acceleration, strange noises...
What are the symptoms of the trans mount when it needs replacing? Symptoms for A/C Compressor needing replacement?
The window goes down but locks in the down position and the motor stays on. Also, the drivers window control works on everything except the back rear right window any suggestions?
I'm wondering if these issues are common? I really don't want to invest anymore money into this car. These seem like extreme and costly repairs for a Toyota product. I only have 141000 miles and am caught up on all my...
The check engine light started flashing. It now stays on all the time, even when the engine is running smooth again.
Replace sensor in Bank 1 sensor 1 and problem still continue, what else need to be check, please advise..thanks
I changed all 4 of my brake pads 2 months ago. I never used standard before, but the Autozone didn't carry the ceramic like I usually use. The man said there is not much of a difference. Now everytime I stop for the p...