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last time the check engine light turn on i return it to the dealer where i bought it and they said they fix it after 3 months my transmission fluid leaking drastically
I need a diagram or step by step directions
fuel stopped working a while ago so i was using my trip meter to judge when i needed gas (180 miles is when i stopped) but now thats not working as well. i dont have much money, so if its cheaper to fix one over the o...
My alternator/battery light just started coming on, tonight. When I'm driving, the lights don't dim when I step on the brakes or turn on the air conditioning. That is what I'd expect if the alternator was not working....
shifts hard when stopping and starting. good when driving long distance
was told i need to have check engine light replace because it was burned out?
when i got this car i went to pump gas in and oh no u cant just hold the pump and do like a reg car u have to pump it very slow or it will shoot gas out everywhere some one told me it might be a screen in the line but...
what are the codes i have change these parts already still getting this codes
egr and o2 sensor was change but we're still getting a code vehicle runs good what need to be done
They don't make the brake light socket for this car anymore and would like to know if newer models/years are interchangeable please.
I would like to know how to remove the fuse block under the hood of my 1997 Saturn SW2 Thanks and have a great day. Tom
It is a 1997 front wheel drive standard SW2 and did not come with an owners manuel or any other information.
1999 automatic saturn sw2 RPM runs high and has low power, what repair do i need. I changed catalytic converter and the car is now jerking and i can't increae speed
How do you replace the drivebelt on a Saturn 2000 SW2?
im changing the transmission filter where do i locate the pan
transmission seal leak
Just recently rpm's at idle go from 1100 to about 700 then up to about 1200 then down again. rough idle. Then often power loss during acceleration.Shakes, drives rough and feels like it's going to stall. I have tried...
how do replace a positive cable that attaches to the starter
When my car is warmed up, and I have to shift into reverse, the transmission makes a very loud clonk noise as if the engine is going to fall out of the car.
Sprayed some carb cleaner in intake but will not even start or try to start momentarily.Fuel pressure and volume good.All fuses good.Cranks good but will not start. No spark seems to be the case.Is it crank sensor or ...
will a 1999 engine fit my 1997 both are 1.9 dohc vin 7 with auto trans
1998 Saturn Wagon 2 For the last few months my car cooling system seems to be running hotter than normal per the dash gauge. For years and even the the summer the temp gauge would never get over 1/4. I need to add co...
can rod barings be changed by dropping oil pan
can rod barings be changed by droping oil pan
I bought my SW2 Saturn with 54,000 miles on it and it always used oil from the beginning.Now at 120,000 miles,it uses one quart every 1500 miles.I have learned that it is normal for this type of engine to us oil. Is t...
i have a transmission leak i sealed the transmission but i think its from a hoes coming from the transsmission which cables are part of the trans that provides fluid through the car
defogger stopped working in below 0 temps. connectors looked ok at a glance. fuse cover box in console indicated relay rather than fuse, but new 15 amp relay didnt fix it.
rear window defogger stopped working-looked on inside of fuse box cover under console, which indicated it took a relay rather than a fuse--replaced the relay ( 15 amp),still doesnt work. checked wire at window connec...
A mechanic replaced everything listed here: the battery,alternator,all the cable and connections,and also the PCM (power train control module).He has had to reinspect my vehicle because the car will not restart back u...