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i just bought the car the it is it want to run change the oil filter
I used to take it around the block just to circulate all the fluids and one day I tried to start it and it wouldn't do anything
I wait 1 or 2 hours then the car will crank and run again for thirty minutes, then shuts off.
The timing chain has slipped on my Saturn 3 times in the last year. Everything has been replaced down to the sprockets. A couple months ago I turned the car off and it wouldn't start, had the same symptoms as before ...
My car was squealing and when I parked it the steering wheal was hard to turn. Cranked it later that day and opened the hood and none of the belts or pullies was turning..I cut it off tryed to crank it again but would...
The last time I drove the car, I switched from dash air vents to defrost, now no air will blow from dash vents, but cold air will come out of the floor vents on all settings.
There are 2 different connections to the A/C compressor, which one do I need to hook up the hose to recharge it?
I am recharging my A/C and I see 2 hoses, one has a larger diameter and one has a smaller, which one do I connect the can to?
When I put it in drive it won't grab the next gear until I lead off the gas pedal. I replaced tranny with one from junkyard and it does the same problem.
when stopping the car slides and is uncontrollable. what causes this
this happened twice now i had the car from 2008 and i can not take long trips because i am afraid of getting stuck some place without a car . the maintenance guy said it was the fuel injector. and i was wondering why ...
Service light came on after filling my car with gas. I checked the gas cap, but so far light still on. Will I have to return to the repair shop, so they can reset it?
all fuses good all bulbs good all other lights work
Went to replace trans filter and it came off in just 1 turn. Previous owner jury rigged gasket so filter would just go on, end of threads stripped. Need to replace threaded pipe fitting that threads in the side of the...
I changed the PCV and the MAP, but still no better. Runs fine when engine is warm.
I had driven my car earlier in the day with it working just fine, but when I drove it to work the shifter was a little sticky. When I tried to leave I discovered that my shifter wouldn't go into any gear except 2nd or...
what would make my battery light, engine overheat lights come on, and the steering to be stiff? this just began this afternoon.
the car sometimes goes dead when at stop sign or light. codes read bad fuel tank pressure sensor