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what is the P1404 and is it a fairly easy to fix details as to what the code means
we have replaced the battery had the altanator check it is fine but battery still keeps going dead cant find any short or anything
im trying to change the oxygen censor where is the number 3 bank?
I started the car and it just dies. Wlould not start or even crank. When I put the key in the egnition (and NOT turning the key) you hear a clicking sound comming from the passenger side rear wheel well. Opening an...
Hi, can i just get the steel fluid tubes for my rack and pinion or do I need the whole assembly? I got the tubes off the original and they'd be easy to change if I could get them. thanks
All the gauges on the dash were going on and off and now are off. Some months ago the car was flooded with water, this may be a concern?
i recently posted a question regarding a possible oil leak and appreciate the quick response. ty i'll try the oil cleaner & dye to trace any possible leaks, but the engine also putters excessively as i accelerate. cou...
oil burning off from bottom rear of engine, hard to tell what, if anything, is actually leaking. oil soaking drivers side front wheel just on this side of oil pan. ( not on oil pan, though)
I think the halfshaft is out on the driverside. when I had the front end jacked up the front driverside tire would still spin even though the car was in park
I have a 1997 Saturn SL1. It has about 154000 miles. I replaced the spark plugs two days ago because it was misfiring. Now when I drive it it doesn't want to go. I will be stopped at a stop sign or light and it will i...
i would like to know what i need to fix my clutch?