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My service engine came on about 6 months ago, didn't think it was a big deal but now it won't pass smog and has service codes; P0301,P0442, and P0507. I'm trying to fix it myself but can anyone point me in the directi...
Car shakes over 50mph, this makes me nervous to drive on the interstate.
were is my #2 cylinder on my 97 saturn sl single over head
My shop is telling me the manual transmission on my '97 Saturn SL needs to be replaced because something (they're not sure what) has broken off on the inside. What they're telling me is a used/rebuilt tranny would cos...
My car wont start and the anti theft light stays on
I get a check engine light and the car runs bad. When I check the code it tells me it is the temperature sensor. When I change it the check engine light goes out and the car runs fine. The problem is I replace 4 of th...
Started this morning when I started it. No problem til now. Very rough idling, missing worse when idling, but continues when driving. Turned on A/C it got alot worse. Mileage 74000.
how much labor to change a starter
The engine shut off while running car will not start. Replaced battery and starter, satrter clicks when ignition is turned on, engine does not turn over. Oil is low, kids car, does it have an engine cut off for low oil?
manual transmission want shift into second gear.please help
about two weeks ago, I took my car for a car wash. When I turned the car on and shut the doors my seat belts engaged like normal. Then I pulled away and they disengaged, sliding back and forth. Now they are in the ope...
first plug dry last 3 looked like they where dipped in oil
my car is hard to start. and hesitates when leaving a light. and sometimes will accelerate on its own in neutral. i changed the fuel filter,nothing. thanks
recently my saturn has been idleing at high rpms then falling back down sometimes almost to a stall. The other day it overheated and started smoking and the temp gauge keeps falling down and coming back up.I took it t...
I had a book for my car and ofcourse in my many moves it had disappeared once again. Sadly my boyfriend cannot work on cars ( busted an oil pan and drove without oil for 30 miles, we were able to save it and replace...
how do you rebuild the head gasket
i have a 1991 saturn i turn it on and for two minutes later car shuts off
Is it ok to try use BARS main rear seal stop leak or is this just a scam? and do you have to dropp the tranny to replace this peice?
I haven't been driving my car much and after jump starting it this morning it stalled on me several times. I started by jumping the car and after it had been running for about 5 minutes I turned the heat on in the ca...
I have a twin cam automatic transmission. I would like to know what years are compatible with mine. Was told different stories. (95' through 02')Can you tell me. Thank you.
How hard is it to change and the time it takes to replace Heater & A/C circulation fan....does the whole dash have to be taken out....Jeff
The engine will increase revs to 3000rpm without reason especially at low speeds or when stopped in traffic or at lights. I can get the revs to drop if I gently apply pressure to the clutch; but if the clutch is fully...
The car sat for 9 months and now the electric mirrors will not work. Any suhggestions what to look for. The fuse is not identified in the box
i have already replaced the battery and starts fine almost all the time but sometimes it turns over but will not fully start after a few min. it starts up fine.
I have the 1.9L EFI/OHC engine in my saturn. There is a lot of oil inside of the radiator and all of the lines. What could be the cause of this? I am thinking it is just the head gasket has gone out.
I have a 1997 Saturn and the hood release is broken. How can I get the hood open?
How can I get the hood open on my 1997 Saturn if the hood release is broken?
So my saturn is a piece. Sometimes the engine will start and other times it doesn't even make a noise. I Need help. I dont think its the starter but it may be the relay which i have no idea where it is......
My car wont start every once in awhile, it will start with the right jump. The battery is new and the alternator is about 3 years old, what should I do now